54 Photos of Sexy Angel Wing Tattoos


Angels have served a significant part in mythology in the three major religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam for centuries upon centuries, making angel wing tattoos extremely popularized. They’re symbolic of many different attributes and actions depending on what kind of angel you’re looking at, ranging from divine awareness, purity, love, compassion, protection, renewal, faith, and especially messages between humanity and the divine. In fact, the word “angel” derived from the Greek word “angelos” which means “messenger”.

To delve deeper into the symbolism of angel wings is to realize they’re what allows the angels to travel back and forth from Earth to the divine realm. They serve as transportation, from the world of bound matter to the unlimited, eternal heavens. To have wings permanently inked onto your skin is to create a connection to this divine realm, expressing the freedom you long to obtain and your desire to roam the divine realms.

Below are 54 examples of gorgeous angel wing tattoos we’ve collected for your inspiration. They’re wonderful examples for both men and women, and you’ll find photos of angel wing tattoos placed all over the body.


  1. Ankle Wings of Hermes
    111901161514-angel-wings-tattoosIf you’re familiar with the mythology behind the Greek God Hermes, you’ll know he was the messenger of the Gods that was often depicted as having wings on his ankles. This makes for a popular tattoo, as it’s symbolic of having the ability the speak directly to the divine.2. Heavenly Love
    121901161514-angel-wings-tattoosPlacing angel wings on a heart represents a person’s freedom to love whomever they choose, and the halo can be defined as good intention behind the love. For some, this can be a good tat to remember someone that has passed and become an angel depending on your personal beliefs surrounding death.3. Symmetrical Feathers
    131901161514-angel-wings-tattoosThis tat isn’t finished, but you can see the feathers are symmetrical on both the right and left sides using easy to follow lines to complete the design. Ensure you have a tat artist that creates the type of angelic look you’re after.4. The Reaper’s Wings
    141901161514-angel-wings-tattoosEven the reaper has been called the “angel of death”. Many people like to take a dark twist on their angel wings, shading in deeper colors and accompanying them with a skull or other dark symbolism. Note the hourglass, symbolic of our limited time here on Earth.5. Used and Torn Feathers
    151901161514-angel-wings-tattoosInstead of creating perfect feathers that are perfectly symmetrical, you can choose to have each feather look different to create a more ragged, torn look to your wings and making them look used.6. An Angel’s Corset
    161901161303-angel-wings-tattoosHere we have a fabulous twist to these angel wings. Instead of extending from the flesh, they’re simply a corset that’s “tied” together. You can play with different types of corset designs as well as feather designs if you choose to create a look similar to this.7. Feathers of the Traveling Messanger
    171901161513-angel-wings-tattoosAnother traveling Hermes-like tattoo of wings on the ankle. These are detailed with brown ink, a rare choice for the tatted. However, it gives this tat a truly unique look that stands out against fair skin.

    8. The Hidden Wing
    181901161513-angel-wings-tattoosThis tat is just big enough (and symbolic enough) to help the wearer express their freedom while staying hidden enough to wear what they need to keep their job. Not all angel wings have to be on the back or ankle!

    9. Mercury’s Flight
    191901161303-angel-wings-tattoosThe Roman messenger god was named Mercury, who also has some depictions of having wings on his ankles. Again, this design is great if you’re looking for symbolism connecting you to the divine.

    10. Perfectly Placed
    201901161303-angel-wings-tattoosThis guy placed angel wings on his arms rather than his back, which makes far more sense if you’re trying to capture the symbolism of flight (for humans).

    11. Doubled and Detailed
    211901161303-angel-wings-tattoosInstead of placing one wing on one leg and the other wing on the opposite leg, this guy placed both wings on one leg to create a unique and complete tattoo with symbolic colors that are quite patriotic.

    12. Cute Foot Tat
    221901161303-angel-wings-tattoosIf you don’t want the Hermes type of winged tattoo on the ankle, extending up the leg, you can have it placed futher down on the foot which can make it easier to cover up with socks if need be.

