Top 50 Ridiculous Yahoo Questions & Answers


Being a valuable origin of shared wisdom and applied knowledge, Yahoo Answers could often be an inexhaustible source of fun as well. Sometimes both questions and answers would grab you as totally naive or even stupid and from time to time – let’s admit it –even moron… You would probably give them a second thought and ask yourself, whether people really ask such questions. The truth said, they do. Yes, some of them make it for the fun of it but you would be surprised by the number of real questions. No matter what, first class entertainment is always granted!

This said, check out this mind-blowing collection of the 20 really funny Yahoo Questions & Answers – exclusively selected and commented for you. Here we go!


Wow, wow, wow. Everyone who tried to get near a horse should be emphatetic about the size concerns here. However, you may be amazed how disingenuous horses also are. We mean, come on, have you ever been thrown from the back of a mare with deep and warm brown eyes? But, you know, talking out of experience, donkeys are really the worst. They pretend to be stupid and stubborn while they actually just wait for the right moment to give you a nice rocking blast in the stomach and, if possible, break a couple of ribs! Keep this in mind!


Now, this is interesting. And it’s not that interesting because the author of the question clearly did not want to go to school. Hats down, ladies and gentlemen, let’s all of us heartedly applaud this new level of creativity! There are a couple of things to notice here, though. First, you should be allergic to mold in order to achieve the set goal. Second, what for a school cafeteria would offer “entire moldy fruit salads”? It seems that in this particular case supply and demand meet again.

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Issues with gluttony are among some of the most common Yahoo questions. Yet the level of detail provided by the author of the question is really stunning – number of calories per piece, plus types and quantities of the used beverages. Now such a responsible question really deserves an informative answer. Check out the best answer and do not miss why the author marked it as such – it’s all there.


Honestly, this one is righteous to some extent, don’t you think? Do you really use your pinkie toe for anything? Isn’t it really just an obstacle for easy and efficient nails clipping? Following the Less-Is-More trends, we should definitely not put up with such kind of human-body waste anymore. Why don’t we remove appendicitis, pinkie toes and – even more often – brains surgically while we are still infants? This would make things much more easier and efficient for humanity, right?


This one is an issue which seems to have the potential to escalate as a real problem. There is one question that is troubling the mind, though. If the guy asking the question is touching the gay cat’s but, why is the question about the cat and not about the owner?

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Anyway, it seems that at the end of the day situations like this have their good and rational explanation. Don’t you miss the best answer here. It is a revelation about the behavioural similarities between gay cats and actual non-gay football players just acting gay…

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You see the guy has an issue to share. Is there any chance that his tool for family entertainment and satisfaction might be a bit overworked and tired? Perhaps it deserves some rest and consequently time to recover? There is some pressure and demands from all sides – both the girlfriend and the aunt – that’s a sure thing. There is probably more ways but here’s an idea which may fit perfectly well to this whole situation. What if the author approached his uncle, explained the tough choice and asked for some help with satisfying the girlfriend? You see, the aunt has already proven to be a good match in their 4-year-lasting intimate relationship, so this is a sure bet. Don’t you wonder what else falls under the “Men’s Health” category in Yahoo Answers?


Let’s move on to the “Religion & Spirituality” section where an existential question popped up. Again, it has to do with sex, however in the context of stretching our, er, holes beyond their natural limits. This time the author is not interested in trivial life matters but in an essential topic such as the God’s providence and the inflation fetishism. Тhe “Best answer” here is also deeply philosophical and it turns out that everything is clearly explained by the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”! Let’s meditate and free our souls, so each one of us could extend and reach a satisfactory answer to this most exciting theological challenge!

funny_yahoo_answers_9Mysteries in life come and go, come and go. Here is another great example. Please, quickly go through this detailed description of a most disturbing and mysterious conversation. It really deserves a day or two of healthy and deep analytical thinking. What would be your assumptions about this? Do you think that the guy just wanted to spare some embarrassment to the author or on the contrary – to cause some? Therefore you find this Yahoo Answer here – we all need to think about it!


That’s what people call a touching and exciting story! Ask yourself and raise your hand (no one will know why you did so anyway) if you have ever been into a similar situation. Please, be honest – this is all about you! So what would you do if you were in the shoes of this poor and awfully smelly coursist? Would you dare getting back to the DMV and apologize? What would be the instructor’s reaction – mad or forgiving? You know what?

