Benefits of Being a Student


Lots of people say that being a student is difficult. There are always countless of hours of studying, exams, and research that students generally need to do. However, this is not the case for everyone. Some people enjoy being a student because a lot of discounts, benefits, and freebies are available if you know where to get them.

Aside from the perks of learning something that you love, meeting new friends, going to parties, and more freedom, there are a lot of benefits of being a student that one can get. Here are some of them:

  1. Rail Travel Discounts

If you are a student who goes home every day or every weekend, then one of the benefits is to save on rail travel. If you are aged between 12 – 26 years old, this means that you are eligible for a student discount on companies such as Greyhound or Rail Europe. Amtrak can provide you with discount rail cards and there are promotions available when you flash your student ID to the ticket vendor.

  1. Tax Exemptions

Some of the benefits for students include 100% tax exemptions. You have to meet certain qualifications in order to be classed as a student for this. This criteria can vary. You can even be excluded from tax payments even if you are on summer vacation, working during the summer months, or you are in between terms. Once you have finished your course, however, you stop being a full-time student. In this case, you can contact your local council to see if you are eligible to more exceptions on taxes.

  1. Travel Abroad

These is one of the student benefits that many look forward to. Some universities will send you all over the world to gain experience and know more about your course. This is something that you can get without too much work as things might become harder for you after you graduate. There are a lot of programs that can help you land a chance to study and work abroad and you can even apply for a waiver of your tuition fees when you are out of university for a year.

  1. Loans and Grants

Many people don’t go to universities because of the costs. But if you know where to go, you can get a loan and pay it back later on after graduation. If you are always asking about what benefits I can claim as a student on your school’s registrar, then grants can be one of them. Ask your school if they have grants that can finance your living expenses for a year or two.

How to Write Letters In Order to Get Student Benefits

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There are a lot of benefits that many students should know in order to save money. They can get discounts, exclusive deals from tech companies such as Apple, get tax exemptions, and many more. They can even enjoy loans, grants, and scholarships in order to maximize their student life.

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