Dreadful Mistakes That Are Killing Your Social Media Engagement


Whatever social network you choose for your growth, it is vital not only to provide interesting and useful content but to interact with people who see it. This is no place of silence. Some people think that followers are the source of popularity online. But this statement is not completely true.

The engagement level of your audience matters a lot for increasing your rates on any platform. Having hundreds of fans and only some likes shows that your social media friends are not engaged with your content. Even the most beautiful photos and wittiest videos cannot help you if you are not reaching out to your followers. Many influencers understand this problem and decide to have 50 Instagram likes from buytoplikes.com to adjust the number of post interactions to the number of fans.

So the question emerges – what are the most horrible mistakes that could occur on your way to building your success? Well, let’s take a closer look at those and find out how to avoid them.

Irrelevant Regularity Of Posting

In other words – you either post too much, or you do not post enough. For most social networks, the regularity and consistency of your uploads are what helps to create more engagement. But some influencers tend to overdo it – especially bad it is for Instagram with the development of stories and YouTube. This vanishing format is quite appealing to users, but if you post too much of it, and the lining turns into dots – people will percept it as spam.

On the other side, inconsistent posting initiates loss of interest, even for the most loyal fans. Users want to achieve their dose of fun or useful stuff in certain periods. Very rarely a blogger can be forgiven for being unorganized – in this case, the content they produce has to be 100% unique, mindblowing so fans can leave likes right away.

Wrong Understanding Of Cross-platform Promotion

Many bloggers think that to perform the boost of new fans and thus have a better engagement rate, it is enough to duplicate their content on each platform they occupy. Deadly mistake, my friends. Seeing the same posts everywhere would appear rather irritating for many people, and not only you won’t increase your number of likes, but you will drop off the interest in your content.

When the content is not interesting, users don’t have the motivation for being active. The maximum reaction that you can possibly get would be negative comments and massive unfollowing.

Being A Slowpoke

This glorious pokemon impersonates not just laziness, but all kinds of being slow. When you don’t reply to your subscribers quickly, that kills the attention to your content, and the specific danger here is the fact that this process is discreet and hard to track at first. When you are not being active enough, you will inevitably loosen the hook that drives the interest and likes of your subs to you. Good content can only slow this process down, but it can’t stop it too.

This mistake is one of the most concerning for brands – if you won’t reply ASAP, your potential customer will find someone else, who will respond faster. Of course, everybody needs rest, and you mustn’t be reachable around the clock, but in the major working hours, you should pay attention to all the comments, mentions, tagging, and direct messages you get.

Constant Promo

This is not cool, people, remember it. The growth of your blog is very important to you, we know that. And yes, you do need marketing posts. But users come to you because of the content you make genuinely. There is no need to input marketing techniques in everything you upload – this will distract people and irritate them.

Don’t get too cocky with the cross-promotion of other bloggers – it is nice to expand your target audience, but only once in a while! You should aim for organic growth and likes and your using of the levers to push it must be subtle and not too obvious for users.

Boring Content

To keep up the interest of your followers and attract new users, you have to widen the range of your content genres. Even if you are invincible when it comes to witty vines, you still should imply other kinds of content, like photos, or stories, so users can check out the various sides of your persona.

The most common types of posts that can increase your rate are:

  • Discussion posts – you offer the topic and then discuss it with people in the comment section
  • Q&A – let people ask you what they want to know
  • Meet&Greet – post that reveals your personality and blog purpose to newcomers.
  • Games, giveaways, contests – anything you and your fans consider fun.

In some periods, you should also add new types of content, as an experiment – this practice can reveal a new channel for retaining the audience.

Trying Too Hard

Some bloggers are really trying too hard. It often happens if the original goal of the blog is to gross some money. Well, none can deny that a blogging career is very fruitful and seems to be easy, but a mere materialistic approach to the creation of your content is always obvious for social media users.

People appreciate entrepreneurs who pour their heart into their blog, and who create content that they understand and love. Genuine interest in communication and establishing new friendships is very valuable for people because that’s what they seek in social media influencers – some sort of personal connection, relationship that chimes.

Also, users don’t like needy influencers, so avoid asking for something all the time. Call-to-action is a good thing, but it must be mastered and implemented within a particular period, so it won’t look like whining. Nobody likes that for sure.

Bad Choice Of Sponsorship And Product Placement

It is not a secret that a big part of a blogger’s salary would be the money they earn from promoting a product or service. And that is understandable, so most users are loyal to the promo posts. They can really factor your demonstration in for their choice of products.

The problem with ads is that many bloggers rely on the big number of their following and don’t put much effort into creating the marketing content that gets engagement such as likes. Or they work for really low-quality products. Nobody would appreciate that. Selling something ridiculous and useless is also not to be tolerated. If you will not be careful in your contracts, you can have serious damage done to your reputation and end up with a bunch of disappointed people who will accuse you of fraud or so.

The Conclusion

The engagement of your audience consists of many factors, but the most important thing is that you create unique and high-quality content. Users will forgive you many mistakes, but the ones from the text above can have severe consequences for your growth. Good luck!