Five Hacks to Blend in Short Hair With Hair Extensions


Are you tired of wearing the same old hairstyles on your natural hair every day? Are you looking for an instant, affordable, and glamorous way to accentuate your natural hair without taking any drastic measures? If your answers to these questions are yes, we’ve got the perfect solution for you — real hair extensions clip-in.

Not only are these extensions made of 100% human hair but they will also give you that longer, thicker hair look that you wanted so badly. But what if you have short hair? Should you just rest easy until it grows back? No, with the hacks below, you can blend in short hair with clip-in extensions to get that look you had in mind.

1.     Get Yourself Thick Extensions


The goal of wearing extensions is to make your hair look thicker and longer. But achieving this with short hair is a tricky affair, and if you’re not careful, you can end up looking like a mullet! One way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to go for a thick extension set — preferably 220 grams thick. This is especially essential if you have a blunt haircut because you require more hair volume than someone with long hair to achieve a seamless, natural look.

2.     Twist the Shorter Hair Around the Neck Away


Thick real hair extensions clip in will give you a natural look, but the shorter, tell-tale hair around the neck will poke out and scream ‘fake hair’ to everyone you come across. If you want to convince everyone around you that that’s your hair and not an extension, then you need to get the short hair around the neck area out of the way. A simple way to do that is by combing these hairs, twisting them up with a bobby pin so that they lie flat at the nape of your neck, and then clip in the first weft. Alternatively, you could braid it.

3.     Embrace Curls or Waves


Another way to trick the world into thinking you’ve got long, voluminous hair when in reality, you’re just rocking a real hair extensions clip-in is to curl or wave it. Curl or wave the blends in your hair and the extension together — that way; they will flow flawlessly and look natural all day. To make the task easy for yourself, consider curling your clip-in extensions before you wear them.

4.     Tease the Roots


Do you want to ensure that the extension sits in place all day and doesn’t give you a hard time while clipping it in? Then tease your hair by combing the roots using a teasing brush. Feel free to apply a little hair spray on the roots as well, so the extensions can have a stronger grip. This is especially essential if you have incredibly fine hair.

5.     Throw in a Dash of Color


Another easy way to blend in short hair with real hair extensions clip-in is to use different colored wefts. This creates more dimension and makes your overall look natural. Moreover, you get people to think you’ve dyed your hair when you haven’t even touched it.

However, make sure you go for colors that work together, such as blonde and chestnut.  If you’ve dyed your hair, the rule of the thumb is to pick at least one color that blends in with the ends of your natural hair.

There you have it; whether you have a fancy long bob (lob) or a short blunt one, the hacks outlined above will help you blend it perfectly with real hair extensions clip-in.