65 Ridiculously Silly Yahoo Questions & Answers


There used to be a time when we were younger when any question was never stupid or silly – when our minds were simply curious and needed the answers it sought.

As we get older, this dynamic changes… Below are 65 Funny Yahoo questions you’ll be sure to snicker at, and some with even sillier answers.

Behold, 63 Silly Yahoo Questions

  1. Forgetting about the “You” in YouTube
    If it were YouTube’s job to film anyone and everyone in order to put such videos up on their website, they’d be one of the busiest production companies of all time.

2. Catching Your Child Having Sex 
2210316-funny-yahoo-answerIt’s never a good thing, catching your child being intimate with another. And surprise! Its with someone of the same sex! This might seem like a legitimate question… But the fact this was posted on Yahoo is out of control. There are website and books that can help this mother answer such a question – or better yet – she should ask her son!

3. Stacks and Piles of Loads of Files 
3230316-funny-yahoo-answerIs this person serious? The sarcastic answer was even given a five-star rating by the questioner. This makes me sad for our future generations.

4. Call the Cops, We’ve got an Ant Killer on the Loose 
4230316-funny-yahoo-answerThis person stepped on an ant that was on a puppy. Yikes, that’s pretty mean. Why not knock the ant off before stepping on it? Why step on it at all anyway? Just knock the ant off the puppy!! Crazy.

5. Which is More Disturbing: Loud Parents or The Horny Kid?
5230316-funny-yahoo-answerPerhaps its my culture, or the way I was raised, or something entirely different… But this is quite disturbing to me. Both the parents that don’t care how loud they get as well as a kid that touches himself while listening to his mom and dad. Gross.

6. When Listerine Creates A Mess Instead of Cleaning One Up 
6230316-funny-yahoo-answerNever mind the fact that Listerine is poisonous and can cause damage to internal organs when digested. Why would anyone choose Listerine over normal alcoholic beverages anyway? This is definitely one of our more silly Yahoo questions.

7. Was This a High School Drop-Out?
7230316-funny-yahoo-answerI’m pretty sure that’s not how getting pregnant works… Sperm can not be so potent that it speeds up the pregnancy process. This guy’s girl was obviously with someone else four months ago.

8. Is This Sarcasm? A Trick?
8230316-funny-yahoo-answerThis guy needs to take anatomy 101. Boys don’t get periods! Who are this kid’s parents? This question has to be a joke since he’s 17.

9. A Simple Question To Make A Sex Toy 
9230316-funny-yahoo-answerHe doesn’t outright say that it’s going to be for him to seek pleasure with… But it’s a little obvious. Who knows, maybe its for some kind of project… A project involving coitus with a soft fleshy fruit.

10. Those Dang Stains in Underwear… 
10230316-funny-yahoo-answerBuzz B answered this question nicely – she was helpful but also acknowledged how strange it is to get spaghetti stains out of underwear. It must have been strip poker night with spaghetti as the entree.

11. When We Seek Being “Un-Human”
63210316-funny-yahoo-answerFirst of all, don’t associate all witches with this questioner. Second of all, whose to say mermaids really don’t exist? Ever hear of the colossus octopus? Maybe their story is similar to theirs… Regardless, it’s kinda weird.

12. Vindictive Crazy 
12230316-funny-yahoo-answerDon’t know if this girl is for real or not. This is a pretty messed up thing to do to someone. She seems really vain. Good luck to the dude.

13. Placenta. Yum Yum.
13230316-funny-yahoo-answerWhist I respect anyone’s decision whether or not they want to eat the placenta (it isn’t particularly my taste), I’ve got to wonder if women do it more for a spiritual journey or if they want its nutrients or what… But this question is out-of-control. For some reason, it makes me want to slap my own forehead in both disbelief and bewilderment.

14. An Odd Request
14230316-funny-yahoo-answerNormally I don’t make fun of grammatical errors because even I can have slip-ups. But this guy makes me shake my head in sadness. Not to mention the odd request for a girl that likes diapers at his age. Okay, I get fetishes, but this kid is too young to be looking for a girl to fulfill fetishes.

