How Colours Impact Buying Decisions ? (Graphics Designer’s View)


Colours are all around us and are present in everything we see. How do you think the world would’ve looked if the sky was green and the grass was blue?! Using wrong colours in the marketing material can have a negative impact in many ways.

Going by research 93% of buyers make their decision based on visual appearance, depending on how a product or service has been branded; 85% claim that they get attracted by the colour of a product to take a look at it and 80% believe that they can recognise a brand through a colour. Here’s a bit on the science behind the colours we see.


It’s not without reason that popular online betting portals like Betway make excellent use of certain colours on their website. Their colour patterns are such that everyone associates Betway with Betway secure online betting, feeling safe while being on their platform!


Let’s understand what kind of feelings do some colours evoke, and how you can use such information to persuade your audience to take certain actions.


Red is a very powerful colour as it depicts everything ranging from love, affection, survival, fear and energy. If utilised in the right way, this colour can be used for expressing friendliness and strength, but can also be perceived as something aggressive sometimes. On the whole, it’s a colour that quickly catches people’s attention, but shouldn’t be used very often as it can potentially bring up its negative aspects.


If you feel red is a little too intense colour for a certain message, you can use pink instead as it has a stimulating, soothing and softer feel to it; the reason why it’s heavily used by women on nails, in tattoos etc. It evokes the feelings of romance, empathy, compassion and unconditional love. However, use pink too much and you could be signalling immaturity and lack of power.


Being a combination of yellow and red, orange colour’s attributes are similar to both of them. While it has the energy and power of the red colour, it also shows friendly and fun aspects of the yellow. You can use this colour to motivate others and to evoke feelings of comfort.


A symbol of optimism (as also shown in this article), happiness and joy, yellow colour is all about inspiration and confidence. However, use it extensively and it could lead to issues with fear, anxiety and self-esteem.


Green depicts harmony and balance, deriving the positive qualities of both the yellow and blue colour. It’s a very commonly seen colour as it is everywhere around in the nature, and is associated with the feelings of wealth, income, growth, peace in life. Green is also commonly used for stress relief, and also has few minor negative connotations such as over possessiveness and materialism.


Perceived as an excellent colour for business branding purposes, as it expresses dependability, trust, reliability and responsibility, blue delivers a more prominent mental reaction compared to the colour red. However, in some cases, blue can also be viewed as an unfriendly, distant and cold colour.