80+ Funny Cat Pictures to Brighten a Bad Day


Of all the animals the world has to offer us, cats are by far one of the silliest. They’re consistently curious and always getting into trouble, making them the purrfect animal that supplies us with new and smile-worthy entertainment. We’ve collected over 80 of the most adorable and funny cat pictures that will brighten anyone’s bad day – so long as you’re a cat fan. These little critters will put a smile on your face as you discover some intriguing situations, positions, and scenarios they place themselves in. Scroll down tot the bottom to watch a fabulously funny video of silly cats and kittens! Enjoy!

  1. How Dare This Vacuum Have No Taste
    tumblr_nfeoduwJZ21te5ruso1_400Usually vacuums scare our beloved pets, but this cat seems to have wanted to eat it. Unfortunately, it only got its face sucked into the tube – upon which it tries to attack!2. Does Life Give You Water & Sugar?
    11010216-funny-cat-picturesSays the grumpy kitty. This little cat is already teaching the rest of us silly life lessons. What goes on in a cat’s mind when it gives you a grumpy face like that?3. Hear No Evil
    12010216-funny-cat-picturesThis kitten was modeling for the “Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” photoshoot.4. Troubling Tales of Cannabis
    13010216-funny-cat-picturesBy the looks of it, this cat is in for the ride of its life. Who among us gets their pets high? What about contact high? In any case, it’s awesome how this photographer got this cat’s facial expression with a bunch of cannabis plants.5. Online Vengeance Reviews 
    14010216-funny-cat-picturesWhen catsitting, ensure they’re constantly fed tuna, Tom and Jerry is on TV, and the computer is safely locked away… It’s a good thing that pets don’t know how to type in real life.6. The Almighty Has Answered Our Prayers
    15010216-funny-cat-picturesWhen being healing by a healing cat, make sure they’ve been declawed – otherwise, don’t seek out a cat for redemption. You’ll be bloody by the end of it.

    7. Too Cold To Pee
    16010216-funny-cat-picturesThe unpleasant trials of winter.8. Halloween’s the Best
    17010216-funny-cat-picturesThis little fatty can’t get enough of that Halloween candy. Doesn’t look like he’ll share either.

    9. Just Playing Around…
    18010216-funny-cat-picturesOh boy… it’s moments like these you have to wonder just how clean are all of your stuffed animals and stuffed toys? If you have a horny cat, you might want to rethink how sanitary they are.

    10. Auto Models Wanted
    19010216-funny-cat-picturesI’m too sexy for this car…

    11. Like Most Christmas Movies…
    20010216-funny-cat-picturesWe re-watch Christmas movies because we love keeping the jolly feel of the season surrounding us… Even if those movies are cheesy, dumb, or horribly produced…

    12. Spider-Cat
    21010216-funny-cat-picturesStudying the arts of the Ninja, Fluffy decided it was time to finally come to terms with his owner, waiting for the right moment in time to strike and declare dominance.

    13. Let Me In!
    22010216-funny-cat-picturesThe desperate attempts of the kitty next door who thought it wise to beg for acceptance.

    14. May I Have This Dance?
    23010216-funny-cat-picturesWinning the 2015 feline tango competition, this cat is light on its feet and ready to impress with its newfound dance moves.

    15. Contemplations While Staring in the Mirror
    24010216-funny-cat-picturesSometimes even cats reach a point in life where they question what’s become of them. It’s a kitty mid-life crisis… Luckily they don’t have bills or worry about where their next meal will come from.

    16. Missed You While You Were Out…
    25010216-funny-cat-picturesJust waiting with Ducky for you to come home… Hope you remembered the organic tuna and catnip…

    17. This Fence Tastes Funny
    26010216-funny-cat-picturesOne day I shall penetrate this fortress, and I shall do it with my tongue.

    18. Big Booty 
    27010216-funny-cat-picturesWonder if cats are ever aware of their weight and how they look from behind?

    19. Is This Where the Interviews Are?
    28010216-funny-cat-picturesDressing up a cat is always fun, but can sometimes make them fussy. This one looks like he’s enjoying being dressed like he’s getting ready for an interview.

