Colored Contact Lenses – Order Contacts Online That Are Top Notch!


Everything is on the rise with technology, from jobs to the school system, and most especially the overall lifestyle of many people. Recently, a study (read more) presented how mobile phones impacted control groups from 11 different countries. The responses were mixed, the positive ones are hard to overlook, especially those who value virtual communication than a face-to-face encounter. Some even claim it frees them from social anxiety and dread of communication.

With the frequent use of your mobile phones, it is not a surprise your eyesight has begun to fail you. Instead of a fallback, it becomes more of a side-effect, one that can easily be remedied by a pair of glasses, or if you prefer a more stylish and convenient way—colored contact lenses. If you are already wearing a pair of glasses and want the obstructive thing removed from your face, consider these tips before you go shopping online for a pair of those contact lenses!

  1. Visit Your Eye Doctor First

Before buying contact lenses, you should know what your eye’s prescription is, first. This will assure the product you will be buying online will not only fit the shape of your eye but will also ensure optimal use. The second worst thing next to not having any eyesight aid and stumbling around squinting is having an ill-prescribed contact lens. This will be an impossible scenario if you will be able to visit a professional to check your eye grade.

Another reason you should visit your eye doctor before buying a contact lens is the possible development of other eye conditions. For example, having sore eyes—or an impending one—is a no-no if you are planning to buy and wear a pair. Another condition would be dry eyes, as contact lenses can leave the eye drier than normal for a longer period. Though some eye doctors will prescribe eye drops for you to use, it is ideally avoided.

If there are no risks and conditions that stop you from getting a contact lens, your eye-doctor will almost always prescribe one of their own for you. And most of the time, they will be expensive and with a limited selection. However, if you choose to buy online, for example at, you’ll be able to get coupons for discounts or take advantage of sales. Most of them will also have a plethora of choices as to color, grade, and quality.

  1. Contact Lenses And Glasses Have Different Prescriptions

If you are someone who used glasses before, do not think your glasses and contact lens will have the same prescription. This is why you still need to visit an eye doctor despite having done so for your glasses because though both are correcting the same problems with your eyesight, they’re still two very different products.

For one, their distance of your eye between your glasses and a contact lens is vastly different. While the former has a significant amount of distance, the former is placed right in front of your eyes. Though you might think this is but a small matter, it makes all the difference when it comes to comparing prescriptions. There are other specific differences between the two, but distance becomes the most important factor in this case.

  1. Consider All Choices First

One problem with having a lot of choices is having too many of them. It is natural to want to jump at the first opportunity, especially if the merchant is giving out tempting discounts and buy 1 take 1s. Before you hand over your card details, take a deep breath first and remember the internet is vast. Take your time to shop around first and find the best deal for your contact lenses. As many people are also looking for a pair, you will be sure not to run out of shops and choices.

If you buy at once and come across a better deal, it is going to bum you out. Many sellers go through this, especially when they did not shop around and check all the possible shops that can offer a better deal.

  1. Buy Contact Lens Care Supplies

If you are expecting to have contact lenses, it is a given you should have equipment for its aftercare. Unlike glasses that do not need much maintenance, contact lenses are the opposite. You need to clean them daily and soak them in a solution overnight to make sure there are no growing bacteria around the product. If that happens, you will be at risk for an eye infection and other long-term problems.

Another thing to remember is the situation in which you should take off your lenses. One scenario is sleeping. Many experts say you should never sleep in your contact lens, no matter what the circumstances. It will be an easy way to get conjunctivitis or grow pus around your eyes. It can also potentially be a reservoir of bacteria, bugs, and dirt, and will stay inside of your eye with limited flushing for the next 8 hours.

That is why it’s imperative to make it a habit to clean your contact lenses daily with the proper solution and soak it in overnight. This means you will need to take it off every night before you sleep.

  1. Check the Online Shop’s Reputation First

The first thing you do before you purchase is to check out the online shop’s reviews shown on their website. What is a better strategy is to read online reviews from other blogs, but also remember to follow reliable articles, with links to their claims and evidence as to why or why not a certain online shop’s reputation is to be considered? You should check if their products are approved by the FDA and if they are selling them legally.

Speaking of products, you should also check if the product they sell is a counterfeit or not. Checking expiry dates, brand names, and seals and other indicators will make sure you are not placing anything questionable on your eyes. One way to know the shop is reputable is the fact they ask for your prescription before they finalize the purchase. By doing so, they can confirm your much-needed contact lenses correctly.