Benefits of eating home cooked food


The famous quote “Happiness is Homemade” is directly proportionate to the level of tasty food we eat. There is no argument that no other food can replace the food made in the home as its tasty, hygienic, ample, and cost effective with the secret ingredient of love added by our dear one in the preparation of homemade food. Yes, we eat food in outdoors but it’s occasionally.

There is always been said that our personality is the reflection of the food we eat. Our body is the main beneficiary of the food. We received our health according to the food we choose to eat. There are ample reasons to choose homemade food over the food of outdoors.


Homemade food is always economical. You or your family members bring vegetable from the market with the budget you set on it and then prepare the food accordingly. The cost-effectiveness can be a vital factor as it also makes sense when you compare homemade food with the outdoor one!

For example; you can easily prepare a grilled chicken breast for 3-4 members on your gas bbq grill in the cost of your single grilled dish of the hotel you choose to go! That means you save about 300% to 400% of your expenditure in a SINGLE dish. How incredible it is!

However, outdoor food is bound to be a costly as it is made for the profit. You have to pay for each and every service you are using for your lunch or dinner. There is no freebie for your food. You, not only pay for food, but it also includes unnoticed perks like the payments given to waiters, security service and motor stand operator too!


When you shop vegetable, we can see the quality by our necked eyes. Therefore you can always judge the quality of the ingredients before cook. However, you cannot see the quality of the raw materials we eat at restaurants or hotels. It is the main concern for all of foodie lovers.

You can’t see the freshness of the vegetables you are intending to eat when choose to eat outdoor. In addition, other ingredients are also in the doubt as you can’t see the preparation.  What does it mean? It means you have to prefer homemade food over outdoor because quality of the homemade food is GUARANTEED as compared to outdoor food. The kitchen appliances used in your home are far cleaner and better than that of the appliances used in the outdoor kitchen.

I recommend you to just visit the place of any hotel where food is being prepared. You will not go there afterwards because of the unhygienic condition at that place.


You can tailor our budget according to the members of the family. This practice ensures the exact amount of the material needed for the preparation of the lunch/dinner/ breakfast in our home. Moreover, we are well aware about the contents of ingredients. We can manage them according to our health condition at the given time.

However, we cannot get the quantity as we would like to be while enjoying the outdoor. Food prepared in the restaurants or other outdoor outlets are ambiguous in nature as there is no guarantee of the quality of ingredients they are containing. They are usually loaded with salt, fat and sugar that can be harmful to your body.

There is also another aspect of the quantity. You can get an ample amount of food in your designated budget while you prepare it in your home which is not only healthy but would also help you gain weight and build muscles rather than making you obese. But in outdoor, you may not get the luxury of the amount of the food you will be received.

Time saving:

You save a lots of time in homemade recipes, especially when you plan it ahead. Yes, there are lots of meals that can be made within a half hour. Besides it, you can prepare your favourite food in bulk and preserve it by freezing it.

In outdoors, you need to wait for a while even if you are in hurry. The time needed to reach and return from the restaurant needs to be counted. You will find that your home is less time consuming than that of any restaurant. Not think of visiting the restaurant where you love to have a lunch which is full of people and you have to wait for your sitting place.  It will be disgusting for you, isn’t it?

Reduces Health Risks:

What will you do if you have any particular food allergy? Will you risking your health if you have say allergy of “Vinegar” and you opt for a Chinese food in the hotel?  No…Definitely not!

But if you prepare Chinese food in your home, you are definitely not mix “Vinegar”  as an ingredient as you very well know that it is dangerous for your health. Here, you are the controller of your kitchen and you can reduce the risk of any health hazard due to the allergic reaction or any other health concern.

Another common example to prove this fact is the concern of cholesterol level. In this modern age, the probability of heart attacks is increasing day-by-day. The reason behind that is the high cholesterol chocks the pumping system of your heart. Impure oil is one of the main reasons behind the level of increase of cholesterol in your body. You can control the optimum level of cholesterol by using the right type of oil in your home. However, the oil in which your food will be prepared is not guaranteed when you eat outdoor food.

Family Togetherness:

There is a popular idiom:  “The family that eats together stays together”. The relationship among the members of any family is measured by the way they gel with one another. Dining table is the deciding factor as all members are united there and have a chat. Yes! Your food is the medium of the unity in your family. Not only have the proper ingredients of materials, but also love affection and care played a major role in the making of the food. This is the real thing that you never get in the outdoor food.