80+ Mysterious Egyptian Tattoos for Those Fascinated by Mythology


Egyptian tattoos have been around for centuries, and they’re not losing popularity anytime soon. There’s a simple explanation for that: they’re gorgeous. Egyptian gods are totally badass, Egyptian symbols look mysterious and attractive, while pyramids make for exotic tattoo backgrounds. Even Rihanna proudly sports and Egyptian tattoo under her breasts, portraying the powerful and seductive goddess Isis, daughter of Ra, with her wings wide spread. From basic designs consisting of parallel lines and shapes to more complex tattoos showing gods or hieroglyphs, there’s something special within the Egyptian culture for every tattoo enthusiast out there. The meaning behind these

The meaning behind these designsis varied – some tattoos, portraying gods, were meant to symbolize a divine connection or protect the wearer from the wrath of those gods. Others were worn as a talisman, for protection from magic, or as a sign of sacrifice to a god. Today, however, we mostly wear them to show our affinity to the Egyptian culture or, you know, because they’re absolutely stunning. Don’t believe us? We’ve gathered 80+ examples to make our case.


As you might already know, Egyptians were devout cat worshippers, so humanity’s obsession with felines is nothing new. They saw cats as a representation of their protector goddess because cats are known for their expert hunting skills, not the mention the fact that killing a cat was a crime punishable by death back then. So the fact that feline tattoos were and still are extremely popular among Egyptian culture shouldn’t surprise anyone.


Keeping the tattoo black and white gives it a bit of a mysterious flair, but some color would have also been welcome here.

3070316-egyptian-tattoos 4070316-egyptian-tattoos

A lot of us wear happy masks when we’re actually sad inside, and these two awesome tattoos highlight just that. ‘Mask’ tattoos are especially popular with people who suffer from depression or who simply need a reminder that hiding your true feelings isn’t always the best course of action.


Another mighty feline to protect the wearer from any unwanted spells. Just kidding, but the cat looks might fierce and powerful.


Combining several Egyptian elements is another way to go, and it can look magnificent. Case and point. The sun, the eyes, the goddess – everything combined in harmony for a full-sleeve tattoo that will definitely turn some heads.


Let’s zoom in the tattoo above, to showcase the artist’s talent and attention to detail.


Those wings are perfection, while the placement of the tattoo makes it easy for the wearer to display their body art in all its glory. Because if it were us, we’d definitely want the world to see this masterpiece.


Another great placement idea, especially considering the design’s shape. There are plenty of symbols from the Egyptian culture you can incorporate in your tattoo, so we recommend you do a little research before heading to the parlor.


Now this stylish feline looks like she could rule the world, doesn’t she? Great use of color and amazing attention really make this design stand out from the crowd.


Aww, how cute is this? If you look carefully, you can spot two flowers and some well-crafted flames. Plus, the whiskers are what we call perfection.


That in the triangle is the symbol for Ra, god of the sun, a major god in ancient Egyptian religion. In this culture, the sun represents light, warmth, and growth. Consequently, as the sun deity, Ra is extremely important. The sun was seen as the ruler of all that he created, so there’s no wonder Egyptians did their best to please the mighty god. Incorporating the symbol for Ra in a tattoo is a great way to celebrate the Egyptian culture.


The wings look almost 3D, and the color combo is to die for. If you’re looking for a design that will help you stand out from the crowd, look no more.


Another Ra symbol, this time stylized to incorporate a funky pattern. When looking to make a classic design your own it’s always best to work closely with the tattoo artist to brainstorm ideas and come up with a model you’ll wear with pride. They can provide some crucial advice.


Not really sure about the role of the bird at the bottom, but the Egyptian tattoo is very captivating. In Egyptian mythology, frogs represented fertility, since millions of them were born after the annual inundation of the Nile. The frog-goddess is commonly referred to as Heqet.


Simple, minimalistic, stunning. Awesome proof that a tattoo doesn’t have to be over the top to grab attention.


If you’re a history buff, this might just be the perfect design for you. Egyptian hieroglyphs were a formal writing system used by the ancient. Plus, they look very cute.


A mighty goddess with her wings spread, a true symbol of power and grace.


The eyes are evil and mesmerizing. The rest of the tattoo is pretty cool as well.


Hieroglyphs galore!


Now this is a mighty complex Egyptian tattoos, only recommended for those who are truly passionate about the culture. Your back is a perfect canvas for a design at this scale, and incorporating as many Egyptian symbols as possible can totally work as long as you don’t overdo it. In this case, keeping the design black and white was a great idea, as otherwise it might look just a bit too heavy. All in all, quite the masterpiece, don’t you agree?


The Egyptian god looks all mighty and powerful, but can we take a moment to gush over the moon? It’s extremely well-crafted and detailed. Just like the god, we simply can’t look away.


Although the tattoo is upside-down, it’s very easy to notice how feminine and elegant it is. The symbol for Ra is nearby, so it’s safe to assume the wearer is really passionate about Egyptian culture.


As we’ve said before, Egyptians were big cat worshippers, so many tattoos incorporate cats as gods or protectors. Here’s a fine example of just that.


This one is similar to Rihanna’s tattoo. A goddess with her wings spread wide, a true symbol for power, femininity, and grace. Because who run the world? Girls. Beyonce knows what she’s talking about.


The face looks sculpted, which really gives this design a bit of an edge.


