Baby Girl Wardrobe Ideas for 2019


Don’t you want to make up an impressive wardrobe for your baby girl? You don’t need the fortune to do that. You can easily create a baby capsule wardrobe full of cute and comfortable items on a budget. Under the capsule wardrobe, we don’t mean a couple of items only. When you do that type of closet for a baby, you just have to stick to the items your baby actually needs without spending money on the unnecessary stuff.

Baby capsule wardrobes have been a huge trend already for a couple of years. It is going to remain in 2019 as well. So, why don’t do that to save your time and money?

The easiest and most effective way to create a capsule wardrobe is by shopping online. This concerns a baby wardrobe too. The huge benefit of online baby stores is that many of them offer baby girl clothes free shipping along with weekly discounts and a good delivery service. While shopping online, you can evaluate all items presented in the store, compare their prices fast, and get instant notifications about seasonal sales and best deals. So, we highly recommend starting your baby shopping journey with online stores only.

What exactly to add to your baby girl’s wardrobe in 2019? Let’s have a look.

The Best Items for a Baby Girl Closet

It is a huge misunderstanding that your baby can’t look cute and be comfortable at the same time. Nowadays, the manufacturers produce a lot of qualitative, convenient, and beautiful items that have affordable prices and come in a variety of patterns and colors.

How to create a wardrobe for a girl in 2019?

  • Look for pastel colors and simple patterns. It is not obligatory to buy pink dresses and jumpsuits for a baby girl. Though pink is still the main color for a girl, you can easily pick pastel green and yellow as well. According to Pantone, coral is the main shade in 2019. So, pick something in light coral too.
  • Invest in a few sets. They save a lot of time when you rush and don’t have enough time to create a finished outfit by yourself. Invest in a set of 2-piece or 3-piece set of a long-sleeve bodysuit and a pair of pants or a plain top and a patterned romper. The range of models available on the market is huge. Just pick whatever you like most.
  • Don’t save on onesies. It is the most worn piece for any newborn. So, get at least nine-ten onesies of different colors and patterns. Look for convenient models that are easy to take on and off or the ones that have little mittens attached to them. Pick neutral colors.
  • Get a pair of shoes at least for each temperature level depending on the current and upcoming seasons. If it is a colder season, invest in a pair of qualitative winter shoes, even if they seem to be too expensive. Keep your baby’s feet, hands, and head warm.

The main rule here is to buy as many clothes as your baby needs. So, make a list first.