Difference Between Narrative & Persuasive Essays


Most universities have a very popular form of training students writing and thinking skills like essays. Why? The reason is very simple: when writing an essay, students should do a fairly extensive job of studying materials that relate to their subject and then express their opinion. This promotes the development of writing skills and also helps students become more analytical, which is indispensable since it’s often been said that Americans have given up on critical thinking.

Unfortunately, a lot of students often confuse narrative and compelling essays. Despite some similarities, there is a big difference between their concepts. They differ in the form and structure of writing and have individual purposeful functions.

What is narrative essay?

Essentially, in a narrative essay, you are telling a story. A good author of a narrative essay can make readers feel that everything he writes is genuine and interesting. Here you should use the first-person point of view and the colloquial tone. The bulk of the narrative essay contains the characters, setting, plot, and the climax of the story, described in as much detail as possible by using specific, sensual details.

For example, in your narrative essays, you can use catchy names like “How to Finish University and Stay Alive” to draw attention to your story and give it a greater emotional color. You can find a lot of free essay examples of Interten for inspiration.

What is a persuasive essay?

The persuasive essay should be understood as a letter that tries to convince readers to agree with the opinion of the writer. In this genre of writing, the writer can use his own views, opinions and persuade the reader to agree with his opinion. Here the author must collect information and give his critical assessment of the given topic. Expressing your opinion, you should justify it with facts, but in the main persuasive essay is based on the subjective opinion of the writer.

Remember that every question has at least two points of view. Decide on whose side you are going to write and show the solution you want to offer, indicating the purpose of your personal research. There should be a stream of ideas that will consist of the evidence you have collected in the correct order, which the reader will easily follow. You must have a convincing essay that reflects your goals to the audience, otherwise, you will have little chance of persuading the reader to your side.

Follow essay writing procedures

Keep in mind that narrative essays usually begin by picking an incident from your life. The introduction should provide background information along with a thesis statement for a narrative essay. The task should be divided into paragraphs, which include individual ideas or thoughts. If you can use some kind of emotional words – do it. Of course, do not forget that events should be associated with word transitions and information should be presented in a logical form. And the conclusion should be introduced, showing the exact purpose of the essay and summarizing the whole story.

Using a descriptive language and expressing your own emotions or the emotions of your character will help create a story that will appeal to readers and listeners

Types of persuasive essays begin with a catchy sentence and theses in the introduction. Then the writer must present his position on this issue. These should be emphasized in the position of the author. Some general information should be included as well as a reason for the reader to focus on this topic. Key paragraphs include author affirmations, statistics, and citations. Moreover, here you must indicate the opposite position and refuse it with an explanation of why you do not agree with it. Also, transition words are used to direct the reader to the next paragraph in order to write an essay logically. Conclusion involves summing up the above information until repeatability of the main idea that readers must believe in, or a call to action.

Remember, if you write about something you do not believe in, then you have little chance of persuading the reader to accept your point of view. In persuasive essays, it is very important to determine your position and uphold it. Make every sentence meaningful. Adding extra meaning will only lead you away from the main topic. Make your free essay concise and clear.

These two types of essays are very unique and there is a huge difference between persuasive and argumentative writings. Their goals and way of writing are also quite different. A narrative essay should tell a story, while a compelling essay seeks to convince people of something. It is very important to pay due attention to their structure when working on them. Do not try to give extra color to a convincing essay and you should not throw unnecessary facts into your narrative work. Always remember that you need to target your audience and study it well. But do not forget that both narrative and compelling essays must have clear conclusions that reflect the previous content.