    20. Cirque-Du-Soleil
    29010216-funny-cat-picturesThis cat is in training to have its own show with the Cirque-Du-Soleil. What do you think, is it limber enough?

    21. Catzilla
    30010216-funny-cat-picturesBeware the wrath of Catzilla, for it can strike down two foes at once!

    22. Prancing Jubilee
    31010216-funny-cat-picturesOn full moons, some cats congregate behind the shed and celebrate the new cycle. This is just a taste of what kind of dancing takes place, while all are naked.

    23. Mini Kitty Fish Tacos
    32010216-funny-cat-picturesThis cat doesn’t look too enthusiastic about the miniature fish taco in his face. Do cats like tortillas or is this one watching its carbs?

    24. Is This the Right House?
    33010216-funny-cat-picturesThis cat thought it saw someone it knew inside.

    25. Super Kitty
    34010216-funny-cat-picturesIn the face of danger, this kitty laughs! It’s Superman’s secret sidekick – the one no one suspects. Watch as it wows all enemies before clawing their faces!

    26. Best Friends
    35010216-funny-cat-picturesThese two are best buds, even posing for pictures together.

    27. Lion’s Mane
    36010216-funny-cat-picturesThis kitty might be a little cold, its owner shaving its body to make it look like a cute mini lion. Felines are adorable, no matter what breed they try to copy.

    28. Choke Hold
    37010216-funny-cat-picturesAfter coming off parole, Whiskers thought he could easily get rid of the one that turned him in. Unfortunately, he was caught before he could finish the job.

    29. Cuddle Buddies
    38010216-funny-cat-picturesThe one on the bottom looks like it could be crying for help.

    30. School Bus Blues
    39010216-funny-cat-picturesThese kittens are riding the short bus to school because they were diagnosed with ADD after ruining their master’s apartment when she went out for ten minutes to buy a coffee.

    31. Not The Flash!
    40010216-funny-cat-picturesDo not flash me or I’ll condemn your camera for all eternity!

    32. Waiting for Gus
    41010216-funny-cat-picturesIt’s instances like this where pocketed jeans for kitties don’t sound like a horrible idea.

    33. Psycho Feline
    42010216-funny-cat-picturesIiiiiiiiiit’s Johnny Snowball! Run or be my next victim…

    34. The Overlook
    43010216-funny-cat-picturesIf I try to jump to the railing, will I accidentally fall over… Wonder what this cat is contemplating?

    35. Fast Food Binge
    44010216-funny-cat-picturesEven cats like cow. Looks like this one might become a little fatty…

    36. Cute Nap Time
    45010216-funny-cat-picturesThese two are best friends forever. They both even fall asleep during car rides that’s how similar they are. But where is the kitten’s seat belt?

    37. Working on that Posture
    46010216-funny-cat-picturesThis kitty is trying to work on its posture to be the tallest on the block. It looks like its working. Or maybe it’s just trying to look out the window at the neightbor cat because it forgot

    38. Evil Twin
    47010216-funny-cat-picturesOut of these two black and white animals, is the small one the evil twin or the big one? This picture seems like it’d be extremely rare to capture. Kudos to the farmer that did.

    39. Train of Hugs
    48010216-funny-cat-picturesHow adorable as the kitten holds its stuffed kitty that holds its stuffed cat. A perfect little situation similar to Russian Matryoshka Dolls.

    40. The Three Amigos
    49010216-funny-cat-picturesThey’re simply prepping for their next round of shinanigans.

    41. Mini Me
    50010216-funny-cat-picturesThis cat’s personal “mini me” is begging for attention through the blinds. They even have the exact same look on their faces…

    42. Hello Red Riding Kitty!
    51010216-funny-cat-picturesThis takes Little Red Riding Hood to a whole new level… It’s Hello Kitty style! What kind of snacks do you think a little red riding hood kitty would take to its grand mother?

    43. Shopping with Kittens
    52010216-funny-cat-picturesI’m mostly curious as to where the photographer got that little tiny cart? Is it a Barbie cart? I can’t believe a tiny kitten fits in it!

