65 Cute Puppy Pictures to Brighten Your Day


Nothing solves a bad day better than some adorable photos of your favorite baby animals. These cute puppy pictures are just the remedy! They’re innocent, get caught in silly situations, and put a smile to your face when everything else seems to be bringing you down. We’ve compiled over 60 photos of cute puppies that are sure to uplift your spirits and have you grinning in no time.

1. The Poky Little Puppy
59-cute-puppiesIf you’re familiar with the book, “The Poky Little Puppy” then this cute puppy is bound to bring back some childhood memories. Bull dogs are full of wrinkles when they’re this young, and don’t be fooled by their bad reputations – if trained correctly, they’re fun-loving and caring!

2. A Baby Sweetheart

ODATE, JAPAN - AUGUST 06: In this handout image provided by Pucchin Dog's, "Love-Kun", a 3-day old chihuahua puppy with heart-shaped markings is presented to the media at Pucchin Dog's on August 6, 2009 in Odate, Akita prefecture, Japan. The new puppy is the brother of 2-year old chihuahua "Heart-Kun" who was also born with a perfect heart-shaped marking on his back from the same parents. (Photo by Pucchin Dog's via Getty Images)

Baby Chihuahuas are some of the smallest and most adorable baby puppies you’ll ever lay your eyes on. They can fit directly in the palm of your hand and are fragile little things. This specific one has a spot on its back resembling a heart! Precious!

3. So Glad to See You!
If this photo doesn’t have your own lips hinting at a smile, nothing else will. There are rumors out there stating that dogs can’t express facial expressions. Well, we’re proving those rumors wrong – this puppy is clearly quite happy!

4. It’s Pajama Time
62-cute-puppiesAs if this fuzzy little dog couldn’t get any warmer, its owner finds the perfect little outfit to help keep it warm for bedtime. Looks as if it’s meant to be a (human) baby’s outfit!

5. Fuzzy Wuzzy Was Quite Fuzzy
63-cute-puppiesAre these dogs or sheep? Seems as if you could shave these guys and have a full-blown winter coat that’s both fluffy and warm! But we won’t go “Cruella DeVil” today… We’ll just enjoy how adorable these pups look, as if miniature bears! Looking for best dog boots? Check this out.

6. Bored Little Fuzzball
1-cute-puppiesWonder what this little guy is thinking about? Is someone not playing with him enough? I’m sure we’ve all personally experienced what this puppy is going through. Hopefully the one taking the pic decided to play with the pup afterwards!

7. Is This How You Kiss?


Not quite… but good try! Sometimes it can be confusing deciding how you want to express your feelings for another. Luckily, we’re not puppies going around accidentally biting each others noses!

8. But It Wasn’t Me…
3-cute-puppiesHmm… It’s the look of slightly horrified guilt… Smiling to cover up a blunder that hasn’t been discovered yet. Well, it’s working – who can resist being mad at a puppy that smiles nervously at you with a little bit of teeth showing?

9. Yes, I’m Adorable
4-cute-puppiesLooks like this puppy just finished a day at the spa with a gorgeous coat and heart-warming. We only hope this little one keeps its lovely appeal as it grows into an adult.

10. C’mon, Let’s Play!
5-cute-puppiesIf you’re a pet owner, you’re quite familiar with the look this puppy is giving in the above image. It’s the “hurry up and come play with me” look, expecting you to be just as energetic as him/her and to run a muck in the back yard!

11. Tired Little Newborns


These little brothers and sisters are only a few days old, and they’re as cute as ever! They’re eyes haven’t opened quite yet, but already they’re warming our hearts with their adorable charm. The second one over looks like he’s in need of a nap.

12. Now You Can Tell Us Apart!
7-cute-puppiesThese two pups kept getting mixed up with one another, their master constantly calling them by the wrong names. The solution? Different hairdos! We’ve got one that looks like a lion, and one that looks like a bear! We won’t get them confused any more…

13. But I’m Super Thirsty…


Have you ever left some food or even a drink alone for just a few moments only to turn around and catch your beloved pet having a bite or drink of your meal? This owner was lucky enough to catch it with a camera, and by the looks of the pup’s face, it knows it might be in trouble!

14. Wake Up Or I’ll Eat You For Lunch
9-cute-puppiesYes, it can be annoying to have to wake up your sibling, especially if they’re a hard sleeper. But you can always get creative in how you wake them up…

15. Please, Turn It Off!
10-cute-puppiesThis puppy will have no more! It’s either trying to cover its eyes or ears, and either way, something is obviously making it unhappy!

16. Favorite Cuddle Spot


We love seeing cats and dogs get along, especially to see them become friends and to cuddle with one another. This little kitten loves her personally little cuddle spot underneath her best canine friend’s ear – big enough to shield her whole body and keep her warm!

