75 Awesome and Eye-Grabbing Forearm Tattoos


Forearm tattoos used to be mostly preferred by men, but women embraced them as well in recent years. People who choose to get inked on their forearm usually go for bold designs they want to show off. You can opt for a tattoo sleeve (a design that covers the entire arm) or choose a simpler design, like a piece or art of a quote that truly speaks to you. To get you inspired, I’ve gathered 75 amazing forearm tattoos below.
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I’m really digging this design, which is loaded with symbolism. The details are mesmerizing and the execution brilliant. I especially like the tree branches – so stylish!

f1 (78)

I’m not certain if this tattoo is finished, but it’s interesting nonetheless. It may suggest chaos at first sight, but I’m sure the bearer had something specific in mind – and you have to admit that it really gets you thinking.

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Owls are the best, so I’m pretty much in love with this body art. The colors are a nice touch, giving the design a bit of a whimsical feel. Plus, the flowers are uber-feminine, so it’s clear that forearm tattoos aren’t exclusively reserved for men anymore.

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I’ve always liked the idea of quote tattoos, and this one makes no exception. It probably belongs to a biker, as the design suggests, and it can be either a design dedicated to someone, or a reminder about the bearer’s passion for bikes. Whichever it is, it looks perfect.

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Remember what I’ve said about getting a tattoo sleeve? Here’s how you do it right. You can pick multiple symbols that hold meaning for you and work with the tattoo artist to find a way to make them work together. A skilled artist will surely be able to come up with some great suggestions.

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A hot air balloon is an interesting choice in my book. The colors here are very warm, giving the entire design a cozy feel. Maybe it symbolizes the bearer’s desire to travel or escape? What do you think?

f1 (83)

I’m not sure what the sword symbolizes, but it’s pretty cool. I especially appreciate those shades of red, which give the design a bit of an edge.

f1 (84)

What better way to showcase the fact that you’re a passionate musician? Since the guitar is on fire, I’m pretty safe in my assumption that the bearer is a fellow rocker; and I salute them.

f1 (85)

I love love love this pattern! It’s mesmerizing.

f1 (86)

Tribal tattoos will never go out of style – they’re simple, they look good, and they can look extremely elegant.

forearm tattoo designs

I like the idea of building a design based on a concept – in this case faith. Plus, the birds are pretty eye-catching if you ask me.

forearm tattoos

This design might look simple at first sight – but its complexity is obvious once you look closer. These types of tattoos are pretty mesmerizing, and they can surely grab someone’s eye.

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If you weren’t born with wings, build them yourself. A great reminder that we can all fly high if we truly believe in our dreams.

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Avid traveler who wants to see the world? This one is for you. It’s simple and elegant, and yet it can say so much about your personality.

f1 (4)

Drawing someone’s face on your forearm is pretty bold – but the end result is surely worth the risk, at least in this case. Gorgeous design.

f1 (5)

A wolf is usually a symbol for family or protection. Not to mention the fact that they’re majestic creatures, so that’s a pretty good reason to wear one on your sleeve.

f1 (6)

Another complex and gorgeous design. I can’t get enough of these.

f1 (7)

Are you a fan of the spiritual world? If that’s the case, you will definitely appreciate this design.

f1 (8)

Those antlers are perfection.

f1 (9)

If you thought that getting a forearm tattoo is bold, here’s to taking it one step further. Skull tattoos can be pretty awesome, and this one is no exception.

f1 (10)

Another example of how great a tattoo sleeve can look. I have no idea what the writing means, but it sure looks good.

f1 (11)

If you plan on getting matching tattoos with a loved one, this is a good way to go. Not quite matching, but pretty similar.

f1 (12)

The same thing as before – plus, kudos to the artist for being extremely detail-oriented.

f1 (14)

While I would personally stay far away from such a design (insect freak me out), I have to admit that this one is particularly eye-grabbing.

f1 (15)

Getting a tattoo of a compass could symbolize the fact that you’re looking for some direction in your life. Or, you know, that you stumbled upon a great piece of art and you wanted to carry it with you forever. Whichever the case, the end result is very cool.

f1 (16)

A great design that encompasses a quote and several symbols – wings, music, a skull. The perfect example that with a bit of creativity you can showcase the world what you’re all about with a single piece of body art.

f1 (17)

Another interesting tattoo of a face, this time a bit more complex. And just as stunning.

f1 (18)

This design is definitely interesting and eye-catching. I am in awe.

f1 (19)

Messy? Yes. Gorgeous? Of course. If you’re looking for something memorable and artsy, this is the way to go.

f1 (20)

Is it an octopus? Is it a woman? It’s both! Is it disturbing that I find her outfit absolutely lovely?

f1 (21)

He looks really wise, doesn’t he?

f1 (22)

The bearer of this tattoo is clearly a lover of underwater life; and they found a great way to express their passion.

f1 (23)

A complex and beautiful design the probably took hours. But it was worth it, as the result is magnificent. I’m gushing over the way the patterns look together.

f1 (24)

Getting a tattoo sleeve is bold. Getting one that resembles a snake is even bolder. I salute your courage.

f1 (25)

A 3D tattoo that’s kind of spooky, but awesome nonetheless. Because when your demons are trying to escape, it’s best to keep them tucked in.

