Asian women dating: Surprising facts about Asian girls


By Jade Seashell (contributor), author of ‘A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savor tantalizing pleasure’

(Disclaimer: The author of this article and the owner of this website do not put women in pigeonholes.  This article is for general information only and shouldn’t replace any medical or educational advice.  The author of the article does not claim that Asian women are better or worse than western women.  Only general facts are provided here.)

You have seen and met many Asian ladies everywhere – they are at universities, in shopping malls, in restaurants, etc.  And you are attracted to them because of their looks, sex appeal and personalities.  Unfortunately, many western men have certain assumptions or stereotypes about Asian beauties, so their game is negatively affected.  In this article, I’d like to show you some raw truths about girls from Asia, so that Asian women dating will become less daunting for you.

* Compared to western women, Asian women are less likely to be interested in kids and commitment.

When the movie ‘How to lose a guy in 10 days’ was released in Asia, a lot of Asian girls couldn’t understand the movie because they didn’t see why men would be scared when women tell them that they want kids and commitment.  In Asia, men actually love kids and marriages.  It is Asian men’s job to convince Asian women that they should get married and have children.  Therefore, if you are still thinking about ‘women are gatekeepers of sex, whilst men are gatekeepers of commitment’ when you are dating women from Asia, then you are wrong.  Beauties from Asia actually think you probably want marriage and kids more than they do, so they are dating you from an empowered place.  That’s the cornerstone of Asian women dating.

* Compared to western women, Asian ladies are more likely to be interested in meeting your sexual needs.

When I attended a conference last year, I mentioned that I teach women how to do foreplay properly and enjoy better sex.  Only one Asian woman immediately said, ‘Oh, I think that’s very important.’  Then I realized that she was the only Asian lady in the crowd – other ladies were all western women.

As a matter of fact, girls from Asia think it is their job to make you happy in the bedroom.  They believe that only when your sexual needs are met in bed would you be happy to stay in a committed relationship with her.  In contrast, in western countries, people tend to believe that it is men’s job to ensure great sex in the bedroom.

I interviewed an Asian girl this year.  She told me that watching porn is her hobby not because she is addicted to pornography but because porn is the cheat sheet which teaches her what men want.  That’s how she became a wild woman in bed.  She maintains that an elegant lady in the sitting room should also be a capable wife in the kitchen and a wild woman in the bedroom.

* Compared to western women, women from Asia are more likely to understand femininity better.

Miranda Kerr is the most famous Australian model who absolutely loves Asian culture.  She has been to Asia for many times already because she likes cute stuff in Asia.  She says she can find feminine and pretty clothes, shoes and jewelry everywhere in Asian countries, but these aren’t that common in western countries such as Australia and the United States.

According to an Australian magazine, Miranda Kerr is the most irresistible woman in Australian men’s eyes.  Why’s that?  Well, if you look at Miranda Kerr, you can easily notice that she is much more feminine than the majority of western women, although she doesn’t have an objectively beautiful face.  Her real power is her femininity.

Most girls from Asia are very feminine because that’s the only way they know since a young age.  Indeed, when a girl is surrounded by feminine stuff from the day she was born, of course she becomes a feminine lady.

By contrast, feminism has become a part of mainstream culture in western countries, and unfortunately, some women think feminism is about being independent women without femininity.  But the raw truth is an independent woman without femininity is boring – it is something that men want women to know but won’t tell women.

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