25 Cute DIY Bun Hairstyles


Nothing brings elegance and comfort together but hair buns in this world. There is nothing betterthan keeping your hair out of your face in such a stylish way on a hot summer day. I can wholeheartedly say nothing beats buns in messy idleness; neither ponytails, nor braids, nor any other hairstyle(there is to make). I bet every girl wears a top knot at home.

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Oh, and have I told you just how easy they are? Hair buns can be made just with a stick, e.g. a pen, in seconds.You just need some bobby pins, optionally hair socks and hairspray if you want a more appealing bun, but headbands and some ornaments wouldn’t hurt as well.


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bun hairstyle

I want to start with a top knot, my fav. Regardless of the hair length and shape, every girl’s heart goes out to this bun hairstyle. This hair bun is our the best friend, especially on scorching summer days. Men have gradually discovered how cool this bun is, as well, but we still wear them better gals!


This gorgeous donut bun, a.k.a ballerina bun, is actually very easy to do, all the while looking . All you need is some bobby pins and a hair socket. But you might consider using some hairspray to make it last longer. You are gonna be ready for formal occasions, even at the last minute.

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You can put on a colourful band or a bandana around the donut bun ,like this girl, to achieve more informal and bohemian look. Bangs and hair strands around the face are very welcome on the casual hairstyles.

Bun Hairstyles

To create a vintage vibe, some volume is given at the crown over the tiny twisted chignon. Hair strands were curled, and sticked with hairspray.

After you have learned how to do such chignons, you will realize how easy this design actually is. You will be addicted to these low chignons. You just need some patience, hair elastic(s), bobby pins, hairspray and a curling iron. And you are good to go!

bun hair

Messy buns are as easy as pie. Pull your hair into a ponytail, then wrap it around the base of the ponytail. Twist it into a bun and secure with an elastic or hair clips.And you’re done!

Messy bun hairstyles are just a hot ticket for ladies with long hair.

messy bun

Another charming messy bun hairstyle. These cuties are perfectly fine for beaches, concerts, sport and friends’ meeting. These are also our first choice on casual summer days to feel the fresh air on the nape.


Messy bun hairstyles are actually suitable for every occasion (yeah sometimes with some additions). Your hair can look more classy by adding flowers, preferably synthetic ones, whose color may be contrasting with your hair color for an angelic result. Don’t forget to finish it with a hairspray.

bun hair 4

You are lucky if you have naturally curly hair. With a strand of side twisted hair, you can create your own bun hairstyle.

Instead of twisted hair, you may use braided strand for the varied styles with such simple tuck buns.

bun hairs

The French pleat is a vertical roll of hair, which was very popular in the 1940s. However, we are quite familiar with this eyeful hair bun just from Hollywood films and weddings. French plate frequently is chosen by the brides nowadays, who decorate their hair with pins and clips.

bun bun

This is the another “French” bun hairstyle: French twist. It resembles the French pleat, but is not vintage like the French pleat.

This bun is usually preferred by women with long hair, who want to look sophisticated, and it’s often used as the bride’s hair as well.

bun bun bun

As you can guess, this hairstyle’s name is sideways French twist. You can practically have this style at any event and anytime you want. If you want to look formal, this design is totally yours. This is a Monday-hair-style, which is totally appropriate for rushed mornings.

bun hair 5

Bow shaped hair bun is an eccentric and cute hairstyle,which was made popular by Lady Gaga. If you want to catch a drop-dead appearance among formally dressed, “boring” people, you may try this gigantic bow on the top of your head. For daily use, it could be okay too.

By the way, this bun model is extremely easy. Divide a chignon into two parts by a thick strand, your bow is done!

bridal bun

If you are looking for a more “normal” bow bun hairstyle, you may love this low bow bun that looks simple and plain. This girlish hairstyle looks more formal and elegant than the top bow bun.

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This hairstyle with bang is the the symbol of the 60s and called beehive. Just because we don’t somehow encounter these big fancy hair buns nowadays doesn’t mean they are old-fashioned or ugly. NO! They are absolutely ravishing.

hair bun model

Braids are good, but braided buns are always better. They are comfortable, easy -if you mastered the braids,that is-, suitable for daily outfit and offer you a chic combination with a formal dress. You can decorate them using headbands or some bohos, like flowers.

bun 7

This is the another messy bun model- but not stuffy. You just need voluminous long hair, some bobby pins and the other stuff for the flower resembling hair bun. This textured bun will suit your daily outfit perfectly.

hair 6

The secret of a side bun is gathering the hair on one side, then pulling it into a ponytail. Backcomb a strand of hair, then bobby pin them in place. Repeat until all hairs are pinned. You may pin your bangs into the bun by twisting them back, or try a floral headband over your bangs as this bride.