Avoid Lifelong Regrets by Avoiding these 5 Mistakes


Do you know what the most common regrets are when people look back on their lives? The fact is, this is a pretty profound question that you should stop and think about more often.

There are some who say that the biggest mistake they made was not having children, while others say it was lost time. Regardless of what your regret is, it’s important to look at your life now and figure out how you can avoid some of life’s biggest regrets.

You can treat this as a game of “Would You Rather?” Consider two things, and which one you would rather have. While it may be a bit deeper in the long run, this is a great way to help get you in the mindset of avoiding regrets in the future.

You can also use the tips here to avoid some of the most common mistakes that lead to regrets later in life.

  1. Avoid Following Another Person’s Dream

The pain associated with unfulfilled dreams is much more severe than disappointments. Forty years down the road, you aren’t going to think about how disappointed you were to your parents for not following a career path they laid out for you, as much as you will regret pursuing what you are truly passionate about. Do something good for yourself right now and stop living for other people’s expectations and dreams – live your own life based on what you want.

  1. Stop Taking Your Loved Ones for Granted

If you have kids now, they aren’t going to be little forever. If you don’t take the time to enjoy them right now, they are going to be grownups and you will lose the opportunity to do so.

Also, your parents aren’t going to be alive forever. You won’t have the opportunity to tell them how much they mean to you if they are gone. Take the time to spend time with the people you love.

  1. Don’t Pretend to be Someone You’re Not

Societal standards demand you do act and do things in certain ways. While it’s extremely easy to succumb to all the pressures of society, you should never change so more people will like you. Don’t live your entire life pretending to be someone you aren’t just so you can fit in. Always be yourself.

  1. Don’t Burn All Your Bridges

You know the saying – be kind to people on the way up, you may need then on your way down. While this may not be something you want to hear, life is a journey full of both ups and downs. You could be extremely successful today, but you never know what tomorrow holds.

Try not to burn all the bridges from your past that helped you get where you are right now. You may need them later in life.

  1. Always Live in the Moment

Life is short. Don’t get caught up in the hustle of modern living and forget to appreciate the small moments that make life so worthwhile. From your baby’s first steps to your son’s graduation – these are things you want to really “be there” for.

Don’t work too much and forget to appreciate the people in your life. There is nothing quite as bad as reaching all your goals and figuring out you don’t have anyone to celebrate your successes with.

By using the advice here, you can learn to appreciate life as it happens and avoid having regrets down the road. You will also live a more “in the moment” and fulfilling life.