51 Exquisite Angel Designs To Consider For Your Next Tattoo


One of the more popular tattoo design is the angel tattoo. You probably have seen a lot of photos of angel tattoos all over Tumblr and Pinterest. It is a mainstream design indeed. Angel tattoos are perfect for both men and women, alike. With the variety of angel tattoo design available – different sizes and colors, from simple design to detailed ones, – it is with no surprise that it is a popular choice for both the male and female tattoo. Angel tattoos hold different symbolic meanings as well.

Angel tattoo is one of the designs that you may want to consider. But before making the final decision, we will give you a little background about the tattoo design, different popular designs associated with it and their meanings.

A beautiful tattoo design like an angel tattoo usually comes with a deep symbolic meaning to the bearer. There might be some that will choose the design because of its beauty, but most of the time people choose this design because of its meaning and what it represents to the bearer. There are a lot of different reasons behind it and your reason will probably not be the same exact to the others.


Angels are known all over the world. It is often associated to someone’s faith and religion. For Christians, Jewish, and the like, angels are part of their religions. With the widespread of religions all over the world, its popularity is not surprising. Angels are believed to be a spiritual being that acts as messengers from God. It is believed that they are in human form wearing a long robe and with wings. According to the bible, unlike human, they are not composed of physical matter but God created them as spirit beings. Angels are the only being that has the ability to travel from heaven to earth and vice versa. They serve God and follow His commands.

Angels are said to have intelligence, thoughts, and emotions. They also have special skills and powers. Aside from being bearers of news from God, they are also believed to be warriors and servants among others. They are also associated as a symbol of protection. It is believed that Angels are given the responsibility to watch over the people on earth and protect each one from evil.

Here are some popular designs of angels associated with spirituality.







a38 a42


A “Guardian Angel” is a spiritual being assigned to guide and protect a particular person – from when that person was born until in the afterlife. Both the East and the West believe that a guardian angel also pray to God on behalf of the person assigned to them. The origin of the belief in guardian angel started way back during the times of pagans such as Menander.

The most known angel is St.Michael Archangel. Archangels are different from angels as they have specific and unique roles. Others who are also mentioned in the bible were Archangels Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Selaphiel, Raguel and Barachiel. Some people get tattoos of specific angels that is equivalent to the day of the week where they were born. That is:

  • Sunday – Michael
  • Monday – Gabriel
  • Tuesday – Raphael
  • Wednesday – Uriel
  • Thursday – Selaphiel
  • Friday – Raguel
  • Saturday – Barachiel

Some also believed that the archangels represent the “seven luminaries”. These are the seven classical planets: Mercury, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and the Sun and the Moon. According to Philosopher Rudolf Steiner, the four archangels: Raphael, Uriel, Michael and Gabriel represents the four seasons. Spring is Archangel Raphael, Summer is by Archangel Uriel, Autumn is Archangel Michael and Winter is Archangel Gabriel. It is also said that a particular archangel represent a zodiac sign. Aries represents Spring (Archangel Raphael), Cancer represents Summer (Archangel Uriel), Libra represents Autumn (Archangel Michael) and Capricorn represents Winter (Archangel Gabriel).

Guardian angels tattoo usually has a glow or shine behind them. There are also designs wherein guardian angels are floating and are looking down or looking to the side. This symbolises that the angel is looking upon the bearer. Another popular design is an angel that is holding a sword. More often, it represents Archangel Michael. It also symbolises protection from evil and the bad.

Angel tattoos can strongly represent one’s spirituality. Here are some of the designs associated to spirituality and religion.








Fallen Angels are also a popular choice of tattoo design among men and women. Fallen Angels are another type of angels. These angels are believed to have been thrown out of heaven due to their rebellious acts and evil deeds. All angels are created to serve God and only do good things. Once they make anything evil and are thrown out, they cannot enter the heaven again. Because of this, the fallen angel tattoo is said to symbolise sadness and pain. Angel with a broken wing is also an example of a fallen angel design. It doesn’t always represent evil or negativity. Another meaning of a fallen angel tattoo is that every man has a good and a bad side. In the positive note, it represents having the will to choose the right path. It can also symbolise a person who is ready to rise above his or her troubled past.

A tattoo design of fallen angel shows an angel on one knee and with his head down.


a13 a17


Another design for a fallen angel is an angel who is sitting down with their head tucked between their knee.



angel tattoo

Another is an angel who is sitting down with their head tucked between their knee.


Cupid Angel is known to be the angel of love. A common design is an angel that carries an arrow. It is a popular tattoo choice among young girls and women. In Roman Mythology, Cupid is known as the god of love. Today, cupid is known to symbolise true love. Cherub of Creation or baby angel, on the other hand, are not a mainstream tattoo. Cherub tattoo is popular among people who have a child. Baby angel designs are often associated to children. So for a parent, this is a meaningful design. Usually, the name of their child is included in the tattoo.

