Can CBD Oil Treat My Dog’s Ear Infection?


What is cbd oil for dogs:

Ear infections are not found in every breed of dog, but they are extremely common in breeds that have big and floppy ears. What’s worse is that when these breeds are diagnosed with such infections, they’re typically in a lot of pain for quite a bit of time. In turn, this means you should seek help for your doggy pal as soon as you can to alleviate the symptoms. But how do you know if he or she has an ear infection?

Does my dog have an ear infection?

As discussed above, dogs with big and floppy ears are more prone to getting these infections. Why is this? Well, probably because their ears are longer than other breeds, and when dogs ears are longer than other breeds, they’re typically not cleaned regularly. If your dogs ears are not cleaned regularly, yeast or bacteria can build up, leading to an infection; it’s a chain reaction.

Yeast and bacteria build up are not the only reasons he or she may get an ear infection, though. Other instances include water or dust build up in the ear canal, allergies, and ear mites.

What treatment methods can be used to cure my dog’s ear infection?

Vets diagnose ear infections quite often, which would make us dog owners feel confident in whatever advice they heed us. However, most often times, vets prescribe treatment methods that are not over-the-counter medications for our pups, and that doesn’t make us very comfortable. For instance, Opiates and Antidepressants are often prescribed to help dogs deal with the pain and the emotional trauma that can come along with an ear infection. However, did you know that CBD oil can be just as beneficial to your dogs ear infection?

What about CBD oil?

CBD oil has been on the rise as a health treatment option for years now, and it’s starting to drastically help animals, too. CBD oil has also been proven to help hundreds of conditions in humans and animals, without bringing on any unwanted side effects.

Even still, unlike prescription medications, CBD oil and products will not diminish your pup’s health over time either.

If you start giving your dog CBD oil, you’ll almost immediately see an improvement in their health. If he or she has an ear infection and you administer CBD oil, not only will the pain subside, but your dog’s mood and emotions will also be lifted. Because CBD oil is known to treat a variety of health conditions, it may target other areas of your dogs’ health, too, like anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, and any inflammation symptoms brought on by the ear infection.

See, CBD oil knows how to help in more than one instance. If you’re wondering whether this treatment method is safe and a good alternative for your dog in combating his or her ear infection, check in with your vet or your loved ones. Today, vets have been suggesting this natural medication more and more, as the results are impeccable.

Top Five CBD Oil for Dogs Companies

Once you decide to give your dog CBD oil, you want to be sure you buy only the very best. This means finding a company with easy payment methods, reliable products, and a customer service department you can count on. Since the industry is not yet regulated by the FDA, you should make sure you do your research on any product you plan to buy in advance. Here are five of the best canine CBD oil companies you can trust.


Holistapet may be one of the newer companies on the market, but it has quickly become one of the very best. With a wide range of products, including oils, treats, and capsules, you are sure to find something for your furry friend. Each product is organic, tested by a third party so you can count on its effectiveness, and comes with a money-back guarantee.


Canna-Pet has 30 years of research backing up each product, conducts third-party testing, and has a money-back guarantee. That kind of reputation has made them one of the most preferred brands of CBD oil out there. When you buy your oil through Canna-Pet, you can also trust the company to do some good with its profits. Animal rescue charities, shelters, and foster homes are all given a 50 percent discount.

King Kanine

If you are looking for a wide variety of products, including oils, treats, and topical balms and creams, King Kanine is the brand for you. Each product is also formulated in an ISO6-certified room, with testing conducted by another ISO-certified lab. Pet parents who are concerned with safety can find a lot of comfort when purchasing their oils or other CBD products through this brand.

Pet Releaf

Pet owners looking for a company as passionate about animal care as they are can stop their search with Pet Releaf. The first thing you see when you visit its homepage is an emotional message from the founders, letting you know you can count on Pet Releaf for honesty and integrity.


While most CBD oils are organic in nature, HempMyPet takes this to the next level and ensures that all components meet high standards. In fact, the company sources and grows its own hemp to be absolutely certain each product is of the highest quality. Each product is also tested by a third party before being offered for sale in the company’s store.

When faced with any kind of canine illness, all pet owners want the very best for their furry family members. Visit DogDreamCBD to learn more about CBD oil and your dog, including a list of the top brands in the country.