Expert Tips for Men to Improve Performance in Bed


Almost all men have considered their performance in bed at one point or another. This could be from mere curiosity or a genuine desire to have more fun with their partner. For some men, it could be due to medical reasons such as erectile dysfunction, while for others, it could be for stress-related reasons. Whatever the reason, this post will provide you with some valuable tips that will hopefully enhance your sex life and your partner’s.


Reasons For Poor Performance

Before finding out about the various tips you can use, it can help to understand the core reasons for poor sexual performance. As hinted in the introduction, this can be for multiple reasons, from physiological to physical.

Erectile Dysfunction

The most frequent sex problem reported by men to their doctors is erectile dysfunction (ED). Approximately 30 million men suffer from ED. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is characterized by difficulty getting or maintaining a firm erection. Men can have occasional problems with erections, but persistent erection dysfunction or recurrent issues should be treated. For some, a device such as a cock ring will suffice. You place these devices around the base of your penis once you are erect to ensure that as much blood is kept there as possible. However, this might be enough for some men who will require more extensive treatment.


Stress and anxiety are some of the leading causes of poor sexual performance. Moreover, stress has a number of adverse effects on your health. While some stress is OK, too much can result in your body being flooded with cortisol, which can be extremely harmful in large quantities. High-stress levels can manifest from work and family life, and if this is the case, you will need to find a way to combat this. It could be via meditation to reduce your workload, or whatever works.

Tips For Improving Men’s Performance In Bed

Now that you have a basic understanding of why your sexual performance may have dipped, you can move on to learn how you can improve your performance. The following tips are meant as general advice and may not work for everyone. However, you can try some to see if they help and even mix several to bring your sex life to new levels.

Speak With Your Partner

Although you may seem to have no problems gaining and maintaining an erection but still feel that your performance is lackluster, your best bet is to speak with your partner. You can glean a lot of information this way and even get some tips directly from the person you are looking to pleasure.

Edge To Success!

Edging is a technique whereby you get as close to the point of ejaculation as possible and then calm it down. The primary purpose is to ensure that you don’t finish too soon and disappoint your lover and provide you with mind-blowing orgasms. It can be tricky to attempt for the first time, but after a bit of practice, you will be amazed that you have never tried this technique before.


You already know the benefits that regular exercise can provide you with, but are you aware that it can enhance your sexual performance hugely? Well, the healthier you become, the more efficient your body becomes. This has spillover effects for various bodily functions, from thinking more clearly to lasting longer in bed. It also has the additional benefit of reducing stress, which can massively affect sexual performance, as alluded to earlier.

Stop Smoking

When you smoke cigarettes, you could experience problems with your erectile function due to high blood pressure, as well as the general adverse effects it has on your overall health. In the beginning, quitting will seem difficult, but once you succeed, you will discover several health benefits that will improve not only your sex life but also your everyday life.


Meditation offers many health benefits, including reduced anxiety, stress, improved sleep quality, and improved focus. People who meditate regularly are also more likely to have a positive outlook on life and better performance in bed.

Try Supplementation

It is always a good idea to speak with your physician before attempting this step. Nevertheless, some supplements exist that have been proven to improve sexual performance. While you should stay away from the supplements that offer wild claims, some substances like L-arginine and Horny Goat Weed (yes, it’s a real thing!) could increase blood flow to your penis, giving you a firmer erection that you can wield to significant effect!

From supplementation to merely talking to your lover, you can do many things to be better in bed. In some cases, it is all in the head, while others may require special devices. Hopefully, the tips in this post will help you to increase your performance and worry less.