All’s well that ends well – keep your fingers crossed for this guy to jump over and pass the exam.


And sometimes it could all start with an innocent question, such as the origin of a rare idiom in the English language…


Rare or not, according to the “Best Answer” the origin of this phrase seems to be tied to quite unfortunate circumstances in UK including an alien invasion and a bloody hunt for chinchillas. The presented chain of cause-and-effect clearly demonstrates the severe impact of the aforementioned encounter in respect to the world history. Seriously, this is the sort of highly informative and truly correct answers that we are all looking for! We felt really bad about the Grandpa’s decease and we strongly hope that these alien bastards will never show up again!


Talking about death, you could also find practical recipes for becoming a ghost without the  actual dying part. If you carefully follow the described steps, you’d probably be amazed with the result. Wouldn’t you find it quite relieving if you jump out of nowhere and scare the shit out of your boss? If you feel well about it, you could easily move to the boss of your boss then. Beware, though! You should be extremely wary and keep the recipe a secret to you and yourself only (no best friends, no sisters).


Human beings are ultimately curious by nature and could hardly live with a puzzle left unsolved. If you have ever wondered why the hell nuns do not wear bras, this one is for you. Now, there might be a wild variety of theories exploring the topic from different angles but simplicity and elegance seem to prevail again when it comes to the preferred answer. “God supports everything” clearly explains the reasoning behind the nuns’ denial of bras.


From time to time you might be wondering how to react when a command is issued to you. “Close the door”, for example, is probably a no-brainer to understand and execute upon. No surprise, we are talking about real mental and intellectual challenges. According to this Yahoo Answer, “Go and get me a sandwich” is already one of these more demanding commands! The lady is advised to actually fetch a sandwich for her beloved. This might be one way to go. There might be an alternate route such as rejecting the command. Maybe something along these lines? “No, you lazy son of a sexist-dog-with-unspecified-gender!, you go there and you bring ME a sandwich!”


As we have already illustrated, Yahoo Answers could be quite helpful even if dealing with the unknown. If you are not convinced yet, please go through the following very detailed witch-hiring question. It turns out you could make the life of your enemies and their families miserable. If you need extended services including enemies disappearing you should be pretty sure that this could be further negotiated and arranged for. No worries, all it takes to pay off would be in the range of an ox, your immortal soul, plus/minus a kid or maximum 2. Keep in mind, that a decent witch will do it all for you without additional tips! The users of Yahoo Answers apparently provide clear guidelines on such matters as well. You could also hear rumors about witches who readily accept Amazon Gift Cards as an advanced payment but you should check this up for yourself…


If you are not in the mood of getting into the eye of the hurricane, please skip this one. At first glance, it’s nothing peculiar and the storyline is sort of well-known to all of us – we are both white and our kid is… Well, she/he is not! Anyone remember this kind of story in the early seasons of the US “Shameless” series?! Have you already gone through the additional details? Kind of surprising making, don’t you think? You see, it seems we have a precedent here. There is one question some of us may be asking… “Does it all mean that, if my father screwed once or twice the female Predator, I’d also inherit this cool outfit and the abundant slobber???”


This one goes to science. Have you ever wondered about the nutritious quality of your own poop? Lots of folks in college do not have that much but this student seems to be a follower of the LEAN methodologies pioneered by Toyota in the 70s of 20th century – very efficient set of practices for eliminating any possible waste as part of a production line. Well, seems like this guy cannot really stand any and this really means ANY kind of waste! Please, note that the complexity of this question was somehow outlined also by the “Best Answer” – hence the question was actually answered from at least a couple of perspectives. It also gave away great recommendations for really healthy poop eating. Kudos, everyone!


1984! Did you see it coming? At the end of the day this was just a stupid question asked by a high or even an elementary school student. Now, if you were this kid, would you dare step out of your parents’ house?

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Er, eh, well, people struggle with real problems, you see… Now, how would you unbend your can of energy drink if you had to? Asked that question, a friend responded: “Me personally? I’d try drinking from the bend one and if it didn’t work, I’d buy a new one!” Well, it may be the case that you often roll down hills with Internet access and no stores nearby… If so, just say “aye”!


This is what you may call a great metaphor! You see, all of us – including children – really learn to our best, when doing it by example. The answer of this question seems to be a really ingenious innovation. Believe it or not, please, remember that “the peanut butter actually loves you!”