45 Lifesaver Red Nail Designs


The color red is associated with danger, strength, power as well as passion, desire, and love. Red is a very emotionally intense color, which is also used to arouse erotic feelings. Red lips and red nails are always sexy! Red color on nails complete the outfit in a perfect way, almost always.The classic color is elegant and stylish. If you know the importance of this posh color, check some of these basic trends out.

Red Wood

red nail designs



spiderman nailsred love red nailcute claws hallow red blue cuteah red

The wood pattern draws attention to the flamboyant red, which is still red on the whole and absolutely not gaudy. It is quite an unusual pattern on the nails. However it is very sweet, and this pattern can be used with every color of choice.

This design is highly suitable for daily use. If you want to try an alternative design in formal evening view, this design is the best choice, specifically for some art events and special opening-night galas.

Apple Manicure

apple nails

Who doesn’t want some bonny apples on their nail tips? It is a cute example of French manicure, with yummy apples. Despite being juicy and charming, they should be preferred neither for formal occasions nor for occupational life, unless you don’t work in a Kindergarten.

Heart Rate

red nails heart red nails

Heart rate lines on red painted nails are just fabulously beautiful. As a plus, there is a heart shaped line on the middle finger. This design is an extraordinary way to make the nails appealing and add a romantic appearance to them.

Heart on Tips

heart nails heart on tip wow red

This design is for anyone, who wants to carry hearts in their hands. For such a realistic heart shape, stiletto tips are required. Base coat ought to be nude, namely “colorless”, to create eye-catching heart manicures. Otherwise, it may look messy.

The nails with heart is best both especially for anniversaries and for daily use.

Candy Nails

candy nails

Are you looking for something very decorative and appealing, especially for parties, such as xmas and Halloween? I suggest these candy canes, hmm but they are not edible despite their sweet appearance. It is a easy nail design that you can even carry out at your home, because the lines needn’t be precisely straight.

Trick or treat?

Kiss Me!

kiss red nails kiss

Another sexy design for anniversaries. The rhombic lines resemble corset, and there is a kiss print on ring finger. Yeah, this design is more seductive and also much better both for Valentine’s Day and for “more special” anniversaries, such as first-kiss-date, first…. (I want you to fill in the blanks).


ladybird nail red

Look at these cuties! Huge ladybirds with bulging eyes. Adorable ladybirds nail art is a easy DIY, it just calls for patience. In spite of its cuteness, this design is not appropriate for formal evenings and offices. I can’t image a presentation with ladybirds on nails.

Minnie’s Bow

minie minnie mouse

Who doesn’t know Minnie Mouse and her symbolic polka dotted red bow? Except thumbs and ring fingers, all fingers are painted in red and white polka dotted. On the tips of other nails, are Minnie’s tiny ears and cute bow. If you are a Minnie fan, you should try to apply this nail art on your squared trimmed nails.


fav red snow nails

This design is a very cool idea for winter. The snowflakes could be created with angled small lines, simply (but not easily). All you need is patience, red and glittery white nail lacquer, toothpicks for drawing and nail polish as a top coat. Easy, huh?

The nails with snowflakes will make a great combination with wintery wearings, such as coats, gloves, boots and scarfs.

Shiny Stones

shiny stones

Shiny, red and white rhinestones are lined up both on glamorous red and on creamy brown. This elite design is gonna complete your chic appearance. You don’t need anything else, even accessories. If you are gonna wear a gown, you should put this design on the list. But for daily outfits, the rhinestones could be too extravagant.

Marble Art

marble art

Marble is one of the easiest designs among nail art. In this luminescent design, there is figuratively a harmony of black and red. The longer your nails are, the more space have for your art, quasi the bigger canvas you have to make your nail art.

If you are into dark tones, this design will go well together.