German hospitals or medicine for foreigners


More than 8 million people are being treated outside their home country every year. This is due to the increased availability of medical services for foreign citizens, the ability to choose the clinic with the best reputation in its field and get medical care at affordable prices.

More than 8 million people are being treated outside their home country every year. This is due to the increased availability of medical services for foreign citizens, the ability to choose the clinic with the best reputation in its field and get medical care at affordable prices.

Medical tourism

Spain, China, USA, Switzerland, Germany, India, South Korea, Israel are among the leading countries, which provide both medical and rehabilitation services for foreigners. Each of these countries offer specialized medical centers with the latest technologies and scientific developments.

Germany occupies a special place in the list of the most attractive countries for tourists in need for medical care. It offers unique treatment programs for complex pathologies and chronic diseases in patients of all ages, including deep elderly and infants. One can be sure that doctors in the German hospitals will do everything possible to cure the disease and improve health condition of the patient.

Features of treatment in Germany 

The medical facilities in the German health system are divided into three types:

●    public (including university hospitals);

●    charity (working under the patronage of religious organizations and the Red Cross);

●     private (owned by commercial companies).

Public hospitals occupy 55% of the total number of facilities, charitable institutions make up 38%, while the number of private hospitals reaches only 7%. Each health center has its own history and some achievements, innovation and service system.

For example, the multidisciplinary University Hospital Cologne is famous for the successful treatment of cancer and neurological disorders, transplantation surgery, as well as effective treatment in case of complex diseases that are considered incurable, such as cystic fibrosis, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis.

The University Hospital Bonn, as well as the University Hospital Cologne provide medical services to patients of all ages and in all spheres of medicine. The medical complex in Bonn is famous for its unique Neurosurgical Center led by Professor Christian E. Elger, who specializes in treating of patients with epilepsy.

The University Hospital Tuebingen is famous for its achievements in the treatment of psychiatric and autoimmune diseases. The patient rooms in the hospital have modern equipment and everything necessary to provide great comfort for each patient.

A top list of German hospitals invariably include such hospitals as the Academic Hospital Asklepios Barmbek Hamburg, the University Hospital Freiburg and Heidelberg, as well as the University Hospital Charité (Berlin), the University Hospital of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, the Orthopedic Center Munich Ost and the Multidisciplinary Hospital  Stuttgart.

Selection of clinic and specialist

If patient has no relations or relatives for the organization of treatment abroad, he should seek help from the trusted intermediaries who will organize the trip according to the medical tourism program. This process comprises:

●       preparation of documents;

●       translation services (if required);

●       meeting at the airport;

●       transfer to the clinic;

●       booking of rooms in a hotel near the hospital;

●       selection of a specialist;

●       control over the patients` expenses, etc.

The booking health service includes all the services that can be used in a complex or in sole discretion.

The quality of treatment in Germany is very high, and therefore the flow of patients from all over the world is increasing annually. The pricing mechanism is clear and transparent, whereas the actions of experts are almost automatic. There are no uncertainties, queues, and problems. German hospitals focus on the psychological comfort, the quality of life of the patient in the hospital, which has a positive effect on the results of treatment and rehabilitation.

The cost of treatment abroad

The cost of treatment abroad varies in a fairly wide range. The most affordable prices are in China, India and Thailand. Israel offers average prices, while the highest ones are in Germany and Switzerland. The USA is the most expensive provider of medical services. We must take into account the fact that each institution has traditionally strong specializations and few less developed areas. The exception is the treatment in Germany, because in this country they apply the very latest methods and technologies in each medical field and in each profile. Innovations and scientific achievements are equally implemented in surgery, therapy, and rehabilitation programs.

The average cost of consulting a doctor in a German clinic is 350 € (if consulted by a reputable professor, the cost is 30–70% higher), the cost of one type of examination is 400–800 €, laboratory test is 200–400 €.

The cost of the operation depends on its technical complexity, the status of the medical center and the experience of the surgeon. If you want to know prices, it is worth looking at the price lists of several hospitals, comparing the conditions and the number of services included in the total cost. It is even better if you  use booking health service where you will always find the best option based on a set of priority criteria.

If we consider the most demanded types of surgical care,  we will see that the average price for knee arthroplasty is € 21,000, cataract surgery costs € 6,000, the cost of a comprehensive treatment for a brain stem tumor reaches € 60000–80000, while  coronary artery bypass surgery costs € 15,000. These indicators may vary slightly depending on the specifics of the financial system of the institution.

Germany will offer one of the best medical services, because it employs the world leading experts, uses the latest generation technologies, innovative drugs and provides advanced diagnostics and therapy.