Dates and Destinations for Newly Weds


It’s hard to top your wedding day, a day that has been inherently told, to us, would be the best day of our lives. But when all your friends and family have gone home, your white dress has been put away and the flowers start to fade, does that mean you’re yet to see another peak in your married life together? Is marriage life downhill after this momentous day. The truth is your wedding day is the start of your adventures together, it’s not the best day of your life but rather the start of the best chapter of your life. Everything you do together, from here on out, no matter what it is; how big or how small you’ll be doing as one. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, it just has to be personal and insightful – it has to convey your true feelings. This means planning outside the box; off the beaten track dates and destinations. It’s time to step things up to treasure all the memories you’re going to make together as a married couple. Here are some ideas to take your life after marriage from zero to hero…

Tranquil Destination.

This is the perfect getaway for the unconventional lovers, this adventure filled, beach resort has it all – with no cheese in sight just wholesome authenticity and all the peace and quiet two lovers could desire. Situated at a beach resort surrounded by the Namib Desert Swakopmund makes this getaway breathtaking with its never ending picturesque views. It is the perfect destination to relax, unwind and connect with your significant other. With attractions like adventure sports, soaking up the sun on the white sand beach or spending the day at Mole Basin for the private beach and restaurants. These activities are enriching and fulfilling, with no cheese attached just organic moments, quality food and outstanding accommodation.


Now we know flowers are common gift ideas but, in all honesty, you can never go wrong with a beautiful bunch of flowers – they are a true embodiment of love, exquisitely beautiful and delicate impermeant. Remember when picking your bunch to think of your significant other

and how they make you feel – go with your gut, it won’t lead you astray.

Netflix & Chill

Now this doesn’t have to be your average Netflix and chill – obviously. Go all out for your favorite human, by giving them the ultimate Netflix and chill date they will ever go on – forever ruining future Netflix and chills. You’ll need a few things, a blanket fort/Christmas bed, snacks, champagne, candles (not to close to the fort) and the perfect Rom-Com. Cozy up together doing what you two do best; nothing.

The Parisian

Spend the day like a real Parisian, sip lattes and stroll the streets of your city visiting you favorite hot spots and local museums. This is the perfect date for those couples who find it hard to connect with their busy schedules, you can spend intimate moments hand holding and admiring historic beauty and sipping on handcrafted coffees! It’s the chicest, simplest effective date you’ll ever go on. You’ll have time to admire your person just as you do a piece of art or historic artifacts. 

Local is Lekker

There is no need to go all out and book an Adele concert tour, but something local like your favorite indie band or comedy show, get some giggles going and your body moving. This out the box idea will make you feel electric and you will definitely come out with big smiles and sore feet.


If you and your significant partner are fans of Friends, which of course you are, take a page out of Ross play book and take your significant other on a journey through space and time – or to your local planetarium where you can put your love into perspective, star gaze and dream of worldly places to escape to.


Ever watched Ghost with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore? Of course, you have. Well recreate the sensual pottery scene and have your own silver screen moment to gush about. It’s also a fun way to show our creative side and glimpse into your partners creative ability too.

Dance Class

This is the perfect date to get up close and personal with your partner, to be intimate as well as silly. It’s hard to do both, but this date lets your salutary side show as well as your inner comedian. If it goes well, you’ll be dancing your way to future days together.

Cooking Course

Want to take you date out to a fancy dinner but want to spice it up a bit – this date is the perfect opportunity to do so – pick your significant others favorite food and find a cooking course that you guys can do together in the area. Get yourselves into a professional kitchen and master your favorite meals. You can learn new skills, bond over possible cooking mishaps and even recreate your very own saucy Lady and the Tramp pasta scene. This date is super romantic, will show your future compatibility and leave less room for bad online and more mouthwatering foods.