Do I Need a Root Canal?


Have you ever been told that you need a root canal? Perhaps you have been noticing something is wrong in your tooth and you have been busy looking up issues you may be experiencing and root canal came up. What exactly is a root canal anyways? Don’t worry, the dentist Noblesville In expert is here to explain what a root canal is, they will talk about who may need one, the benefits of a root canal, and finally, how a root canal is performed. Keep reading to learn more.

It’s important to first talk about what causes a root canal. This may help you in learning if you need a root canal or it may be another issue and you simply need to visit the dentist. There are different reasons for a root canal. The first is the most difficult to realize because it is caused by trauma to the tooth. Meaning under the tooth was damaged and you didn’t even realize it. You may realize it too which can still be from trauma and you then need a root canal. The most common reason why people need root canals is because the pulp under your tooth is inflamed or infected. This means there is deep decay within the root of the tooth and a root canal needs to be performed.

The tooth is an area of the mouth and even the body that can be a little confusing. Under the tooth is where there is white enamel and under that is both dentin which is a hard layer as well as pulp which is the soft layer. The pulp is very sensitive. Among other things, there are little nerves throughout it making it painful when it is damaged or there is decay in it. The tooth can continue living if this is taken out because it still can feed off the surrounding areas and get the nourishment it needs. A root canal is almost painless and will have you back to fully chewing soon enough and pain-free.

Many people don’t realize the many benefits a root canal has on their mouth. The most important thing to note is that when you get a root canal, the tooth is getting saved. This is always the best option because your natural teeth are always what is best for you. You will have your exact chewing sensation back after the root canal is performed. You may have experienced pain, it is too hot or too cold when eating or drinking, or you may have noticed your smile was not quite the same. All of these things will go back to normal after a root canal is performed. It’s also important to realize when one of your teeth is not working, the others need to do more work which can wear them out more than usual. For example, if your leg is hurting you probably start using the other one more and put more weight on it which can end up resulting in injury to the other leg. This is the same thing when it comes to teeth and that is one of the reasons why it’s important to get it taken care of as quickly as possible.

Although we already talked about being able to restore your natural tooth and that is the biggest advantage of a root canal, there are other advantages too. The first is that you will be able to chew better. If you are experiencing pain, you may have had to chew on the other side of your mouth which is never as enjoyable. You will also have your normal biting sensation back. If it was ever hard to chew before the good news is that it will be much easier now. When the pulp is damaged hot and cold drinks and foods can sometimes be very sensitive. This will greatly improve for you. Finally, your overall smile will be back to being beautiful again.

The final part of the root canal we are going to discuss is how the procedure takes place. A dentist is able to perform a root canal. The infected pulp is removed and inside the tooth is also wherever there are any parts that are infected. It is then filled with a material called gutta-percha which is a rubber-like material. The tooth is then finally restored by having a crown put on top. By doing this, your tooth will naturally restore itself and you will have a working tooth again.

As we stated earlier, a root canal is almost pain-free and will have you on your way to being back to normal quickly.

As you can see, a root canal is an excellent way to help restore your tooth if it is causing you pain or if you have had trauma to the tooth. A root canal is nothing to fear and it’s a wonderful procedure since it allows the original tooth to be restored. A root canal will be almost painless and will help you to get your beautiful smile back quickly. For more information on a root canal or to set up an appointment, contact our office today.