    13. Shoulder Extension
    231901161254-angel-wings-tattoosInstead of having wings that are folded and inked down the back, you can choose to have them extended instead as if in flight, spreading across the shoulders like seen above. This type of wing is rare, so you’re sure to stand out from the rest.

    14. Mark of the Divine
    241901161255-angel-wings-tattoosThese wings are symbolic of something special according to the wearer. Adding extras such as the halo could represent someone they love having passed on, or even the simple notion that they love angels.

    15. Complete Back Tat
    251901161255-angel-wings-tattoosIf you’re feeling bold enough to grab the perfect tat that can cover up the near entirety of your back, angel wings can do this! The ink displayed above is a perfect example of how you can create a winged design that covers nearly all the skin of the back.

    16. Small Declaration of Freedom
    261901161257-angel-wings-tattoosThis little wing on the wrist is easily seen by the wearer instead of being on the back where it’s hard to tell it actually exists. By placing a small wing on the wrist, you can create a reminder of the freedom you seek, or whatever other symbolism a wing means to you.

    17. Little Angel Wings
    271901161257-angel-wings-tattoosSome of us don’t want huge, “bulky” wings – in which case, we can have petit angel wings placed on the tops of our backs.

    18. Winged for Expression
    281901161257-angel-wings-tattoosSome of us enjoy showing off our tats, so we have to be sure they’re placed strategically and designed in a manner that suits our personality.

    19. Carrying the Torso
    291901161257-angel-wings-tattoosNot many people have wings placed on their torsos, but here we have an example. They can serve as a sexy and heavenly piece of body art.

    20. Fallen Angel
    301901161258-angel-wings-tattoosPlacing a twist on angel wings can be fun, and here we have a good example of how you can add detail to how the wings extend from the skin. Here, they look almost demonic or like a fallen angel.

    21. Wings of Experience
    311901161258-angel-wings-tattoosThese angel wings have an almost Native American appeal to them, being designed as if the feathers could fashion a dream catcher.

    22. Extended for Flight
    321901161258-angel-wings-tattoosAnother lovely example of extended wings that are ready for flight. You can see that even in water, they look as if they could help the wearer fly away at any moment.

    23. Fleeting Initial
    331901161258-angel-wings-tattoosYou can add an angel wing to the initial of either your own name or the name of someone you know or has passed to symbolize you’re remembrance of them.

    24. Sexy V-Shaped Wings
    341901161258-angel-wings-tattoosThese wings have a distinct shape, being thicker towards the top and thinning beautifully; gracefully towards the bottom. It can be fun to experiment with the shape and the extension of the wings you choose.

    25. Adding a Touch of Color
    351901161258-angel-wings-tattoosTo give your wings a rough appeal or to add depth, consider adding a unique color. Here we have small hues of brown to give the wings a used and abused or dirty appearance.

    26. Long and Thin Extensions
    361901161259-angel-wings-tattoosThis is another great example of how you can experiment with the shape of the wings and have them as long (or short) as you like, covering up as much skin as you choose. These feathers are also designed to look more statuesque instead of realistic.

    27. Large Feathers
    371901161300-angel-wings-tattoosWe’ve seen lots of tats that have detailed and smaller feathers, meaning more feathers must be fashioned to create the wing itself. You can instead have larger feathers that are still detailed like those above. They give off a more masculine appeal.

    28. Exposing Freedom
    381901161259-angel-wings-tattoosA wrist tat that perfectly demonstrates love of angel wings on a place on the body where it can easily be seen and remind the wearer of the symbolism it represents.

    29. Finer Details
    391901161301-angel-wings-tattoosThis tat was shown earlier in this post, but this view shows the finer details that have been inked into the dark feathers and place where they “extend” from the skin.

    30. Ragged Wings with Various Feathers
    401901161301-angel-wings-tattoosWings don’t have to be perfect – and each feather doesn’t have to match the others. You can get creative and fashion different feathers into your design.

    31. Booty Wings
    411901161300-angel-wings-tattoosThese girls decided to grab some angel wing “tramp stamps” – but these are nicely fashioned.

