55 Winning Short Hairstyles for Black Women


Hell, yeah! We are here to stay, ladies! No matter how they call us, we know who we are and what we are, ain’t right? Let’s put it simple. There are hairstyles which fit us – Afro-Americans (for the sake of political correctness) – best!

This is something that no one will deny! Just read on and go through a very special collection of 7 totally winning hairstyle concepts for Afro-American females and black women in general. Once you find an inspirational idea, you could run to your favorite hairstyling professional – you will not regret the transformation even for a moment!

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Short Asymmetric Bob Haircut

This is definitely one of the best. Aha, it’s not easy to make up your mind with so many breathtaking hairstyles around, yet Rihanna’s glorious look is already a great advertisement itself.

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black women hairstyle hairstyles for black womenhairstyle for black women

The asymmetry makes it look so, so, so sexy! Oh, okay, but not all of us could be Rihanna… Wondering how the Short Asymmetric Bob Haircut would suit someone not so famous? Check this out:


Flip Out Bob Haircut

While we are still on the short haircuts topic, take a good look on this amazing idea for your next hairstyle. This is just another kind of the so called “Bob Haircuts”. They are always short, bring different level of asymmetry and could be equally interesting for both curly and straight hair types. Our two cents about it? Bob Short Haircuts make us – black women – look really smoking hot!. Most black women have straight hair when it’s shorter, but if you want to achieve some serious curls while maintaining short hair then use one of these hair curlers.

hairstyles for black women 1 Curly-hairstyles-for-black-women


Don’t you think it outlines your face in a very sensual and mysterious manner? With such a hairstyle you could be a bitch, a lover, a child, a mother and what not! Think about it as a strategic investment if you don’t mind cutting your hair a bit.


Faux hawk / Frohawks +Natural Updos = crazy hot Afro-American hairstyles for black women

If you are really into hairstyling, our recommendation is: think about this hairstyle as a really creative way to boost your sex-factor tremendously. While it’s a bit more complex and hard to maintain than others, these kind of hairstyling totally rocks!

url Hairstyles-for-African-American-Women African-American-Short-Hairstyles-for-Women african american short black women black women short hair short hair black women


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Don’t get confused, this hairstyle neither requires long, nor curly hair. Oh, okay, you may not have an updo, but this is always the case with short hairstyles, isn’t it? Anyway, if you don’t see the point straight-away, let’s check on how Rihanna does this. Amazing, isn’t it?


A hairstylist shared with us that she was often wondering whether her clients left the studio sexier or more elegant. She totally recommends the Afro-American faux hawk as one of the most attractive hairstyles for black women. When clients would be bold enough to also play a bit with the hair color, the unique and fabulous look is guaranteed.


Natural curly hairstyles, of course

For deeply scientific and God’s unknown reasons many of us are naturally curly and some of us are so by intention. No matter how it is for you, use your blessing! When styled a bit, your curly hair will not only complement your overall look, but it will definitely become your personal competitive advantage in the world of beauty, which is undoubtedly quite competitive.

curly curly black women

rihana curly

hairstyles for black women

And what about an Afro? Could you already imagine you could be ultra sensual and feminine this way? Don’t forget to think about a nice multi hair-color combination. No doubt, such a move will rank you even higher in the charts.


With spring and summer approaching you may feel the need of a more light-weight hairstyle – one with less volume while maintaining the inherent elegance of your curls. Great! Natural curly hairstyles are not only for long hair. Curious?


Natural long hairstyles

Do you know that spring and summer are also relevant to black women with long hair? Let’s quickly go through few great hairstyles boosting the natural beauty and charisma of black women.

A great deal of the breathtaking hairstyles for long hair rely on straight hair. You were not born this way? No issues, your hairstylist will take care of this minor detail. Would you like to feel sexy, attractive and everyone’s hidden dream? Check this out and if you are fully into it, don’t waste time and head to your favorite studio.


Spirals would be another great way of styling your long hair. These are also easily achievable in every studio. Black women and spiral long hairstyles go together the same way salt and pepper do in restaurants. There are many ways spirals could help you look amazing, but let’s start with some classic look – this way you would be an elegance-emitter.


As already mentioned, there are million ways to style spirals and achieve great results, but what about an idea for getting to a fresh summer look? You could look innocent and sexy – a dream come true for most of the beauty hunters out there. Combine spirals with light natural makeup and here you go – before you even realise it, you’ll be everyone’s most wanted date!

The only issue with this kind of hairstyles is maintenance. You won’t manage to keep it this way that long, but we should enjoy every moment in life as if the last one, shouldn’t we? A messed up hairstyle could be the beginning of a new and better idea.


Stunning updos for every black woman

Hey! These are not the only ways you could style your beautiful long hair. Don’t forget about updos – you will never be disappointed. Updos are always sexy – no matter whether you’d seek for the “stern librarian” look or think of a playful bun. Your smile and natural charisma are the key factors here. Then your stylish updo will help with everything else.


You’d often see updos on formal events, but truth is they easily suit any other occasion. With an experienced stylist you could walk out of the studio featuring some quite interesting looks. Relaxed updo hairstyles might be perfect fits for wild parties or for hanging around in the mall. One thing is guaranteed – you will leave no place unnoticed.


And what if you need to go to a wedding or – even better –  you’d be the bride yourself? Do you remember the Frohawks we have mentioned before? Well, a really gifted and experienced hairstyling professional will be able to mix up these 2 concepts for you, so you’d have this unique and stunning look that only a picture could truly describe to some extent. Here it is.


Braided hairstyles will leave everyone breathless

Braids have been important cultural heritage for black women while also a technique for achieving wild and ultimately hot look. Another great advantage of the braided hairstyles over many others is that they could last forever. Yes, we are exaggerating a bit here, but these are really meant to stay much longer. What about a mysterious and sophisticated Caribbean braided updo? This look brings promises of adventures and wild, wild nights.


If you are after total wow effect, braids and faux hawk easily could be a winning solution for you. You’ll definitely benefit out of your new look. Remember that braids somehow outline and amplify your current mood. Therefore, one and the same braided hairstyle may make you look bold, aggressive, sensual, playful, stern and what not.


As this would be the last idea for today’s exciting journey in the land of hairstyles for black women, we thought that it should be a really special braided hairstyle. Remember that before you became a black woman you’d been a black girl? Furthermore, an innocent braided ponytail hairstyle could fit well even grown ups. Oh, of course, it’s again all about your own charisma. Children just have it, don’t they?