Four Fashion Brands Working Hard to Tackle Their Environmental Impact


People across the globe are becoming increasingly aware of the impact that their behavior and lifestyle has on the environment and a growing number of brands have also gone on to respond to the issue.

It has been a particularly big talking point in the world of fashion recently, with so many different organizations taking steps to improve their environmental performance. The matter is even on the agenda of luxury brands, with Prada agreeing on a loan deal which features conditions linked to its sustainable activities.

Wasted Wardrobe

Now, the importance of the fashion industry taking steps to become greener has been emphasized by the new Wasted Wardrobe analysis published by Betway. The research has put a spotlight on the steps the fashion industry and that it will need to take to cut its environmental impact, with a particular focus on the concept of ‘fast fashion’ – clothes produced cheaply and sold at a low cost.

However, as well as highlighting the issues faced by the sector, the analysis has revealed how major brands are working hard to tackle their environmental performance. Here we take a look at four leading companies identified in the study which are taking big steps to go greener.

  1. Nike

First established back in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports, Nike has become a sportswear powerhouse. The company has also taken important strides on the issue of sustainability in recent years, with it claiming to use recycled materials in 75 percent of all of its shoes and apparel.

  1. Zara

Originally founded in Spain in the 1970s, Zara is another brand which has grown to global dominance. The company confirmed some big plans on sustainability earlier this year, including its intention to produce all of its clothes from sustainable fabrics by 2025.

  1. Adidas

Another top sporting brand, Adidas prides itself on the fact that it has been tackling the issue of sustainability for many years. In 2018, the organization made more than five million pairs of shoes containing recycled ocean plastic, while it has also committed to going plastic-free at its offices across the world.

  1. H&M

This retail brand has roots which go back all the way to the 1940s, and it is now taking a number of steps as it looks to embrace a greener future. The company has pledged to use renewable cotton by 2030, while 96 percent of the energy it consumes comes from renewable sources.

A hot topic

From the world of personal care and beauty, to travel and transport, the issue of sustainability is a hot topic at the moment in every sector. It is particularly vital in fashion and it is fascinating to see how leading brands are taking steps to cut the impact they have on the environment.