Finding the Best Watch for 3 Different Age Groups


Much like choosing a new pair of shoes or jacket, finding the right watch for your age can be pretty tricky. As we grow older, our tastes inevitably change and we want something different out of our accessories. There are dozens and dozens of great watch companies out there in the world, and each one brings its own flavor and twist to the realm of watchmaking. Here, we’ll give a wristwatch recommendation for three different age groups and hopefully this gets you inspired.

9 – 13

Likely to be someone’s first watch at this age, Swatch watches are definitely the best starting point. The fact that many of Swatch’s models cost less than $70, are made primarily of unbreakable plastic and silicone, and have a lot of bright and interesting designs for kids means that these are unbeatable for this age. The Swatch X You option lets you choose your own design, letting the wearer have more control over the overall look, which makes it more likely to be worn.

14 – 21

For the next watch, it’s time to take a step up but still have something with a bit of attitude and style. It doesn’t get much cooler than Nixon for anyone who wants to take their watches a bit more seriously. With a solid range of both analog and digital watches, Nixon’s designs are often produced for surfers, skateboards, and extreme types, so any teenager and young adult will always look the part. What’s more, Nixon often collaborates with others to create awesome special edition models, including Disney, Metallica, and even Star Wars, so there’s definitely a watch design to suit everyone.

22 – 30+

Finally, now’s the moment to get a watch that reflects your age. You’ll want something classy, eternal, and potentially even a model that can be passed down to future generations. Swiss watchmaker Longines is your best bet if you’re after perfect craftsmanship and vintage designs with a modern touch. The company has been creating timepieces since 1832, so if anyone knows what it takes to make a perfect watch, then its Longines. These can be a bit pricey if bought from a boutique, so check online and find a good deal.

Of course, those are just three options out of so many, but they are a good indication of watches for particular age groups. As long as you take good care of your watch, no matter which model it is, then you’ll get an appreciation for how beautiful and practical these accessories can be.