Building A House? Consider These Modern Ranch-Style Home Design And Architectural Features

A report by Google shows that between April 2018 and April 2019, ranch was the most searched home style on Google. And since January 2019, searches for ranch home-style plans increased to 60%, according to news on Today. Ranch-style homes have become increasingly popular in recent years because they feature a cozy element that helps you create an intimate approach to your living spaces. Plus, you can transform your ranch home into a hub of positive vibes at low costs by integrating modern DIY crafts for interior designing. If you’re looking to build a ranch house, below are some modern ranch home designs and architectural features you should consider. 
Open-plan architecture
An open floor concept is a common architectural feature in contemporary ranch-style homes. It’s all about building spacious living rooms and kitchens, without walls in between them. According to modern ranch designers, when combined with perfect outdoor living spaces, open floor plans allow you to enjoy a sweeping view. Not to mention, open plan living guarantees enough space for you to move around your living space with ease. Since there are no walls between the living room and kitchen, you can access both rooms by just walking around. Other benefits of open plan designs include an increased flow of natural light and enhanced communication.
Natural light and wood
When building or remodeling a ranch-style home, wood and natural light are elements you shouldn’t overlook. That’s because they bring the cozy aspect that remains supreme in modern ranches. Remember, wood creates ambiance and gives your ranch house a warm touch.  You can use it everywhere, from the floors to the ceilings and walls. On the other hand, natural light makes your home look bright and welcoming. With this in mind, build your home with high ceilings, large windows, and use bright wall paint.
Modern furniture and small accents
Most furniture in modern ranch houses have a contemporary look, and they can be high or low backed. You can also incorporate small accents that make your furnishing look unique. For example, you can fit square or round tables with individual chairs in the living room. Adding texture on the floors and modern accessories like wall lights and lamps is another excellent way to enhance the decor of modern ranch-style homes.
Modern ranch-style homes have been a favorite choice in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. These homes are simple, comfortable, and not too busy. Moreover, they provide various architectural designs, from open floor plans, vertical lines, concrete exteriors, and low maintenance exteriors. The interiors are also elegant as they feature natural light, modern furniture, small accents, and wood.