Four Perfect Nail Designs For Autumn


Fall is a time of year that many people love. The cooler temperatures make it easier to wear different fashions, and there are many ways to look chic and put together during autumn.

So, while summer means trips to the pool or beach, there’s always something exciting about changing seasons. Autumn is the ideal time to cozy up with a latte or enjoy the beauty of nature. It’s the perfect time to break out your favorite jacket and pair of sleek boots, and you’ll likely feel more put together than you have the rest of the year.

Along with switching up your wardrobe, autumn is also the ideal time to have a little fun with accessories, including your nails. The possibilities go on and on with many ways to reflect the styles of this time of year.

If you want your nails to reflect the stunning colors or spooky vibes of the season, here are some designs you’ll want to try. 

  • Make Things Simple With Nail Decals

Perhaps the easiest way to play around with fall and Halloween-related designs is to use nail decals. You can apply many of these from the comfort of your home and even add them to an existing manicure. With many designs to choose from, you can go from very creepy and horror-inspired one week to adorable fall leaves the next.

Nail decals make it simple to show off your personality and match your outfits. Maybe you love the witchy vibe and want to use some snakes and moons, or perhaps you’d rather include beautiful fall flowers in brown and gold tones. It’s really up to your creativity and imagination.

  • Be Trendy With Metallic Accents

Metallics are perfect for fall and winter, and metallic-inspired manicures are in vogue at the moment. These are neutral enough to go with many outfits but also glamorous enough to make a statement. So, if you lie to keep it on trend, adding some shimmer with brass, copper, or gold is an excellent way to take your nails up a notch.

You could try a reverse French manicure with a metallic streak around your cuticles or do a more traditional look with the metallic accents on the nail tips. If you’re looking for inspiration, Harper’s Bazaar is a good place to start. 

  • Show Off Fall Color With A Gradient

Another option to embrace the essence of the manicure is with a fall color gradient. Basically, this is a more traditional manicure style, but instead of white or light colors on the nail tips, you choose a variety of fall shades. You could go from darker to lighter and stay with one color, such as orange. Or, you could try the colors of all the various leaves and have each nail be a different option, such as sage green, brick red, and mustard yellow.

This nail style is simple enough that it’s not hard to make it look good, and it matches the season without being too on the nose.

  • Classic French Manicure

While many people associate the French manicure with the early 2000s, those years are returning to the fashion world. The traditional French manicure is just another way this trend is re-emerging.

So, if you want to be in style while bringing back some looks you rocked when you were younger, you can’t go wrong here. Another plus is that French manicures are relatively easy to maintain and don’t take long to get done.

What are your favorite nail trends for fall?