Expert Guide To The Best Skin Serums


There is nothing better than that perfect complexion. To go out in public and have everyone envy and comment you can be a powerful thing. Not only will it give you the confidence that you need to go far in life, but it could give you the encouragement to go after the things that you want. The only problem with this scenario is that most people aren’t born with a perfect complexion. And, this is not to even mention the fact that your collagen production stops once you reach a certain age. What does ceased collagen production mean? It means saggy skin. Luckily, there are now a variety of amazing health serums on the market that can do more than wonder for your ailing skin.

Understanding Hydration And Moisture

When you are shopping for skin serums you will no doubt hear the terms hydration and moisture used interchangeably. It is true that they are intricately related to each other and each is crucial to ensuring the well being of your skin, but they should by no means be thought of as the same thing. They aren’t the same thing, simple as that. Hydration refers to the water content in the skin, while moisture refers to the oil content in the skin. These two components work together because they make the skin plump up, which means that the moisturizer that you apply will be able to absorb more efficiently and deeper into the skin. This is extremely important when working with dry skin.

Other Uses Than Dry Skin

Speak of dry skin, most people make the assumption that this is the only thing these serums are good for. Sure, a lot of these products are targeted at dry skin, but this is not their only use. In fact, you can now specifically purchase serum for sensitive skin as well. This is the case because when the skin becomes plump, like described above, it reduces the actual appearance of pore size.

Always Seek Clean Ingredients

It is always more than important to make sure that you are incorporating earth-based products into your whole skin beauty routine. This is especially true when it comes to facial or body serums because the serum will be the most absorbed product in the whole routine. It will be the product that penetrates beyond the skin’s outer layer more than any other cosmetic. This is why it is always extra important to make sure that you are taking the time to check the ingredient list on the product you are considering. Never opt for anything that offers synthetics or petroleum-based ingredients because they simply won’t do you skin any favors.

Antioxidants Are A Must

You also want to make sure that you always opt for a serum that includes some form of antioxidant. Antioxidants are excellent when it comes to fighting age progression. They are also great combatants of environmental stressors, which are one of the root causes of the increased appearance of age. Vitamin C is another key ingredient to look for if you are working to lighten or brighten your skin tone.