51 Easy Face Painting Ideas to Light Up Your Life


Hundreds of nature-loving tourists flock to Washington, D.C., each spring not to see the Lincoln Memorial or the White House, but to witness the absolutely gorgeous cherry blossoms coming to life. Sure, a trip to D.C. would undoubtedly be nice, but you can channel the spring energy into your face painting design with a face-framing branch of cherry blossoms.

face painting design 12

Take a bite out of summer with this strawberry patch-themed face painting idea. Loaded with extra sweetness, we adore how light pink makeup is dusted over the nose and eyebrow areas, with big juicy berries and vibrantly green leaves framing the eyes. While this design is modeled on a little one, it would certainly be fun and festive for all ages!

face painting design 13

Others will see you as a certified superstar with a trail of blue stars vertically lining your cheek and framing your eye. Matching eye makeup with a stellar shimmer will ensure that you feel the part of a superstar, as well.

face painting design 14

If hamburgers are always on your mind and you have an awesome sense of humor, then this tongue-in-cheek face painting idea is the one for you. You can savor a giant, meaty sandwich without consuming the extra calories by rocking this design!

face painting design 15

Because bees are just a buzz away from being placed on endangered lists in the United States and are already on them in the United Kingdom, the little black and white insects have been a popular topic as of late. Show your support for these pollinators that are so important to our ecosystem by wearing an adorable face painting design featuring them with colorful flowers.

face painting design 16

Pumpkin spice lattes, a crisp breeze, and an excuse to buy boots and scarves are all strong indicators that autumn is on the horizon. However, there’s no greater tell tale sign that fall is upon us than crunchy leaves falling from the trees, forming piles all over the ground. You can experience autumn any time of year with this warm-toned face painting design that combines with eye makeup to create a gorgeous look.

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In our opinion, a basic yin-yang symbol looks cool but is a bit overdone. With that said, we completely understand why so many people desire to have the famous black and white image painted upon their faces, as it stands for harmony and complement between opposing forces. This design captures the deep meaning of the yin-yang symbol but adds an innovative twist by portraying it as the base root of a lovely cherry blossom tree.

face painting design 18

This lace veil face painting design seems as though it popped off the pages of a Gothic novel. To make it appropriate for a bride on her wedding day, swap out black paint for a stark white shade.

face painting design 20

This vibrant turquoise shade isn’t just popular in patterns featured on bohemian skirts and lacy peasant blouses. It’s also the perfect hue for popping against sun-kissed skin in a tribal face paint design, like this one that was seen at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.