Clean Eating and You: 4 Tips for Eating Clean


When it comes to eating healthy and living a healthier lifestyle there are many choices for diets, meal plans and nutritional information. Chances are throughout your searching you’ve probably come across the term clean eating.

And chances are, like many others, you wondered “what does that mean? Clean eating?” Clean eating, simply put, means being in total control of the food you put into your body. Instead of trying to drastically change your diet, lifestyle, and eating habits, to conform to a diet’s strict guidelines, you choose the foods you and the portions based on educated decisions.

What is Clean Eating?

As mentioned, clean eating is being in total control of the foods you choose to put in your body. But there is more to it than that. Clean eating is about slowly changing your lifestyle and eliminating processed foods and buying whole foods. The goal being to eat healthier while supplying your body with the nutrients it needs.

Think in terms of not only the foods you choose to eat, but also the way in which you prepare that food, as well as creating a clean eating meal plan.

There is diversity about what clean eating actually means. To include people who currently eat clean. The important things to remember is to listen to your body, cut out or down on processed foods and sugars, and tailor your diet and lifestyle to one that suits you best.

How to Eat Clean

When it comes to eating clean the choices you make should be made because they are the healthiest choices for you. However, there are some ways to get started clean eating that will get you started the right way.

1. Fruits

Cutting out processed sugars is much easier said than done. Mostly because everything that tastes good practically has processed sugar in it. This means that our pallets are more accustomed to processed sugar than natural sugar. Cutting out processed sugar overnight will result in a binge on sweets and treats at some point. Instead replace your processed sugars with fruits. The natural sugars in fruits are much healthier than those found in treats and sweets.

2. Less Meat

Cutting down on meat is another way to eat healthier. The meat and potatoes diet aren’t in any way healthy. Cutting down on the amount of meat you eat and adding vegetables to your diet is a great way to be healthier.

3. Eat Whole Foods

Whole foods are foods that haven’t been processed or refined in anyway. Whole foods are fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, unsalted nuts/seeds, etc. Basically, it is a food that hasn’t been altered in any way to include appearance, texture, smell, and taste. These foods are free of preservatives, dyes, and processed sugars making them a healthier option for any clean eating meal plan.

4. Read Labels

When it comes to clean eating, labels are everything. Before buying any food, you’ll need to read the labels. In the beginning this will involve reading a lot of labels. But as you go along, you’ll figure out which brands to favor and which to avoid. Reading the labels ensures you are in control of your diet and eating habits. This will help to truly cut down on unhealthy foods while ensuring you are getting the nutrients your body needs.

Getting Started Eating Clean

Getting started with clean eating is not easy. This is not a fad diet centered on getting skinny quick. Clean eating is a slow process that involves changing your entire lifestyle over time.

There are many definitions of clean living, but essentially, they all contain similar ideas and aspects. Removing processed sugars, reading labels, developing meal plans, and controlling your diet to ensure your body gets the right amount of nutrients it needs.

Regardless of how clean eating is defined it can’t be denied that there are many benefits to living a healthier lifestyle and eating healthier foods. You will have more energy, feel better, and get sick less often. Eating clean is one of the best and healthiest decisions you could possibly make for yourself. Don’t wait and get started today!