15. Heartless Interior Designer
15230316-funny-yahoo-answerI can’t even comment on how I think of this question. Please, a person is really going to abort a child based on interior decorations she’s put up? She’s out-of-control.

16. When You Can’t Find the Answers on Yahoo or Google…
16230316-funny-yahoo-answerThe answer makes me snicker. The answer is so simple.

17. Please, Teach the Nation Basic Reproductive Lessons62210316-funny-yahoo-answer

I really do wonder, how would a woman not be the mom? Can a girl really pull that one off? Hah! Oh wait. Surrogate mothers.

18. Ha, Good Comeback
18230316-funny-yahoo-answerThis guy really pulled in an interesting twist to that question.

19. No Concept of Time
61210316-funny-yahoo-answerMaybe this was a kid asking a question. Again, it looks like the general population needs some education on reproduction and how it can happen before death.

20. It’s Totally Normal
60210316-funny-yahoo-answerIt’s called purring. They vibrate when it happens. I know, so weird, right?

21. If You Were Stuck on an Island with Internet…
21230316-funny-yahoo-answerWhen you’re on a deserted island, you’ll send any type of message out. You’ll figure it out when the adrenaline kicks in, and whether or not you can make an actual phone call.

22. That One Techno Song…
22230316-funny-yahoo-answerThat is some really valuable information right there. There are only so many songs that sound like that, and differentiating er from der and dun, that’s easy-peasy for us all.

23. Nail Polish is Toxic, Isn’t It?
59210316-funny-yahoo-answerThat stuff that stains your nails an unnatural color for a prolonged period of time… Yeah, that stuff, nail polish… Any type of polish is pretty toxic, and placing it on your teeth doesn’t exude you from being poisoned by its toxicity. Yikes.

24. So Just Answer the Question 
24230316-funny-yahoo-answerHigh School Musical 3… The answer to 1/3 of life’s questions. Ha! But really, who stole this person’s gag reflex?

25. Just Blew My Mind 
57210316-funny-yahoo-answerI’d have to say you’d stay the same, until you ate an organ. Once you eat an organ that sustains you, you won’t be able to live. But yeah, my mind is kinda blown, hypothetically.

26. Cheating Farts 
26230316-funny-yahoo-answerHow on Earth does different smelling farts in any way, shape, or form connect with cheating? Maybe he’s eating out more at lunch or something, there could be numerous reasons why he smells different… I just would have never guessed cheating.

27. The Future of Our Next Generation Doomed
27230316-funny-yahoo-answerAgain, yet another outstanding question made by someone that has the capability of reproducing. I am sad for the future.

28. The Wit is Endless!
28230316-funny-yahoo-answerI genuinely laughed. The answer is so amazing.

29. Call 911, I Swallowed an Ice Cube! 
It got stuck in your esophagus as it clung to its inner walls. The heat of your body at 98.6 surely won’t melt it into liquid H2O… Let’s hope this person is just a kid that hasn’t taken any chemistry courses yet.

30. Fiction Just Got Real! 
55210316-funny-yahoo-answerLike, did it happen to Nazis after WWII? Oh my goodness. Well, at least this person connects WWII with Nazis – that’s a good job. The only way Hunger Games is real is if one interprets the plot as being metaphorical.

31. Energy Healing? 
31230316-funny-yahoo-answerThe best way to lose weight is by exercising. Burn more calories than intake. So tired of all these lose-weight rumors.

32. Great Answers for Silly Yahoo Questions
32210316-funny-yahoo-answerOkay, so I don’t care whether or not a person is a Justin Bieber fan – I like a few of his songs but not all of them – and I wouldn’t consider going to his concert – but this is hilarious. I don’t like Chuck Norris nearly as much as Bruce Lee. Did you know Chuck Norris’s butt was beat by Bruce Lee?

33. Falling in Love with a K-9
33230316-funny-yahoo-answerWow. Bestiality on Yahoo Answers. Well, we know he’s not the only one – but this is just ridiculous. I can’t even fathom being him.