f1 (26)

Colorful tattoos are my weakness, so I can’t help but praise this design. I love everything about it, but the colors are what make it truly unique.

f1 (27)

Apparently this type of tattoos is pretty popular. For good reason I’d say.

f1 (28)

An interesting approach for the classic cross tattoo. The tiger looks fierce, so I’m pretty sure that the bearer of the tattoo is fierce as well.

f1 (29)

Now this is what I call a masterpiece. You know what they say – go big or go home. The bearer of this tattoo went big. And it paid off.

f1 (30)

Are you a space enthusiast? This one’s for you. And for me, because I think it’s deep, and kind of 3D, and wonderful.

f1 (31)

The bear is in trouble. If this would have been the bear from The Revenant, I’m pretty sure Leonardo Di Caprio would have been grateful. Since it’s not, I can only applaud the execution.

f1 (32)

Wolf tattoos are great. If you weren’t convinced yet, here’s another shining example.

f1 (33)

That face is pretty mysterious. As a matter of fact, the entire design gives of a mysterious vibe. I like it.

f1 (34)

An elegant and feminine design I’m very fond of. Mostly because it’s colorful, but also because it looks hella cute.

f1 (35)

This tattoo reminds me of Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. I don’t know if that was the bearer’s intention, but the art is gorgeous either way.

f1 (36)

A quote can be embellished in many ways; case in point. I particularly like the symbolism here.

f1 (37)

This owl is smart. In case you weren’t aware of that, it wears glasses. Only smart owls get to wear glasses.

f1 (38)

As I’ve said before, skull tattoos can be very eye-catching, and here’s another great example of that.

f1 (39)

Those shades of red and green are to die for.

f1 (40)

Patterns can work well for a forearm tattoo, if you haven’t figured that out by now.

f1 (41)

Geometry is cool, guys.

f1 (42)

Geometry is cool, take two. That eye is pretty spooky though.

f1 (43)

A delicate design for a delicate lady. That single yellow lemon is the stuff of dreams.

f1 (45)

If you didn’t appreciate the snake skin from above, here’s a design of an actual snake, just to show you how cool it can look.

f1 (46)

A tattoo of a bird flying among stars? Yes, please! I love everything about this, from the well-crafted wings to the puffy and comfy-looking clouds.

f1 (47)

A broken arrow can symbolize lots of things – a broken connection being the first that comes to mind.

f1 (48)

I love this quote, and wearing it on your forearm can act as an effective reminder that wonderful things can happen when you believe. I’m all for that.

f1 (49)

This gives that whole ‘His and hers’ trend a whole new meaning. Jokes aside, these skulls are quite stylish and eye-catching.

f1 (51)

Dragons have been cool ever since before Game of Thrones. They spit fire after all. Spitting fire is cool.

f1 (52)

This is more of an abstract design, which only stands proof for the fact that creativity and a talented designer can get you a long way when you’re looking for a unique tattoo. Body art is all about expressing individuality, so it’s only normal you’d want to get a tattoo no one else wants. Designing your own might just do the trick.


f1 (54)

Another example of how combining different symbols can make for an awesome end result. I love the clock, the birds, the roses – basically everything about this.

f1 (55)

I’m in awe over the colors. I’ve always been a fan of simple, but powerful designs, and this one definitely falls in that category.

f1 (56)

Eye tattoos are increasingly popular – whether we’re talking about a classic eye tattoo or the symbol on eye included in a larger design, as in here. The symbolic eye has been prevalent in cultures for centuries – think from ancient Egyptians to the Christian tradition. It can symbolize protection, clarity, or omniscience. Not to mention the fact that it can be super sexy.

f1 (57)

Love really is all or nothing. If you’re a strong believer in this quote as well, I’m sure you’ll appreciate this daring design.

f1 (58)

I’m going to gush over the colors again, but I also love the entire concept of this forearm tattoo. It’s really interesting, don’t you think?

f1 (60)

One of my favorite quotes in tattoo form. Of course I’m a fan.

f1 (61)

A complex and mesmerizing design, recommended especially for someone who’s looking to dazzle people. Be sure to get a lot of questions about the meaning behind your ink.

f1 (62)

3D, kind of retro, and utterly charming.

f1 (75)

Hmm, are these the keys to secret land no one else has access to? I hope so.

f1 (76)

I like the quote, the bird, and the execution. What more could one wish for?

Getting a forearm tattoo is a pretty bold move. While they can look great and truly showcase your personality, these tattoos are more difficult to hide. Don’t get me wrong – I’m in no way suggesting you shouldn’t be proud of your body art; I’m just emphasizing the fact that it’s important to carefully think about the placement before getting inked.

A forearm tattoo is quite visible, so you have to be extra-sure you’re ready to deal with raised eyebrows from time to time, judgmental looks every now and then, and with all the questions people may have upon seeing it. If you work in the corporate world, for example, the company you work for might not be so open to the idea of their employees sporting body art. If that’s the case, you might want to think twice before opting for such a visible tattoo and go for something more discreet. Or, you know, quit your job and look for a company with a more open-minded policy. Just saying.

And if you’re 100 percent positive you’re ready to get inked, I hope the examples above give you a great starting point towards coming up with a design that truly speaks to you. All that’s left is to find a skilled artist and take the plunge.