20 Easy Holiday Makeup Ideas for Every Season


Let’s face it – holidays are getting more and more scarce lately! Yes, we are always on the run, constantly trying to make an once-in-a-lifetime impression… And yes, the bet is really high, if you think about it. It’s been some time since we realized that we need to be successful at school, college, work, our relationships with boyfriends, husbands, lovers and peers in general.

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Under normal circumstances our stunning appearance is a guarantee for great positioning. Makeup is essential in this respect. Would you dare to oppose?

Depending on the occasion, getting to the right makeup idea could take from 5 minutes up till 1 hour and more. Most of us don’t really want to hit the upper bound when on vacation, for example. We desperately need to make this smart, so we don’t miss a romantic sunset with our beloved – hugging, kissing and what’s next… The issue with time-consuming makeup designs is even more severe if we talk about 2 days weekend trips, isn’t it?

We could easily get lost in the sea of great options, so we propose a pragmatic approach – let’s focus on a baseline makeup idea, which we will develop and slightly adjust according to… Well, seasons.

Seasons do matter, especially in regards to holidays. Going further with pragmatism, let’s adopt natural makeup designs as our baseline to build on top of – they just make you look great on any occasion. For instance, natural designs could easily be enriched with smokey eye effects, which totally makes you ready for another great party night. Master the baseline and extending it will be just a matter of couple of minutes more in front of the mirror.


If you also see it like this, you are at the very right place. We have prepared a collection of 17 easy natural holiday makeup ideas that will help you look amazing in every season. We did our best to pick design and ideas in a way you’d definitely find something inspirational for you. Remember, simplicity is the key to success and our main mantra from here on.

Are you already excited? Would you like to know how to easily boost your natural look? Well, there are pretty cool online tutorials, but in a nutshell this is how you’d quickly get to outstanding results. Apply mildlysome powder and be careful with the concealer. Add blush (orange, cherry, bronze, gold – depending on the season), eyeshadows – if you feel right about it on this particular occasion – and a bit of mascara. Finish up with gloss. There you go!


Fresh spring look requires lightening up your natural makeup

Spring is definitely reserved for love, passion and new opportunities in general. Would you be surprised if you were told there were places where we had constant spring, such as the Canarians? Would you dare to dream of these places?

Truth is when spring arrives we need to lighten up our makeup a bit – make it more suitable to the vivid colors mother Nature already offers. We need to enjoy this and not try to compete with what’s perfect anyway- this is how we contribute to the unique experience of spring itself, this is how we are beautiful in harmony and not in contrast – especially on a special Canarian vacation, why not?


Yes, it’s so easy to become the most stylish princess of a Carnival… Get experienced with the steps about applying neutral makeup and you are almost there! What else would you need? Oh, yes, don’t forget about picking the right gloss color. If you decide to use a flower, it might be a good idea to pick your gloss color accordingly. You may make up your mind about a bit of eyelashes – hey, we cannot have all the goodness in one place. No doubt, you’d be the most magnificent lady in any special Canarian night.


Now, if you are in the mood of enriching your makeup a bit, you could always combine black eyeliner with black mascara and body-colored eyeshadows. Depending on your skin tone, it may be a good idea to apply a bit of silver and gold. If you are really careful, you’ll get to great and elegant look.


But again, do not forget – stick with simplicity and you’ll never be wrong. And you could notice the same pattern here, although the skin tone of the model is very different compared to the one above. If your skin tone is darker, you may safely go with flesh, peach, shell and even coral pink gloss. Lining your eyebrows is a matter of preference.


Summer’s makeup lightening continued

Think about a romantic dinner on a boat in a hot summer evening. There might be some tender music and what not. This is a game… You know it and therefore you need to be irresistible tonight while making it pretty darn clear that you are in control.


Of course, our summer makeup might need to be resistant to heat and – sorry to mention it – perspiration, shouldn’t it? The safest option in such situations is minimal and neat makeup designs. Experience leads to perfection, so keep trying while selecting the right products carefully.


See, beauty is an universal language which goes far beyond mere restrictions, such as race, skin color and features. These are all important, but getting to the common pattern which works independent of everything is even more so. And languages are all about patterns, aren’t they? We just need to look for them, that’s all.


You’d probably need to adjust the blush or bronze colors a bit to match your skin tone. A piece of advice – avoid the orange in summer. Of course, you’d think twice before picking up the right lip gloss for you. This requires a bit of exercising until you figure it out which colors outline your features and underline your eyes to the best. It is totally worth both the time and the efforts, though!


Autumn colors evolve makeup best when fall comes

Let’s imagine we are on a charming trip in Tuscany. Autumn is a great season to explore and enjoy the magic and beauty of this paradise in the very heart of Italy. What makeup would you figure out for a romantic dinner in a neat magical restaurant settled in the outskirts of a small mountain revealing breathtaking scenery – warm sunset, vineyards, monasteries and endless yellow fields. Complementing your natural holiday makeup ideas with warm – autumn-inspired – eyeshadow colors is definitely a way to go.


Bronze, peach, apricot, almond, soft gold and any other variations of yellow, orange and brown would definitely boost your autumn look. Now, this is not a rule or something, but it perfectly makes sense, if you think about it – it is time for us to stop lightening up our makeup and prepare for the winter to come.


However, autumn is still warm. Despite of the fact that summer is already gone, a romantic trip in Tuscany would prove it right that autumn could also be hot, while you definitely deserve to be smoking hot everywhere. Therefore, pay special attention to your gloss as well. You may want to keep using neutral colours, such as coral or soft cinnamon.


However, every rule implies exceptions. Bordo and dark red lipstick colors could be an extremely good fit, especially if you want to put a special emphasis on your lips. We should not be dogmatic about gloss colors and decide on them case by case.


Winter holiday makeup brings eyeliner and colors back

The next unforgettable New Year’s Eve is just about to come. Maybe you plan to have a small trip to a nice mountain resort? You would probably enjoy an excellent hotel with its own spa center, wouldn’t you? Oh, such a lovely winter experience would not be so awesome if not shared – friends will be there, for sure! There will be so many occasions for you to be irresistible and most wanted… So what would be your choice? Maybe something like this?


Yes, you got it right! Black eyeliner will definitely do great for you in winter. So if your skin tone is darker, you could always rely on mildly applying cherry blush. It will make you look energetic and enthusiastic – the way you should feel in the most beautiful and peaceful mountain resort, shouldn’t you? But what, if your skin tone was not dark at all? Just go ahead and you will get to an answer right now.


Well, on the one hand side you could play ice queen, if this role suits you well. Red and bordo gloss colors will never let you down. You may also decide to use neutral blush colors in order to emphasize on your cold and impossible-to-get-to beauty. If you also feature blue, green or gray eyes, you’d be the goddess of Winter herself. And if you don’t? Check this out!


Oh, right! Then you’d be the goddess of Everything-else, no doubt about it! There is a small change in the game plan, though – you stick to light gloss colors. As you could see, the black eyeliner is still there. The common pattern, do you remember? As we are approaching the end of our short tour in the world of seasons and natural beauty, let’s finally think about New Year’s Eve. At the end of the day, what a winter holiday would it be without a wild party?


Ladies, it’s prime time for us to be bold and break free. Neutral is cool, but for this very evening we will need something on top! Eyelashes, smoldering smokey eye effects and vivid eyeshadows – lighter shades of blue, purple and even green – will do great in this respect. And if you are in a very special mood, you could just substitute the black or dark eyeliner with these same lighter colors and drop the eyeshadows. You love it, nah?