OK, so we’re not big fans of bugs, but even we can’t help but praise this tattoo for its ingenuity and great use of color. Scarab beetles were very popular amulets in Ancient Egypt and they were seen as a symbol for rebirth and regeneration.


Say hello to Sekhmet, the fiercest hunter known to the Egyptians. Also known as “Mistress of Dread”, “Lady of Slaughter” and “She Who Mauls”. All in all, you can’t find a greater symbol for power. Plus, Sekhmet can easily symbolize the power we all carry within, so it can be a great reminder for the wearer of how amazing and resilient they can be.


Loving the contrast.


The colors are great, the details amazing.


The placement is well-chosen  for a design of this shape and size. Whenever on the lookout for a new tattoo design, keep in mind the placement as well. You want to make sure the end result will be perfect.


The details on the crown are extremely well-crafted, and her expression looks very realistic, at least to us. She’s kind of meditative, kind of bored, kind of serene.


This cat owns some fancy bling, not to mention the mighty wings she sports on her back. Can you imagine a world where cats can fly? It would be absolute madness.


This tattoo is very whimsical and playful, don’t you think?


The serpent featured here is called Uraeus, the stylized form of an Egyptian cobra. It is used as a symbol of sovereignty, royalty, deity, and divine authority. So we can only guess that she was either a goddess or a very important part of the royal family. She looks stunning nonetheless.


Another mighty cat, another great design for an Egyptian tattoo.


If this doesn’t look menacing to you, we don’t know what does.


He has a smirk on his face, right? Which makes him feel particularly friendly, despite his very strong physique. He can still crush us in under one minute, but at least he’ll have a smile on his face as he proceeds.


We love how the snake remains black and white, while the rest of the design is very colorful. Makes for an awesome contrast.


Combining Egyptian symbols with a touch of geometry is never a bad idea.


A full-sleeve tattoo made entirely of Egyptian elements? Yes please! It looks gorgeous.


Matching, but not quite identical. Still, very nice to look at.


Now that is one huge tattoo. And very well-crafted in our humble opinion.


The beetle makes another special appearance, and now it has wings. We applaud the execution, but we’re still not very fond of the concept.


We’ve always admired cats’ posture, and I guess we’re not the only ones.


A complex and detailed design incorporating several Egyptian symbols will surely turn some heads. Especially when you use your upper arm as canvas for this wonderful masterpiece.


A black and white version of the tattoo above. Still dashing.


These splashes of colors are to die for! Plus, the Egyptian god is very menacing and intense. Makes for a great design.


A neat way to pay tribute to the Egyptian culture, and an awesome way to decorate your arms with some groovy ink.


She has a great fashion sense, don’t you agree? The outfit is really flattering for her feline silhouette.


If you’re looking for a tattoo to really help you stand out, look no more! This design looks like it actually sparkles, so we can’t help but applaud the artist’s skill.


An ancient god surrounded by hieroglyphs? It doesn’t get more Egyptian than this.


Part scary, part stunning, overall very well-crafted. The shadows work great here.


Complex, big, and mesmerizing. We especially applaud the ‘cracked’ look of the whole thing. It really makes it look ancient and more authentic.


A basic Egyptian tattoo, which stands out due to the captivating hieroglyphs.


Another menacing god, this time accompanied by several evocative symbols.


Egyptian tattoos can be tiny as well. Here’s a fine example that size doesn’t matter when it comes to how stunning a design can be.


In total contrast with what we’ve just said, here’s a big design for those of you looking to really take your ink game to the next level.


Full-sleeve tattoos are all the rage these days, and they look great when they’re populated with Egyptian elements.


Minimal and gorgeous.


You can easily incorporate symbols from multiple cultures when designing a large-scale tattoo. Talk it over with the artist and see if you can settle on a design together.


Also a great idea if you’re looking to get a matching tattoo with a partner or loved one.


We love the classic vibe of this amazing body art.


Rihanna, is that you?


Amazing results can be obtained with minimal use of color, as pictured here. The well-placed shadows make all the difference.


Which god do you think is stronger? Our bets are with the one on the left, but you can never be too sure.


Rihanna made this a popular tattoo placement for women everywhere, so it’s no wonder more and more are following in her footsteps.


So well-crafted it almost looks 3D.


Mesmerizing and very detailed. More, please!


When choosing which Egyptian symbols to incorporate in your tattoo, make sure you do some research first to see which ones are best suited for you. You can make sure to include all of them…


…or pick your favorites and make them the center of attention.


Simple, creative, artsy.


Who ever said larger tattoos aren’t particularly attractive on girls? They are just stunning. Just take a look.


The details in this design are perfect. We’re hypnotized.


Menacing and fierce design, while the placement and extremely interesting.


A simpler design, consisting only of lines and shapes. If you’re looking for something basic, this might be your best bet.


The background is lovely.


You’ll never have to wear jewelry ever again.


Is it just us, or is this tattoo kind of scary? We guess gods were meant to be scary after all.


Stunning designs, and very appropriate for a couple looking to get inked together.


Basic, but gorgeous.


Oh so colorful!

Love them or hate them, you can’t deny that Egyptian tattoos are eye-catching and interesting, to say the least. If you’re thinking about getting one yourself, you can’t go wrong with one of the designs above. All that’s left is to find a talented artist and take the plunge. You’ll turn some heads for sure.