Best Kept Secrets to Go Fashionable


When you can walk into the world as the best version of yourself, there’s a certain level of confidence you’ll exude. While confidence starts with your mindset and your beliefs, your attire will always take things to the next level. If you’d like to unlock the best kept secrets to looking as fashion-forward as possible, look no further than these tips.

Mix classic items with trends.

An item like a well-fitting pair of blue jeans is eternal. No matter the decade you’re in, it’ll always remain in style. The same is true for a trench coat or a simple red cardigan. Find a list of the most timeless pieces that you should invest in. Once you’re able to collect all of those foundational pieces like a great pair of black pumps and a black turtleneck, you’ll be able to infuse trends as each season comes. Trendy pieces are the ones that won’t last longer than the season they’re in. Thankfully, you can add those trendy pieces to make your classic garments look fresh, new and interesting.

Utilize accessories.

If you’d like to take your style to the next level, it’s wise to focus on ways you can incorporate accessories into your everyday look. Find a few staple accessories like a specific gold necklace or a pair of pearl earrings to wear. There’s nothing wrong with collecting some awesome costume jewelry as well. In addition to jewelry, try brooches, interesting hats and watches. As you build your look, consider finding a signature hat style or a signature scarf that you wear with your outfits. If you love to wear bright-colored berets, people will begin to associate you with berets. When people are able to associate you with a specific look, you’ll begin to become iconic.

Plan in advance.

When you have some downtime, go through your entire wardrobe. Take inventory of all the items you have. Declutter in order to get rid of what you don’t wear anymore because it’s either old or ill-fitting. Donate gently-used garments to someone else who can appreciate them. Then, take inventory of the garments you still need. Take pictures of your garments in order to create tons of outfits. As you create the different outfits and maintain a tight inventory system, it’ll be a lot easier to remain stylish when you’re getting up in the morning to rush to work.

Choose flattering silhouettes.

The right silhouette is extremely important. Whether you’re looking at a blazer, a skirt or a dress, look for silhouettes that flatter your body. Once you find the right option, stick with it. Discover the right silhouette by considering your actual figure. Some figures look great in a-line dresses. Other figures look great in pencil skirts. Some women look amazing in kimono-style blouses while others look great in button-down blouses. It’s completely okay to experiment with styles in order to see which one looks incredible. Finding the right silhouette might be tough, but the effort is well worth it.

Invest in tailoring.

If you pay attention to the tips in this article, you will be able to design the jacket that fits you best. When clothes hang on you as though they were made for you, you’ll always look polished without putting in too much effort. If you’d like to personally develop your skill set, learn how to sew. If you learn to sew, you can tailor your own clothes. It’ll serve you for many years. If you’re not interested in the idea of sitting behind a sewing machine, find a tailor that offers reasonable prices. Then, you can look through magazine articles, show the tailor what you’d like, and they can help your vision come to life.

Take note of the latest fashion trends.

Each year, the various fashion houses showcase their lines at major fashion weeks like New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. Take a look at the visions of each fashion designer. Pay attention to any commonalities between them all. When you find the common threads between the different fashion houses, it’ll be a lot easier to forecast which trends will take over in the following season.

Take risks.

Though it can be understandably scary to do so, take risks. You might be wondering what it looks like to take a risk in your wardrobe. Really, it’s all about trying something new. If you’re used to wearing black all the time, switch things up by making royal blue the new black. Instead of wearing your standard purse, try a new crossbody bag to create a new style.

Though it’s not fair, people often judge a book by its cover. This means that they’ll pay attention to your outer appearance before they consider your character. While it might not be fair, it’s totally okay to give them a glimpse into your personality by dressing in a way that reflects it. Once you curate a closet with these best kept secrets, all eyes will be on you.