Gambling Industry Of Germany


Germany is one of the few nations across Europe, who is yet to legalize gambling within its jurisdiction. However, gambling activities are going on in a controversial way thanks to the state of Schleswig Holstein issuing about 50 licenses to gambling operators. This was on the contrary to the Interstate Treaty on Gambling (ISTG) of 2012 which the rogue state refused to get into. It was the only state that did not comply with this, but later, it was forced to enter into that treaty. The ISTG only allowed sports betting providers to legally operate within the country where it issued about 20 licenses and prohibited online casinos and poker rooms.

However, Schleswig Holstein, with its distinct gambling laws, had issued 6 years gambling licenses to online casinos, sports betting and poker rooms. After the enforcement of the ISTG legislation, all the states in Germany had to comply, including Schleswig Holstein. However, the licenses already issued were left to play along to avoid long lawsuits and legal proceedings that may follow if they decided to declare them null and void. Find out which casino games you can play online in Germany from the best online casinos in the market. Choose from roulette to Keno and craps depending on your taste and preference.

The current status of the gambling industry in Germany

Despite all these uncertainties, about the current situation of the gambling industry, big gambling operators have already been issued with licenses to operate in the German market. With sports betting leading the way, as the Bundesliga and horseracing have become major sports betting harbors, it is no doubt that gambling is thriving in Germany. Big gambling operators such as BetFair and Bet365 have made their way with the partial licensing of some of the operators in the local market.

Although the German government is still not relenting to fully legalizing gambling for the local market, the industry brings a lot of revenue that goes up to €50 billion. Many people prefer to go the virtual way through online gambling but there are also traditional casinos that offer extensive gambling experience. Play the best lottoland slots for real money on the best casinos. Get attractive welcome bonuses plus free spins as a newcomer.

What the future holds

The tough restriction on gambling in Germany is regarded as going against the smooth flow of services according to the European Union. Although some gambling operators are licensed until 2018, to offer gambling services to its growing market, it is still a grey area. The German government is still consulting on what next after all the licenses issued by Schleswig Holstein expire. With multiple lawsuits dogging the German government, on gambling issues, the citizen of the European nation can at the moment enjoy playing online casino games, poker and sports betting. This is until 2018 when the licenses issued in 2012 expire, and thus the gambling population in the region can only wait and hope for the best.