Does Your General Health Depend on Your Oral Health?


Unfortunately, some people don’t actually understand that their state of health is contingent on dental health too. But statistically, we can see that oral health influences your general health even more than any other factor. When you properly take care of your teeth, you’ll also improve your state of health.

So let’s have a look at this issue in greater detail and try to find out what you should do to improve your oral health.

Always Deal With Professional Dentists

You know that when you trust your doctor, you can feel certain that everything will be okay. Unfortunately, not all dental clinics value their reputation. Some of them don’t pay enough attention to cleaning or sterilization whereas others aren’t interested in a good reputation. They don’t even care that cross contamination can cause serious problems to their dental clinic. Blood and tissue from one patient can easily be sucked backed into the tip. But the tip can’t be cleaned as often is it must, and it conduces to the development of more bacteria. So make sure your dentist always properly sterilizes the tools.

The Connection of Heart Strokes to Your Teeth

How often do you brush your teeth? If you don’t brush them every day (two times per day), it may result in building plaque on your teeth. All this can increase the risk of heart attack. Unfortunately, not only cholesterol blocks arteries. Modern scientists proved that the bacteria in oral plaque can also block arteries. As a result, plaque gets into the bloodstream and this may result in a heart stroke. So always brush your teeth at least two times per day.

Diabetes and Oral Health

You probably know that periodontitis (it is also called as inflammation of the gums) is a very serious and hard dental illness. The main thing you should know about this disease is that the gums become inflamed and form gaps. Gradually, the gaps become infected too. Those who suffer from diabetes know for sure that periodontitis makes it hard for your organism to absorb insulin (a must-have medication that lowers sugar levels). As a result, too high blood sugar causes infections in the mouth. In other words, it’s an endless circle that may last for too long. That’s why those who suffer from diabetics should pay enough attention to dental health.

What About HIV Patients?

It goes without saying that people living with HIV are prone to different infections. Sometimes, complications after these infections may be too hard. These patients have weakened immune systems and minor infections escalate very quickly. That’s why these patients need to be very attentive when it comes to their general state of health.

Bad oral health is another problem for such patients. Oral infections make the overall health to decline. For example, they frequently suffer from mucosal lesions.

Some Dental Problems Can Also Influence Pregnancy

When a woman is going to become pregnant, the first thing she must do is to visit a dental office and get rid of all dental problems (if there are any). Unfortunately, poor dental health can also influence pregnancy and an unborn baby. For example, periodontitis puts unborn babies at risk of being born prematurely. So visiting a dentist regularly is mandatory for pregnant women. In doing so, they protect themselves and their babies.

The Relation of Pneumonia to Your Oral Health

If there are bad bacteria in your mouth, in all likelihood, it will get into your lungs. As a result, it may cause pneumonia or a variety of other even more serious respiratory diseases. So make sure you take care of your teeth. The elderly people should be even more attentive because pneumonia can be a life-threatening illness for them. It is really hard to treat this disease in elderly people.

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