Backyard Luxury – 5 Inexpensive Ways to Deck Out Your Yard


When the days are long and warm, you definitely want to spend your Sunday afternoons in your yard barbecuing, swimming, reading or relaxing. Here is a list of 5 things you can add to your yard to transform it into a tranquil and relaxing outdoor space.

Hang a hammock

Not only does a hammock make your yard look relaxing and inviting, it also makes it possible for someone to take a nap. As a rule, hammocks are incredibly comfortable and perfect for stargazing. By tweaking your hammock with a sleeping pad and blanket, you can use it all year round, even in winter. If you have palm trees in your yard, a hammock is a must-have if you like the island atmosphere.

Get an inflatable hot tub

Nothing says luxury and relaxation like a hot tub. If you don’t like the idea of expensive installation costs, take a look at the inflatable spa setup. You can put these hot tubs practically anywhere you like. They are affordable and very easy to install. When you are done for the weekend, you can deflate them and stow them in a closet.

There are many high-quality inflatable hot tubs out there. They look aesthetically pleasing and their performance is on par with the best conventional hot tubs. Relaxing in your hot tub is the perfect way to bring an end to a busy and stressful day.

Floating lights

Add a magical touch to your garden with lights that float on your pool or fish pond. There are many beautiful designs out there including floating orbs or acorn shaped LED lights that you simply throw on the water surface of your pool. You can also get smaller lights that can float on a fishbowl. Many of these lights can be controlled remotely or with timers.

If you don’t have a pool, there are tons of beautiful designs for solar path lights and hanging veranda lights that you can use to create a serene and calm atmosphere when you are hosting a dinner party.

Add a fireplace

When you add a fireplace or a fire pit to your garden, it will add warmth and make your outdoor space a little cosier. Having a fire nearby I not only a nice source of heat in winter but will also give a festive mood to your party during summer. There are many fire pits available that are designed to look beautiful on your deck or lawn and some of them have grill attachments so you can cook food on them as well.

If you don’t want an outdoor fireplace, but like the presence of a flame, maybe look at lanterns or candles to give a warm glow and provide your outdoor space with an ambient atmosphere. If you have problems with mosquitoes or other insect, candles with citronella can help to keep them away.

Garden décor

Visit your nearest garden boutique for designer and handmade garden products and accessories. Sometimes adding things like pots and wooden containers for spices and herbs can make your garden seem more personal and unique. It also adds detail to uninteresting corners in your garden. Things like old wheelbarrows or ladders with little pots containing lemongrass or succulent plants can give a peaceful and inviting look to your garden.

Before buying décor or pots, consider your garden furniture and other features of your garden like your swimming pool or fish pond. Buying accessories that match your more prominent garden features can establish a natural and calming atmosphere. A vegetable patch or herb garden can also be transformed into garden décor with the help of something like a wooden picket fence or handmade tags indicating the names of the vegetables.

When it comes to garden décor, the sky’s the limit. There really are no rules as long as you treat your yard like you would a room in your house and always make sure that you enjoy your garden!