17. How Long Should I Hold This Pose?


The look of apprehension. Yes, even our puppies can give it to us. But what can they do? They’re puppies! So snap as many photos as you like, they have to stay still if they want that treat!

18. I’m Not Sure I Like These…
13-cute-puppiesSome dogs don’t mind wearing clothes or mini shoes. Some dogs hate them enough to shred through them with their teeth. Then you have this kind of dog – the ones that looks horrified as if you’ve beaten them instead of simply put clothing on them – then you can easily relate to this puppy’s feelings.

19. Sigh… It Was Me…
14-cute-puppiesOkay, raise your hand if you ate my leather shoe… I knew it! Getting a cute action picture like this can take time but is satisfying when you finally get it. There are a plethora of captions you could create for this little puppy’s expression!

20. Ready for the Show!
15-cute-puppiesAnd here we have Hood Dog! He’s got great style, and looks like he’s ready to get on stage and perform for an audience Eminem-style.

21. This is Actually Quite Comfy…
16-cute-puppiesSometimes, we can wonder how such a crazy position can apparently be quite heavenly for a puppy dog to fall asleep in… Hopefully s/he doesn’t get a cramp in their neck!

22. Little Goofball Pup
17-cute-puppiesThis puppy is in good spirits despite just receiving a bath! Sometimes, you just have to let the negative energy go and let in the goofy side of your self to champion the trials ahead… such as a bath for this specific puppy…

23. Snowball Cutie
18-cute-puppiesYes you are adorable. Do you know it? Probably not. You look sad little puppy, why the long face?

24. This is My Toy, Right?
19-cute-puppiesWe’re not sure what this little doggie has in its mouth, but it certainly doesn’t look like a dog toy! Let’s hope it doesn’t rip its master’s pillow to shreds!

25. Lazy Days
20-cute-puppiesPuppies can be at their ultimate peak of cuteness when they’re sleeping or just falling asleep. This is a prime example of this – a perfect picture moment for an owner in love with their pet.

26. Big Stuffed Animal
21-cute-puppiesIs this a real dog? Its coat looks perfect, as if it’s just gotten out of a puppy spa and is ready to play! This puppy is perfect for cuddling, with soft yet short fur.

27. Nap Time
22-cute-puppiesAnother adorable photo of a puppy napping, at its peak of cuteness! This is when they look their most innocent and can easily melt your heart.

28. Husky Love
23-cute-puppiesThis husky is posing gracefully for the camera. Yes, it knows its adorable. Yes, it will let you pet it.

29. Waiting for a Playmate!
24-cute-puppiesOh no! It’s that gorgeous yet adorable look that resembles a smile – as if it’s just waiting for you to pick up a toy and throw it! All dogs have this type of special gaze, the one you can’t ignore and has you playing with you pet in the blink of an eye.

30. Why Yes, These Boots Are Quite Warm
25-cute-puppiesThis puppy couldn’t get warm enough. The solution? Cuddle up in some Uggs! See how its face is slightly smashed at the top of the boot? He couldn’t get cuddled up quick enough.

31. Where are You Taking Me?
26-cute-puppiesYou’re holding the puppy in a slightly awkward position… I’m sure this little dog was wondering where it was being taken and why!

32. I Will Pounce You!
27-cute-puppiesA lovely mix up of color, this puppy has a gorgeous coat of fur with a white-dipped tail! It seems as if its waiting for something… Perhaps, to pounce!

33. Waiting for My Treat…
28-cute-puppiesA perfect sitting position with perked up ears. Obviously, this puppy is waiting for something. Probably for a treat from its master once the picture was taken!

34. Cops Love Me
29-cute-puppiesWe aren’t sure if this was a rescued dog, but if it was, it has taken a liking to this police officer. It’s probably just wondering where its next home will be?

35. Are You Sure You Have a Treat?
30-cute-puppiesUh-oh. This puppy is giving you the look… The look that says it doesn’t know whether to trust you or not! Perhaps you have a treat behind your back, perhaps you don’t…

36. These Guys are Hilarious!
31-cute-puppiesIf you’ve got siblings, you know how pleasurable it can be to be the one kid that gets to laugh at the rest of them. That’s what seems to be going on here! The puppy on the left is having a great time! Or perhaps he’s yawning? Barking?

37. Piggie-Back Ride Time!
32-cute-puppiesEven humans love to have piggie-back rides when they’re little children. Puppies can sometimes like them as well, but we’re pretty sure the owner stuck this little guy on top of its dad. Otherwise, it would have needed a puppy ladder.

38. Too Tired to Walk
33-cute-puppiesSome puppies can be the perfect size to fit right into your hoodie’s pocket. This owner decided to take his puppy out for a stroll at the store, but only a trained eye would catch that there’s a puppy in there!

39. My Favorite Yoga Pose
34-cute-puppiesYoga, anyone? This puppy has got the right moves! And that’s a good thing, looks like the extra exercise is keeping him happy in his dreams, too!

