Customize Your Basic Clothes With These Easy DIY Hacks


People planning to spice up their wardrobe often think that shopping is the only solution to change or improve their personal style. However, not all purchases are destined to become sartorial favorites, as most of the clothes that we buy end up in the garbage bin. It has been estimated that about 84% of all unwanted clothing is dumped in landfills, proving that bad purchases not only hurt our wallets, but also the environment. If you want to inject some style into your wardrobe without spending a fortune, try customizing your clothes to make them more “you.” Not only will you end up with fabulous pieces, but you’ll also do your part in saving the Earth. Try these easy DIY hacks to customize your basic clothing.

Go crazy with patches

To turn a basic jean jacket from drab to fab, sew on a few patches. If you don’t have the time to sew, you can opt for iron-on patches to upgrade your clothes. However, if you’re customizing a piece of clothing made from heat sensitive fabric, then you’ll need to grab a needle and thread and get sewing. You can do it by hand, but patches sewn on with a sewing machine turn out better, as it gives cleaner and more secure stitches. Whether you use a beginner or expert-level machine, make sure to keep the fabric and patch flat as you sew, as the last thing that you want is a puffy patch job. If you want to attach more than three patches, have a theme for a cohesive look. Popular ones include succulents, food, and pop culture themes – “Stranger Things,” K-pop, meme and emoji patches are incredibly hot right now.

Put a pin on it

When in doubt of your DIY skills, put a pin on it. Not only is it a quick way to customize your clothes, but you can replace them according to your mood. Look for beautiful enamel pins that will elevate your clothing, and be strategic with placement. For a unique and whimsical look that’s still work-appropriate, get two nature-themed pins (flower, bee or tree pins are tres chic right now) and attach them to the collar points of a white button-down shirt. Pair with trousers or a slim skirt and heels, and you’re ready for work.

Get scissor-happy

Grab a pair of shears, and let your inner Pinterest diva shine! With a sharp pair of fabric scissors, you can create strategic rips and tears in jeans, cut off the top of a crewneck shirt for an off-shoulder top, or turn a maxi dress into a flirty frock. After cutting, you can sew the edges of the fabric for a neat look, or leave it as it is for a deconstructed vibe.

Next time you’re thinking about leveling up your wardrobe, don’t head to the mall – pick up a needle, some pins and a few patches instead. You’ll be surprised at how many looks you can create with these items. With a bit of time and creativity, you’re sure to have an amazing wardrobe that’s true to your personal style.