Esports as a Lifestyle: How to Become a Pro Gamer


In our times, gaming became a regular part of lives for many people. With the increasing popularity of esports games, more and more gamers think of becoming pro players.

In this article, explains how to make the first steps in your professional gaming career.

1. Choose Your Esports Game

Well, if you want to become an esports player, then you have most probably chosen your gaming discipline previously. In case you didn’t, just try any of the games they hold tournaments in. Most popular ones are:

  • CS:GO
  • DotA 2
  • Fortnite
  • League of Legends
  • Overwatch

Additionally, there are dozens of esports games in different genres:

  • Strategies
  • Shooters
  • Fighting games
  • Racing games
  • Sports simulators

A project that is popular among your friends can be a good choice, too: it is easier to understand rules and mechanics together. Still, don’t forget that the popular esports game means big championship prize pools.

2. Play a Lot

That point is obvious, but the most important one. To reach actual success, you need to treat the game as your job – at least, a part-time position. You need to train minimum 4-5 hours a day. It is better to devote above 40 hours per week to your beloved discipline, but a half of that time will be enough to start. Professional esports players spend up to 16 hours per day in their games.

3. Learn the Game

Of course, it is not enough just to play a game if you want to become a pro esports gamer. You need to live in the game, to learn and explore it perfectly, to know all characters, classes, modes, weapons, possible tactics and even slight changes added with the latest patch update.

Any piece of information about the project and about its mechanics may become a reason to win or lose a match. You can look for that knowledge on topical Wiki-portals and forums. Tournament broadcasts and pro-player streams are additional great sources of data. It is possible for you to learn a lot of new things while watching after professionals and listening to analysts.

4. Find a Team

Depending on your luck, it can be a very simple or incredibly difficult step. Usually players look for teams in topical communities and websites. To find the suitable team, you need to estimate your skills adequately. Professionals will doubtfully want to accept an inexperienced player. Oppositely, playing together with people who are worse than you isn’t profitable: they can’t teach you anything, but can pull you down.

And here is the difficulty. All players in the team should be nearly equal in their skill levels to improve their abilities together. Additionally, they need to suit each other as persons, to have common life views, etc. If everything will go as planned, you’ll have to spent thousands of hours in real and virtual worlds together with those people from your team, so think about that.

Maybe, you’ll be lucky enough to create a team from a group of friends, or other people will find you themselves. But if you won’t – just continue searching. Create forum topics, join communities and be active. Sooner or later, you’ll meet suitable players.

5. Take Part in Online Tournaments

In addition to big esports events like DotA 2 The International or LoL Worlds, there are thousands of smaller annual competitions for teams of various levels: from newbie amateurs to real pros.

Mostly, such championships are online. To participate, you only need to register on the website and to apply. There are special services like ESEA and FACEIT to track new tournaments and register for them. On particular platforms, you can analyze your gaming statistics: win rates, accuracy, KDA ratio, etc.

6. Attract Sponsors or Esports Organization Scouts

To begin earning money on esports, you need to get sponsorship for your team or get invited to the team already supported by brands.

If you want to reach success, develop your skill, improve your game understanding, participate in competitions that suit your current level. After you gain enough victories, they’ll notice you.

In case you dream to join the famous team, you need to attract audience. It is worth to create social media pages, and YouTube channels, to stream your training sessions and post best highlights regularly.

Those activities have two functions. At first, translations may become your ways to earn money: viewers will send you donation tips, and brands and companies will order advertisement services from you. At second, scouts from top esports organizations keep an eye on what’s going on in the competitive community and know all the big streamers. If you’ll be good enough, they’ll contact you to offer a certain place in a team obligatory. In any case, they can start paying you just for the fact that you play your favorite video game and show that to people.