Choose Your Wedding Photographer ? Get to know these 5 steps!


With an increasingly important role in the world of weddings, the photographer captures unique moments and turns them into art. It is through their lens that the memories of marriage are created, hand-drawn to the rest of the couple’s lives, inspiring the revival of emotions through the beauty of the best images, if they choose a good photographer to make the eternal record of the great day. And because we want to squeeze you sighs at every reminiscence, note these five steps to get the photographer right for your wedding.

  1. Define style and budget

    First of all, you have to know yourself as a couple to know what style best fits your personality, your way of thinking, of feeling … Only then can your wedding photographs reflect what they want in this one.

Traditional, photojournalism, natural .. with which style is most identified?

If you do not know what styles exist, it is important that you know that today’s photojournalism is very fashionable, that is, photographs that tell a story, without poses, with different plans and that want to capture unique expressions. This style is closely linked to artistic photography, traditionally used in reporting political events or wars. The spirit is the same as a street story, where the photographer is camera-in-hand, as attentive as possible to spontaneously capture the moments that cross before him, but with a nuptial environs. In this style, it will be like telling life!

  1. Search

As well as choosing the most requested wedding venues, the best photographers often fill their diaries. So, once you know what style you want for your photo report, narrow down your search field and start looking for it a year in advance – if you’re thinking of getting married in the high season – or at least six months before, if you say the “Yes” in the off season.

Schedule meetings to meet the professionals in person

Evaluate the connection that exists between you and the professionals in front of you because they will be at all times of your marriage and therefore it is essential that you do not feel uncomfortable with your presence. It is very important to know your ideas personally, to see if they really fit your personality as a couple. And do not forget to observe your work well and to have them explain to you how they arrive at the photographs they give you in their hands. Basically, it’s crucial to understand how they take pictures and deal with possible challenges. Therefore, you are advised to choose a photographer located in your city. Suppose you live in London, then choose the London Wedding Photographer as your main option.

3. Prepare questions with questions and suggestions

When choosing a photographer, you can not have doubts. So, prepare a list of questions to know how it will work on your big day. According to the answers, you can make a series of suggestions to check your flexibility, always taking into account that professionals need to maintain their style and modus operandi.

  1. Decision

Does the job match the one you were looking for? If the work shown is to do with your initial idea, it is a sign that you have gone a long way. And in this case, the photographs will flow naturally, because you will speak the same language and everything will seem familiar or, at best, surprising (in the good sense of the word).

5. Find out the professional’s experience as a wedding photographer

How many weddings does your (eventual) photographer take in the luggage? The years in this world are important because it is easier to ensure better results. However, do not be suspicious of professionals who do not yet have a very large portfolio. As you know, we all need to get started in some way and, on many occasions, the “freshness” of inexperience can bring different proposals. And the result may even be impressive! Value what you prefer for your big day.