    32. Large, Extending Wings of Detail
    421901161300-angel-wings-tattoosAnother perfect example of large angel wings that cover up the majority of the skin on the back and extend down the thighs.

    33. Fairy Twist
    431901161254-angel-wings-tattoosWe added this cute fairy as an example of the details you can add around your wings.

    34. Unique, Flower-Like Angel Wings
    441901161259-angel-wings-tattoosThese wings look as if they’ve been made from flower petals instead of feathers. Abstract wings are definitely fun to create.

    35. Simple and Symmetrical
    451901161256-angel-wings-tattoosHere we have classic, symmetrical wings with feathers that follow a specific pattern down the back.

    36. Adding Red for Fallen Angels
    461901161256-angel-wings-tattoosRed can often be associated with Hell, so fallen angels are first thought of when adding red to wings such as this.

    37. Adding a Quote
    471901161256-angel-wings-tattoosYou can truly make your wings your own by adding a unique quote somewhere around them that relate to why you’ve gotten your wings.

    38. Medium Wings
    481901161256-angel-wings-tattoosIf you don’t want small wings that look too fragile but don’t want to cover your entire back, you can create medium-sized wings like the ones above.

    39. Accompanying Colored Wings
    491901161256-angel-wings-tattoosAnother great example of wings that remind us of fallen angels, however, the tats surrounding these wings give them a more fairy-like appeal.

    40. A Torso of Wings
    501901161256-angel-wings-tattoosThis tat was a cover up for some written tattoos. Not many sport wings on their torsos, but we can see it looks amazing in this example.

    41. Freedom of Fleeting Thoughts
    511901161256-angel-wings-tattoosHaving angel wings behind the ears is a lovely and fashionable way to show your love of the angels.

    42. Hips for Hovering
    521901161255-angel-wings-tattoosColorful wings add spice to any part of the body you choose to have them inked – this placement is extremely sexy yet rare.

    43. Declaration of Love
    531901161255-angel-wings-tattoosWings are often used to symbolize love for someone that has passed, being an angel in the afterlife.

    44. Remembering Their Passing
    541901161255-angel-wings-tattoosAnother sad example of how wings are used to symbolize someone that’s now an angel in heaven.

    45. From Shoulders to Thighs
    11901161255-angel-wings-tattoosThese wings are extremely long and extend all the way down the buttocks, an amazing example for those that want to expose sexy, large wings that cover tons of skin.

    46. Armed and Free
    21901161302-angel-wings-tattoosImagine spreading your wings to fly… Here is the next best thing! The use of color was done well here – get creative instead of using only black.

    47. Animalistic
    31901161302-angel-wings-tattoosIf you love animals, you can have your angelic wings accompany animalistic tats or have the feathers look more bird-like.

    48. Death’s Wings
    41901161302-angel-wings-tattoosHere’s the angel of death, spreading wings from a skull that’s reminiscent of Dia Des Los Muertos.

    49. Before the Details
    51901161302-angel-wings-tattoosWe’ve a photo of an unfinished angel wing tat. Many artists will start with the bottom feathers.

    50. Wings Through Split Skin
    61901161302-angel-wings-tattoosThese colorful, almost demonic wings seemingly pop out of the skin through a slit tatted near the spine.

    51. Barbed from Freedom
    71901161302-angel-wings-tattoosThese wings are extremely symbolic, expressing this girl’s feelings of being bound from freedom – thus the barbed wire wrapped around her wings.

    52. Immense with Big Feathers
    81901161302-angel-wings-tattoosIf you’re a big person, you can get big feathers to help cover up as much skin as you like. Less detail will also help out with the cost of your tattoo.

    53. Matching Freedom of the Vikings
    91901161302-angel-wings-tattoosThese angelic wings are connected to boats that look like they’re from the Viking era, showing this couple’s love of Norse mythology (or descendants).

    54. Forearm Feathers
    101901161303-angel-wings-tattoosAnd finally we have wings that extend from the opposite end of the arm – being inked from the wrist and extending upwards. This tat is similar to a Hermes/Mercury winged tattoo except its done on the forearm instead of the ankle.