    44. Super Cat & Sidekick
    53010216-funny-cat-picturesIs the man flying with the cat riding him or is the cat flying as it carries the man? Hmm.

    45. Hide and Seek
    54010216-funny-cat-picturesWho would have ever thought that a cat and dog would be hide and seek buddies?

    46. Reading Buds
    55010216-funny-cat-picturesThis cat likes a night time story read to it before bedtime, a great way to get your kiddo to read.

    47. Let’s Make a Deal
    56010216-funny-cat-picturesThis elegant cat will use blackmail no doubt. Be ready for anything.

    48. Entangled
    57010216-funny-cat-picturesHow did this cat get entangled in the hangers? Where, exactly, was it going? Either way, we applaud this wonderful photographic moment. Not too many colors in that closet…

    49. Musical Gesture
    58010216-funny-cat-picturesWhen attempting to play Beethoven, Bella didn’t realize that the famous artist had also been transformed into a famous movie involving a dog, her arch nemesis. She then proceeded to destroy the piano.

    50. Yoga Crazed
    59010216-funny-cat-picturesSure, we’ve all tried yoga. But have you tried yoga while balancing on a human? It’s even using its front paws to help balance!

    51. A Lovely Gesture
    60010216-funny-cat-picturesWill you grow this catnip for me? Pleeeeease? Er – at least I think that’s catnip. I’ve no idea why this cat is getting excited over a plant but it’d adorable none-the-less.

    52. Best Buds Forever
    61010216-funny-cat-picturesThis little girl is completely content with her beloved cat, and the cat holds complimentary feelings towards her. Wonder if they’ll grow up together and if she’ll end up owning tons of cats when she’s an adult?

    53. Baby Love
    62010216-funny-cat-picturesWhat could possibly be more adorable than a cat playing with a little baby? Nothing, I tell you; nothing! Especially with a chubby little cutie like the one above. That expression is priceless.

    54. Comforts
    63010216-funny-cat-picturesCats can be the one thing that truly relaxes the spirit at times. Especially when they’re willing to chillax with you like in the pic above. What a lovely scene.

    55. Perfect Time for a Kiss
    64010216-funny-cat-picturesYes, this cat is trying to clean its friend. It looks more like a friendly kiss on the cheek than anything else – from one sibling to another? Whatever the case, it’s absolutely adorable.

    56. Grumpy Little Snowball
    65010216-funny-cat-picturesThis kitten already has a personality worth remarking about. It’s cute, cuddly, fluffy, but I wouldn’t try to hold it if I were you. It looks like it’s about to scratch someone’s eye out…

    57. How’d This Happen?
    66010216-funny-cat-picturesCats usually like to get into everything, but this one raised the bar by “getting into” a slinky. It makes for a great hat. Okay, not really, but it makes for a great photoshoot!

    58. It’s Ben & Jerry’s
    67010216-funny-cat-picturesThis kitty was astounded to find that its master had been hiding Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, the favorite snack of the household.

    59. Funny Faces
    68010216-funny-cat-picturesWhich one is making the funnier face? The human or the cat? In any case, we applaud the perfect timing. Now if only the picture wasn’t so blurry.

    60. Unicorn Frenzy
    69010216-funny-cat-picturesWho buys an inflatable unicorn horn for their cat, really? My guess, is someone with an amazing sense of humor… Look at that cat’s face! Awesome. I’m curious though – do cats really love it? How does this company know?

    61. Just Hanging Out
    70010216-funny-cat-picturesThis cat has a magical touch, just hanging out and seeing what you’re up to. How’s it hanging? Now, was it being held up by an owner or had it made some kind of silly leap, with the photographer capturing the pounce spot-on?

    62. Balloon Death
    71010216-funny-cat-picturesHow dare you, you insolent balloon! You shall die beneath the wrath of my claw! This little kitty is adorable, trying to kill a green balloon… the photographer did a great job finding the right light. Looks like the kitten is glowing.

