A Couple Of Reasons To Start A Honeymoon Registry Instead Of A Wedding Registry


Believe it or not, if you’re about to marry that special person in your life and the thought of getting doubles and triples of things you already own from well-meaning family and friends makes you cringe, it may be time to consider starting a honeymoon registry instead of your average wedding registry. Most people already have all the silverware, appliances, drapes and other tchotchkes they’ll ever need. But what they don’t always have is the money since weddings are expensive.

If you plan to have the perfect honeymoon somewhere you and your significant other love, setting up a honeymoon registry on Honeyfund is going to be right up your alley. You’ve already done the hard work planning the perfect wedding, you found the perfect wedding dress at www.azazie.com/all/wedding-dresses/colors/champagne you’re excited to wear on your big day, but now you’re ready to start thinking about the beautiful vacation getaway you’ll soon take with your husband or wife.

Still not convinced a honeymoon registry is a better choice than a wedding registry? We’ll look at three reasons why we feel it’s the perfect choice. 

  1. Visit Your Dream Honeymoon Vacation Getaway And Do It Without Worrying About Money

When your wedding is over, you’ll feel the stress and the emotional turmoil finally begin to decrease as your life has a chance to go back to normal for the first time in months. You’ve been through alot and now that you’ve finally married the person of your dreams, it’s time to get away from it all and go on the perfect honeymoon vacation.

If anyone deserves the peace and quiet, you do. Since you did the right thing and set up a honeymoon registry ahead of time, you now have more than enough money to take a dream trip to anywhere in the world and you won’t have to worry about being broke, going into credit card debt, or owing your parents and in-laws money because you had to borrow cash to pay for the trip.

Honeymoon funds are way better than wedding registries when you can pay for all honeymoon related expenses without feeling any guilt whatsoever. So set up a fund if your honeymoon is more important than getting a bunch of useless crap from well-meaning relatives and friends. 

  1. You Get To Avoid All the Responsibilities That Go Along With Receiving A Mountain Of Gifts

Everybody loves to get presents from time to time, but wedding gifts are a monstrous project. If you have hundreds of people in attendance, you’re going to have to deal with hundreds of weddings gifts. You’ll need to unwrap them, open all the packaging, keep track of them, thank the right people, and it’s going to be a huge project for you and your better half.

Plus, if you don’t have enough space for all these gifts, they’re going to clutter up your home and make life more complicated. So instead of asking for wedding gifts you really don’t want, set up a honeymoon registry. Have your family members and friends give money toward an amazing honeymoon you and your significant other will use to take the perfect vacation you’ve always dreamed about. 


At the end of the day, only you know whether wedding gifts or the perfect honeymoon is what you desire the most. If you want an amazing honeymoon, we highly recommend setting up a honeymoon fund sooner rather than later and forgo the wedding registry altogether.