Causes and Effects of Increased Male Hormone in Women


Hormones play a leading role in the fair sex, and one of the essential ones is free testosterone. It is possible to ensure the proper functioning of all organs and systems if you know normal testosterone levels in women and are aware about hormone’s basic functions. It is a sex hormone that is produced both in the male and in the female body. Its level is very scanty within the limits of the norm compared to men. However, in some cases, when it progresses, is not uncommon.

Before everything else, it is worth saying that element is still significant for the female body. It is indispensable in the normalization of the functioning of the sebaceous glands. In fact, it helps to enhance libido, in other words, it gives a woman a sense of her sexuality. Therefore, a drop of testosterone will only make you feel better, but its excess can seriously damage you.

What Are the Symptoms?

First of all, this will affect the condition of the endocrine profile as a whole. As a result, it will have an impact on both appearance and health. A clear sign that the male hormone has been raised for a long time is the excessive work of the sebaceous glands what causes:

– pimples;

– acne;

– rashes;

– porous skin;

– oily skin of face and head.

Also, its extra level is indicated by excessive hair covering where it should not be, for example:

– on a belly;

– on a back;

– over the upper lip;

– around the nipples;

– on the cheeks and so on.

Another sign of high testosterone is a menstrual disorder. In this case, menstruation can stop occurring at all. It is the main signal that should make you visit the doctor. This fact cannot be ignored as the next step is the progression of hyperandrogenism, and this ailment, in turn, can lead to malignant tumors like ovarian cancer.

In addition to all the above-mentioned possible ailments, the bad appearance and hormone-spoiled unstable mood should be enough to visit a doctor. However, only the tests can tell you whether the hormone level is increased.

The Necessity of Supportive Treatment  

Do not delay the visit to the doctor if you notice the above-mentioned signs in yourself. Both during and before the main treatment it is recommended to use simple but effective tips that will help normalize the level of this hormone. For instance, your diet should have a sufficient amount of water, at least one and a half liters per day.

Also one of the useful methods is physical activity, for example, yoga. Its role is to adjust the woman psychologically, calm and improve the nervous system. Yoga helps to find a harmony with yourself, your body, and mind. As a result, the level of testosterone may decrease back to normal by itself, as nature intended. Yoga may become ingrained in our everyday lives in the same way as a sleep, food, and work.