34. The Sun’s Radiance… It Burns! 
Think of all the pictures of the sun that exist. I’m wondering how this human has not yet seen a picture of the sun. If she had, then she’d know that it won’t hurt the eyes. Staring at the sun hurts, but a quick snap of a big ball of gas? How does she think any picture can hurt – does a picture of a cat’s claws sting?

35. A Just For Funzies Fictional Question 
35230316-funny-yahoo-answerThis is definitely theoretical. But even so, my brain sighs in frustration.

36. Different DNA 
36230316-funny-yahoo-answerOh. My. Gosh.

37. How to Lose 1.6 pounds a day! 
37210316-funny-yahoo-answerThis person was crazy. Anyone that’s done absolutely any research on weight lose will easily tell you that it’s only healthy to lose about 1-2 pounds a week, depending on current weight.

38. A Fart Knocker 
53210316-funny-yahoo-answerWhat really makes this post stand out, is that the questioner actually responded and admitted “you were right”! Can you imagine – consuming 3,952 calories from 52 pizza rolls and whatever crazy amount of calories from two liters of coke!? Let’s just say that this person is going to need to run on a treadmill for several hours to burn off that amount of calories.

39. The Answer Is Cynical 
39230316-funny-yahoo-answerThere are certain liquids that kill bees and wasps faster than others using special techniques. How rude. Ha!

40. Asking for an Approximation 
40230316-funny-yahoo-answerSorry, but this information is definitely not any to go by relating to a spider bite. A picture would definitely be more helpful.

41. The Light Bulb Over the Head 
41230316-funny-yahoo-answerThis seems like a competition of sarcasm and wit. Except the questioner clearly got burned.

42. Remember Pokemon? 
42230316-funny-yahoo-answerI really don’t know what’s funnier. The fact that someone believes evolution can take place over only one generation, or that the person giving the answer referenced Pokemon. Clearly, I am happy with this silly Yahoo questions.

43. Fail a Test or Become Pregnant? 
43230316-funny-yahoo-answerWhich option would you select if this were you? Yikes. I feel like both would create near heart-attacks, and both are a horrid option. There’s no useful information here.

44. Is This Question Vain? 
44230316-funny-yahoo-answerClearly, this person wants to fit in. Clearly, this person is extremely young. And clearly, the witty answer made complete fun of the questioner. Oh dear. It’s kind of sad, actually, that some people are led astray, thinking that one must cut wrists to fit into the subculture. But the term “emo” does come from the word “emotional”.

45. Familiar with Physics, Much? 
45230316-funny-yahoo-answerI have nothing to say about this. I’m astonished, and not in a good way. Everyone needs to be taught physics.

46. Unbaking a Cake
46210316-funny-yahoo-answerI have often wondered this myself – ha! The person answering was definitely witty. A great response to such a ridiculous question. But I actually have an answer. A great way to undo pretty much anything, is by over-heating it in terms of melting point. Melt the cake, or anything for that matter, and you’ve got a blob of elements. Granted, it doesn’t “undo” the bake back into its natural ingredients, but it’s a start.

47. Looking a Little Too Close 
47230316-funny-yahoo-answerIt’s natural, bro. Just flow with it. But honestly – I bet that’s pretty true with most people out there. I must shake my head at this question. Again – anatomy!

48. Witty Remarks About Farts 
48230316-funny-yahoo-answerYes, this person does exist, and the answerer is awesome. But I’ve got to say this – at least there are dudes out there that are concerned with what their wives think. I was beginning to believe that this wasn’t so…

49. The Roof is On Fire, We Don’t Need No Water Let the M….
49230316-funny-yahoo-answerThis question is absolutely, just a hoax. No one in their right mind would be on the internet asking this question in reality. Unless it was an extremely slow-burning fire, and this crazy human is extremely unintelligent.

50. Taking it Literally 
Ha! It’s great how the best answer was chosen by the asker. I imagine that sitting on a computer 12 hours a day would be quite uncomfortable.

51. Conversion Isn’t This Person’s Strong Point 
51230316-funny-yahoo-answerTwo minutes equals 120 seconds. Sigh. Sometimes I truly wonder where some of these people that have the capability of using the internet have gotten this far. Isn’t the concept of time taught at an early age? Or is this person just kidding with us?