Found Yourself in a Jam? Here’s a Few Ways to Get Fast Cash


Are you strapped for cash but need to get your hands on some fast? You’re not the only one who needs extra cash. With most Americans working paycheck to paycheck and having very little in a savings account, it only takes one unexpected expense to throw off a budget. If you need money but have nowhere else to turn, fortunately, you can do something about it. Before going to borrow it from a bank, you might consider using these old and new-fashioned methods for earning some extra money in a short period of time.

Sell Clothes and Furniture

Do you have clothes and furniture around the house that you no longer have a use for? If it’s still in good condition, you could make a decent amount for them. No, you don’t have to set up shop in front of your house and plan a yard sale (although it too can be a quick way to get cash in your hands). All you have to do is take a photo of it and place a quick add online. There are sites now that make this process easy and allow you to advertise your items for sale to buyers in the neighborhood. They can schedule to pick up what they want and you get paid for it.

Sell Your Old Jewelry

Do you have some old gold or silver jewelry lying around the house collecting dust? Companies like Diamonds Forever advertise how easy it is to sell your jewelry in San Diego. Depending on the condition of the jewelry, the type, and the current rates for gold and silver in the US, you could get a lot for some things you weren’t wearing anyway.

Lawn Care

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty and you’d like to get paid the same day, then why not complete some lawn maintenance for your neighbors? If you have a rake, shovel, and lawn mower,  you can offer services that include snow removal, leaf removal, or basic lawn maintenance like grass cutting. If you price your services right, you could see a good payout and if your work is up to par, you may get repeat customers.

Walk Dogs

Another old-fashioned but reliable way to make money is to walk dogs. Many households have dogs, but simply don’t have time in the day to give them the daily exercise they need. You can create a few flyers and advertise your services in the community. Depending on how many dog owners there are in the area, you could get several hundred dollars for a few hours of work.

Mystery Shopping

You may have never put shopping and earning money in the same category, but if you sign on to become a mystery shopper, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing. You get assigned to designated locations. Your task is to test the quality of service provided while you shop. You are usually given cash to cover the cost of your purchases as well as a few extra bucks for your feedback.

Rent a Room

Do you have a spare room in your home that’s simply become a storage unit? You could make better use of the space by renting it out to others. Whether you rent a room and have a permanent roommate or you sign up for Airbnb and rent your space out to commuters, you could generate several hundred or even thousands of dollars in a few weeks.

Manage Social Media

There are so many ways to make fast cash online and social media happens to be one of them. If you’re always on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, why not get paid to do it? There are companies who need fluent social media users such as yourself to manage their page. From posting photos and videos to interacting with customers and advertising promotions, there is a lot that you could be paid for. With social media management tools, you could easily schedule posts in advance and get paid without having to lift a finger.

When you’re in a financial jam and you don’t have an emergency fund to dip into, don’t fear. There are still a lot of opportunities for you to get your hands on some cash. Some of the opportunities listed above can generate cash in a few hours while others can take a few weeks. Either way, they put you one step closer to clearing up your finances, and can also be instrumental in helping you to safeguard yourself in the future.