Everything You Need To Know About ESTA As A Fashion Designer


Are you a successful fashion designer who has to travel frequently to the USA for multiple fashion shows? Then ESTA is an option that you must know about and help yourself land in the United States of America, considering the visa waiver program. Yes, you read it right, the USA offers a visa waiver for people who need to travel to the state due to different reasons.

As a designer, it is common that you are offering your services worldwide. With the various fashion line releases and a packed schedule, traveling becomes quite difficult. It is way more difficult to get a visa approved for traveling to different countries. In that case, the USA gives relief by offering a visa waiver.

How can visa waivers help designers?

The visa waiver comes under the broad term of Electronic System for Travel Authorisation or ESTA. This is a process of identifying your eligibility for traveling to the USA under the visa waiver program. This is an online process that makes things happen easily and without spending much.

As a fashion designer, you can apply for the visa waiver 72 hours before the flight. It is important to note in detail your area of business or fashion shows so that the US embassy can cross-check and the chances of visa waiver become high.

Things to keep in mind

As a designer, if you are traveling to a foreign country for an instant project, you might get hurried up and create some chaos. To make sure everything is smooth during your journey and your trip to the USA, you must keep some things in mind.


Firstly, remember to check in with your producers about the project or show. You must gather all relevant information regarding the show that can be presented in the ESTA application.

1.      The process of applying for the ESTA visa application

  • Crawl into the online website of ESTA and apply for the application. This must be done 72 hours before the travel time. In case of less available time, it must be done as soon as possible.
  • Fill up the form and check properly before clicking submit. Once you submit, a registration number will be generated that must be noted down for further updates.
  • On the payment page, the price of your ESTA application must be made, and the application process must be completed.

2.      What is the cost of applying for ESTA?

While filling up the form, the amount of $14 must be paid as a fee to the ESTA. This is a partially refundable amount if your ESTA gets rejected. Thus, if you apply and the authorities do not find your application to be correct enough to apply for the ESTA, you will be refunded back $10, and the application charge will cost you $4.

3.      How long will the ESTA be valid?

The ESTA will be valid for two years from applying. However, if your passport expires before the time duration of two years, the visa waiver or ESTA will also expire. In that case, you will have to again apply for the ESTA or get a visa before traveling to the USA. Even if you have renewed or made a new passport, you must apply for a new ESTA.

4.      Who can apply for the ESTA or visa waiver?

Anyone who is traveling to the USA for a week or so can apply for the ESTA. If you are unable to get your visa approved or have the urgency to travel to the USA, you can apply for the ESTA. However, the application needs to be filled up carefully so that the authorities know your purpose for traveling to the USA.

The other drawback that must be kept in mind is that you must check their list of visa waiver countries and identify your country in it. If your country is not listed, then you cannot apply for an ESTA. The ESTA is exclusively for the citizens of the countries that are approved under the visa waiver program.

Sponsored or not

Secondly, the sponsorship details must be confirmed. If you are going to take part in a fashion show as a judge or a fellow designer, it is obvious that your trip is sponsored. Before you finally take the flight, make sure the sponsorship details are checked and confirmed to be true.


Thirdly, look out for the facilitations offered by the producing company. With online interaction, it is not possible to actually understand all the facilities and hospitalities offered to you. So, it is safe to do a cross-check.