40. Too Much Sun = Too Many Wrinkles!
35-cute-puppiesNo one’s told this puppy that too much tanning can cause wrinkles…

41. Are You Sure We’re Not Twins?
36-cute-puppiesWhile this puppy looks ever curious as to who his comrade is, the cat doesn’t look pleased that the puppy is getting all the attention. What kind of devious plans are you hatching in that mind of yours, kitty-cat?

42. Here’s a Subtle Smile
37-cute-puppiesWell, this puppy just looks happy to be here! With a gorgeous coat and a lovely little yard, this pup is living the good life.

43. What’s that in Your Hands? A Camera?
38-cute-puppiesIf the cameraman hadn’t backed up to take this pic, we’re sure this puppy’s nose would have taken the screen and gotten the camera dirty! Dalmatians are extremely loyal dogs but can grow to be quite large.

44. Big Blue-Eyed Beauty
39-cute-puppiesWow! These vivid eyes are sure to make your heart melt! Most huskies are known for their light blue eyes, but this puppy has a deeper, more vivid blue. Lovely!

45. Snow Tastes Awesome!
40-cute-puppiesDogs that love to explore always seem to get into the most trouble. Looks like this one was playing in the snow and might have come across something to eat.

46. Yikes! Get Away!
41-cute-puppiesSee? Another piece of evidence that dogs do, in fact, have facial expressions. Unfortunately for this one, something needs to get from him and quick before he’s terrified enough to pee!

47. Perfect Napping Spot
42-cute-puppiesPets are the best at finding odd and interesting napping spots. If only we could easily snuggle up on top of a couch pillow like this.

48. We Are the Roley Polly Twins
43-cute-puppiesThese little twin puppies have matching rolls of soft fur! Now, how to tell them apart…

49. Free Puppy Cups!
44-cute-puppiesThis isn’t your average beverage. This one comes with a free puppy! It can truly seem amazing that such a tiny creature can exist – one small enough to fit into plastic cup. Makes me wonder how much our bladders can hold – yikes!

50. Prepared for Winter
45-cute-puppiesSometimes puppies need a little extra help staying warm for the holidays. This one found a lovely scarf to wrap up in – and it’s a trendy style too!

51. Snugly Best Friend
46-cute-puppiesLittle kids + Little Puppies = The most adorable photos you could ever take. We love to see children and their pets bonding – two innocents sharing their lives and discovering the world with one another.

52. Practicing for Try-Outs
47-cute-puppiesLooks like this puppy is into sports and basketball is his game of choice! We’ve got a natural “Air Bud” in the making.

53. I Have Superb Hearing
48-cute-puppiesThis puppy still has some growing to do before it fits into its ears! We love big floppy ears, they’re adorable when the puppy runs!

54. I Was Just Playing in the Sand!
50-cute-puppiesYou can always tell what your pet’s been in just by investigating what’s on its nose. Sometimes its sand, other times its dirt, and on the rare occasion – trash!

55. Are You Sure We Bought Enough?
51-cute-puppiesIt can be an extremely hard decision to choose between puppies at the store, and some of us just can’t make up our minds when choosing a pet. Some of us even go as far to buy all the ones we love! Where’d this person go? Puppy-Mart? Huskies & Hounds?

56. Teacher, Can I Have a Smaller Desk?
52-cute-puppiesYou can clearly see this puppy has the first-day-of-school blues. Is is too much to ask for the right size desk?!

57. A Family of Two
53-cute-puppiesThese dogs were meant to pose for snapshots in their perfectly primed backyard. Notice how their ears are opposite? One has a black ear on the right, the other has a black ear on the left. They must be brother and sister!

58. I Don’t Think I’m Ready For This…
54-cute-puppiesIt can be hard overcoming obstacles, even the fun ones. This little guy isn’t going to learn how to swing for a while… Hope he didn’t have his hopes up!

59. Is the Photo Shoot Over Yet?
55-cute-puppiesThese guys are ready for a nap. Ever felt as if the day simply won’t end – yet it’s only the afternoon? It’s been a long, tiring day of photos for the both of them, and one has already clunked out with the other following.

60. I Totally Saw A Bunny
56-cute-puppiesThe animal instincts are kicking in for this little puppy. He’s spotted something in the distance and is getting ready to either pounce or chase. Whatever the case may be, it’s a perfect stance for this lovely photo.

61. We’re Not Cotton Balls!


Is this fashion or cruel and unusual punishment? These pups are cute, but was perfecting their mane like this absolutely necessary? Could you imagine having your hair fluffed up like this? Ah well, they seem happy, and we’re sure the owner is extremely happy as well. Now… how to tell them apart? Height?

62. Time for a Half-Time Nap!


This is what it looks like when you’ve been getting little sleep, your team is playing on TV, and you’re still committed enough to stay perched up in front of the game. Except this little puppy just can’t keep his eyes open. Let’s hope his team wins.