    63. Surprise!
    72010216-funny-cat-picturesEven cats want to sneak up on their relatives to make them pee themselves sometimes. What a great action photo. And look at that balcony! Let’s hope no kittens fall off…

    64. Lounging Little Lion
    73010216-funny-cat-picturesIf there’s anything a feline knows how to do, its take a nap. Look at the manner in which this kitten fall asleep… So elegant, so balanced, so cute…

    65. Feed Me Or Die
    74010216-funny-cat-picturesIf looks could kill, we’d be on our ninth life. What is it waiting for? Food? Its owner to cook?

    66. It Wasn’t Us
    75010216-funny-cat-picturesEven in trouble, these two take the blame together. Look how both seem to convey a sense of guilt, simultaneously attempting to look cute enough to get away with it.

    67. Artistically Photogenic
    76010216-funny-cat-picturesThis is a cute and wonderfully done close up of two lovely cats that get along quite nicely. Look at the eyes of both – they seem to have their own personalities and their own demeanors.

    68. Ready for Deployment
    77010216-funny-cat-picturesIt can be hard to get a cat to wear what you want it wear. Looks like this cat doesn’t mind being a pilot or in the Air Force. Ready for orders!

    69. Pouncing Cutie 
    78010216-funny-cat-picturesKittens always have all the fun, have the best of friends, and get to play all the time. This kitten is no exception as it plays with its master by the poolside.

    70. You Caught Us
    79010216-funny-cat-picturesYes this is a cat with a stuffed rooster. Why? We have no idea, but it looks awfully cute. Wonder what the cat is thinking right now…

    71. Completely Surprised
    80010216-funny-cat-picturesThis cat’s facial expression might haunt me in my dreams. Though, I’m sure it was more scared than I am. Have you ever seen such a scaredy-cat? Was it photo-shopped or is this real?

    72. Pinned Him
    81010216-funny-cat-picturesSometimes cats are more vicious than dogs. This one seems to enjoy the choke hold. Either that, or it has a funny way of displaying its affection.

    73. Delicious Sensation
    82010216-funny-cat-picturesCats are known for enjoying their master’s caress. But have you ever seen one that favors the suction of a vacuum? Amazing how this cat can fold its tongue like that.

    74. Viagra Jest
    1010216-funny-cat-picturesWhat a perfectly timed picture… Kudos to whoever placed the quote on this image. It really does look like this cat has an immense you-know-what.

    75. Pouncing for Food
    2010216-funny-cat-picturesThese cats are committed to capturing their food. Little do they know they’ll need a can open if they’re to truly eat tuna.

    76. Frolicking Honey
    3010216-funny-cat-picturesYes, this might be one of the cutest pics of a kitten prancing we’ve ever seen. Look how fluffy its mane is!

    77. To Have A Wish Come True
    4010216-funny-cat-picturesThis kitchen may say “imagine”, but it’s clear what this cat wants. To be tall enough to reach the higher cabinets. Either that, or to somehow chase after an insect it saw in the air.

    78. Gotta Cope
    5010216-funny-cat-picturesSometimes, you’re just not the favorite. If you own a dog and a cat, let’s hope you treat them equally when it comes to toys and food.

    79. The Next Morning
    6010216-funny-cat-picturesYeah, this cat woke up next to a sheep. Yikes. Sucks for him.

    80. Trials of Using the Restroom
    7010216-funny-cat-picturesWho among us cat owners has not had an odd moment in time with our cats in the bathroom? Yeah, they don’t care if you’re pooing or peeing – if they want attention they’re going to find some cute way to get it.

    81. Where Are You?
    8010216-funny-cat-picturesIt can be annoying being a mom at times… But look how cute! It’s totally worth it.

    82. Trials of a Cat
    9010216-funny-cat-picturesSometimes the worst thing in the world for a cat is just being bored.

    83. Just Doing Cat Stuff
    10010216-funny-cat-picturesYes, cats are arrogant. Yes, they climb up crazy places. But that’s what makes them so amazing and worth having a pet.

    Hope you enjoyed these fabulous and funny cat pictures, meant to cheer up anyone having a bad or even just a mediocre day. Browse the rest of Zarias to find more intriguing posts of pictures meant to inspire and lift the spirits!