Dating Tips: 10 Proven Ways to Get Over First Date Nerves


After finding your perfect partner on social media, a dating website or any other place, you look forward to going on the first date. However, most people are full of anxiety, tension and excitement. You likely will be nervous, which can lead to being uncomfortable and panicking.
Some people end up spilling a drink on the table during a first date while others sweat a lot. But there are tips for overcoming all these issues. If you are in the process of looking for a perfect partner, you could find yourself in such a situation soon. Therefore, this post is prepared just for you.
Prepare Early
As soon as you plan the first date with your partner, you need to start preparing for it. The date may not require physical preparation, but you should prepare psychologically so that there is no panic on the day of the date. Still, you will need to choose what you will wear for this special day. A last-minute rush over what to wear could lead to being nervous especially if you end up wearing something you did not plan to wear. If you have to buy anything from the shops, do it early to keep the clothing safely waiting for the day of the date.
Book the Venue Early
There is nothing worse than showing up for a dinner date and not being able to get a table. It is worse if this happens when your partner is by your side. As the host, you can book the venue and make partial payment if this is what they need. Ensure that the best table is reserved and all due diligence performed. It will give you and your partner more confidence as soon as you arrive for the date.
Make Yourself Comfortable
Being nervous is a mental process that is transferred to the body. This is why making yourself more comfortable eases the tension. The more you think about the date and how things will unfold to the end, the more nervous you will become. Additionally, your partner will notice that you are not comfortable. A good first date should flow easily with a lot of conversation as you two get to know each other.
Have Simple Expectations
The first date can turn out to be something other than what you expected. If you met online at the website or any other website, you probably do not know this person well yet. The individual could turn out to be the total opposite of your expectation. To avoid any frustrations, it is prudent to have prepared yourself for anything. Furthermore, it is not cast in stone that it will succeed. If things start to take a different turn as soon as the date begins, you must know how to handle every second until you get out of the venue.
Talk to Yourself
If you need to rehearse what to say during your first date, then so be it. Speaking to yourself in the mirror builds confidence and brings to mind the best ideas of what you need to say on that day. Building confidence by talking to yourself is always the best thing to do. However, you can also invite your close friend or relative and try to build confidence by talking to them. The most important rehearsal should be done a day before.
Communicate Freely
The first date is full of interest in getting to know each other. There is a lot to talk about. Unfortunately, many people are unable to express themselves because they are nervous. A simple conversation that makes you comfortable should be the starting point. As it gains momentum, you will realize how easy it is to communicate. If your partner is having difficulties expressing herself or himself, you can try to lighten the moment with some jokes and humor in your conversation to make the partner comfortable.
Hide Your Physical Flaws
Every person has a physical flaw that she or he does not like about herself or himself. However some physical flaws can be hidden so that they are not visible. Where possible, you can hide small scars or blemishes on the skin with medium makeup. Particularly, concealers are suitable to help improve self-esteem. If this is not possible, then you should not bother thinking about your flaws too much. Face the date in the same way you face all other daily challenges in life. After all, a good potential partner will not be judging you by your perceived physical flaws alone.
Be Yourself
The worst thing any person can do is to pretend during the first date. It will not be long before you forget and become yourself again. So why not maintain your true character from the beginning of the date? Attending the first date in denial of who you really are will make you look tense and nervous from the beginning to the end. However, this does not mean that you cannot put your best qualities forward. The first date is the time to display the best qualities that you have.
Have Some Money
Do not go for your first date when broke. A loaded debit card, valid credit card or some cash will increase your confidence as you know that you can take care of the bills. If you are the host, you may not know the exact amount of money the date will require. On the other hand, have some money even if you are not the host. As a matter of fact, offer to pay as a way to further ease the nervousness that you have. Do not be afraid to spend money on the first date because sharing the cost can make you feel more comfortable all throughout the date.
Take a deep breath as the date starts to ease any tension that is there. According to health experts, deep breaths have an excellent way of cooling down the nerves. If you are not comfortable doing this in the presence of your partner, show up some minutes before and relax yourself. You can also visit the bathroom and perform this exercise there.
With such tips, you will find your first date more enjoyable than you would ever imagine.