51 Easy Face Painting Ideas to Light Up Your Life



Daisies are a symbol of innocence and purity, making them a wonderful choice to paint on a fresh-faced beauty. We love how this daisy design surrounds the eye and coordinates with the wearer’s yellow and black eyeshadow.


A shimmery pink floral design outlined in white and topped with bold black branches is fitting for girls of all ages.


There’s no need to fret if you can’t afford to wear a big rock on your finger; diamonds can still be your best friend if you are brave enough to wear this full-face design, as shown on blogger Hannah Concannon of the artsy blog The Dress Up Box.


A tie dye-backed treble clef is a colorful way to show off one’s desire to livea life that’s abundantly filled with both peace and music.


While spiders typically make our skin crawl, we find this gem-encrusted spider web design to be chic rather than creepy.

face painting ideas

We bet that this frigid face painting idea would elicit jealousy from both Ana and Elsa of the Disney smash film Frozen! The base of this glorious design is an airbrushed mixture of green and blue shades, with white snowflakes and dots carefully hand-painted on top of the sprayed base.


This bold and bright geometric design oozes so much elegance that it could easily be worn with a prom dress or bridal gown.


Alternating in color and size, simple dots scattered across the nose and cheeks is a fantastic way to ease into the complex world of face painting. This gorgeous design was spotted at South by Southwest, a popular film and music festival in Austin, Texas.

face painting design

This doe-like face painting design is deer enough to wear for Halloween or any time a girl may be looking to turn heads. See what we did there? Yeah, we thought you might like our play on words!

face painting design 1

Face painting isn’t just for music festivals or backyard barbeques; it also has a place at formal events, such as weddings. This beautiful bride found a way to wear both face and body paint on her big day without looking gaudy or over-the-top. The white shade used to paint this swirly design onto her skin is beautifully bridal, while the perfectly placed rhinestones add a splash of understated elegance to the overall look.

face painting design 2

Colorful tiles intricately stacked like Tetris pieces provide for a fun face painting design.

face painting design 4

There is an old folklore that claims even your wildest dreams will come true if you meditate upon them while blowing the tiny seeds of a dandelion into the wind. You can capture the beautiful symbolism associated with this belief by painting a scattering of dandelion seeds atop a sky blue base of face paint.

face painting design 5

During the Renaissance period of history, the wealthy upper classes were famous for competing when it came to the elaborate and extravagant quality of the masques they wore to highfalutin costume parties. They sure could have saved a lot of cash if they would have considered using face paint as an alternative toFrench lace, beads, gemstones, and pricey fabrics! You can show off an expensive-looking, lace-bordered masque featuring roses and muted shades for the low cost of a few face paints and a brush at your next fancy gathering!

face painting design 6

Channel the tropics and bring the beach to your own backyard with this fantastic palm tree face painting design. An airbrushed yellow base with orange undertones is reminiscent of the type of sunset you could watch while sipping from a coconut on a secluded island!

face painting design 7

This metallic gold Henna design is elegant enough to wear to any event to which you would wear refined, classy cosmetics. In fact, in many African nations, it is customary for a bride to wear a sophisticated Henna design like this one on her wedding day.

face painting design 8

This shimmery design was spotted at a music festival in Bridgeport, Connecticut. We adore the way the artist painted circular, curly-q designs on the cheeks and accented the eyes with crystals, yet the green and silver masterpiece on this woman’s forehead remains the focal point of the entire gorgeous piece.

face painting design 10

This slanted, asymmetrical leopard print design will help you get in touch with your wild side. Because they are the center point of the entire look, your eyes are sure to pop with this animal print face painting idea.

face painting design 11