Dos and Don’ts When Dating Multiple Girls


Dating several girls at once has been generally frowned upon. However, these days, it’s a usual thing to date multiple people within a month or even a week. Dating apps facilitate this tendency and many girls and guy arrange several dates on the same day. There are different reasons why men think about or practice dating multiple women. Some guys want to recover from the failed relationship and have fun before they enter into another long-term relationship. Some are just not interested in anything serious. The reasons why you want to date many women can be divided into good and bad ones. If you want to have a diverse dating experience because you need it to become more confident with women, that’s a good reason. If you want to take a revenge on your ex who cheated on you, that’s not a healthy motivation. First, you should sort the things out and then dive into the casual dating pool. Remember that dating several girls is OK until you stay a gentleman. In order to be a moral man, keep in mind the following rules. And obviously, you should never stick to such concepts as casual dating when dating a Ukrainian girl.

Keep it transparent. You should fight your desire to seem better than you are and be honest with your date. It doesn’t mean that you should immediately tell her that you have other girls besides her, but if it comes to this question, don’t try to conceal it. If you don’t make it clear from the outset, she’ll be hurt. If you already had sex and you don’t show any signs of being interested in a long-term relationship, be ready to answer her question about where it is going or whether you have anyone else. Let her know you don’t want a serious relationship and you do date other women but if she doesn’t mind, offer her to continue it like this.

Don’t be too frank. Being honest is essential but giving out too many details is a way too much. For example, a girl deserves to know that you date other girls but telling her that you don’t want to go to the cinema because you were there yesterday with another girl is unacceptable.

Don’t be afraid of being dumped. Casual dating is a challenge to your confidence and self-esteem. You should be ready to embrace rejection since not every woman would agree to be “one of many others”. But if she does, you can sleep the sleep of the just and be proud of yourself: you were honest with her and she accepted you and your lifestyle.

Treat them casually. You should realize that if you practice casual dating, there can’t be such a term as a “girlfriend”. If you don’t have any serious intentions, you shouldn’t do what couples do. Feelings aside. Meet no more than once or twice a week, never say that she is not like the others, and don’t introduce her to your friends as your girlfriend.

Keep a perfect social media profile. Your main task is not to raise hopes in women. Even if she knows that everything between you is casual, deep down she’ll be looking for other messages. The first place where she’ll start her searches is social media. That is why make sure you don’t post the pictures of you two. Also, don’t indicate your location in order not to give your dates grounds for over-analyzing your life.

Avoid talking about other women. She does know that she is not the only one but you shouldn’t constantly remind her of this fact. You should choose your words when talking to her. It concerns expressing your position (say that you’re not ready for a serious relationship instead of saying you sleep with multiple women) and accidentally mentioning your past and current dates.

Use protection. Since some (most) of your affairs will not be purely platonic, don’t put yourself and your partners to risk. Respect your partners and take care of your health.