Here are some of the adorable cupid and cherub design that you would like to consider.

Some also choose the cherub design as a memorial and to remember a young loved one that has passed away.
Here is another cherub angel design as a memorial of a lost young loved one.
A combination of adult angel and cherub angel are also popular among fathers and mothers. It symbolises protection of their child or “watching over” their child.


An angel is also referred to as someone who has good values and conduct. An angel tattoo design can also represent the goodness of the bearer.







For women, it can also symbolise calmness and serenity. Female angel tattoo may also mean strong desire. Here are some female angel tattoo design that you may want to consider.

















For men, it symbolises the bearer’s higher self. An angel tattoo design that has wings spread out can represent freedom and independence. You can also include specific object to go together with your angel tattoo design. Common objects include musical instruments such as harps and trumpets. This can symbolise finding peace and serenity. A key and lock is also a common object that can be found in an angel tattoo design.

This tattoo design can represent repentance.
An angel who is blindfolded can represent his desire to be free.
Aside from Cherub tattoo, a simple tattoo design like this can also act as a memorial.
A clock is another object that is commonly seen in an angel tattoo design.
A usual tattoo design for men.


Angel isn’t popular for nothing. Because it holds a lot of deep meaning, it has been a popular choice for both men and women. It is also a common choice for people who are getting tattoo for the first time. If you are one of the tattoo newbies, there are things that you need to know before getting a tattoo. In one of our articles, we shared with you the things that you need to know before getting a tattoo. Now, we share to you the things that you need to know after getting a tattoo.

Remember that a tattoo isn’t fully set right after getting it. You have to undergo a complete healing process and should be mindful of the instructions after getting a tattoo. Getting a tattoo exposes you to certain bacteria we can’t stress enough the importance of aftercare to prevent infection. Each artist has their own tips, so make sure to listen to their instructions and advice. But of course, there are some basic tips that everyone should know. Read on to find out.

  1. Immediately after getting a tattoo, a bandage or covering will be placed for about one to three hours. The artist will give you instructions as to when can you remove the bandage. The bandage is used to collect blood, etc., prevent staining your clothes and exposing it at first.
  2. Never use a plastic wrap to cover the tattoo. It can be a breeding ground for bacteria and will increase your risk for infection.
  3. Make sure to repeatedly wash your tattoo throughout the day (or as instructed) with an antibacterial soap. To be safe, use a non-scented variant. Doing so will help keep the area clean and avoid risk for infection. Do this for not less than two weeks (or as instructed).
  4. Never touch your tattoo with unwashed or dirty hands. It is the easiest way to contaminate the area and this might lead to infection.
  5. Apply an ointment after washing the area for at least three days. By doing this, you will keep the are hydrated and it can help speed-up the healing process. Ask your tattoo artist what ointment can he recommend. There are a lot of available ointments in the counter. Remember to use it sparingly. A thin layer is enough.
  6. Avoid wearing tight clothing for the first few weeks.
  7. If you are planning to go on a beach trip after getting a tattoo, don’t (for at least 2 weeks). Prevent activities that will make you swear excessively. Prevent too much sun exposure. Avoid hot tubs, ocean, pool, etc. These could hinder the healing process.
  8. Taking a shower is not prohibited. You just have to make sure that you don’t take showers too long and that you will not use hot water.
  9. Don’t scratch or peel any hard layers or scabbing. This is part of the healing process and scratching them off intentionally could damage your tattoo. You wouldn’t want to ruin the design, don’t you?
  10. Drinking alcohol is not a good idea during the healing phase. Alcohol has components which thins the blood. This will increase the risk of bleeding. Bleeding will make it difficult for the ink to push in. If giving up alcohol seems so hard for you, tell yourself: You don’t want to  let it all go to waste and ruin the perfect tattoo design, don’t you?
  11. Keep in mind that the colors of your tattoo will lighten up once they are completely healed. Make sure to always put on sunscreen to protect your skin (and your tattoo). Ask your tattoo artist or friends for specific brand that are designed for skin with tattoos.
  12. Keep your tattoos moisturised all the time. This is very important if you want to keep your tattoo longer and avoid fading too soon.

There are a lot of important things to consider before getting a tattoo. Choosing a design for your tattoo is just as important as making the decision to get a tattoo.  Don’t be in a rush to get one. Make sure to take your time to research not just the process of getting a tattoo but also about the design that you want. You might want to read a little background about the specific design of your tattoo, knowing what it means and what it represents or symbolises will never hurt anyone. If you are not a hundred percent sure about a tattoo design, then don’t get it. Don’t get a tattoo on an impulse. Men and women who don’t think about their tattoo before getting it, usually regret the decisions they’ve made. You don’t want to be one of them, don’t you? Remember that when getting a tattoo, you need to be financially, emotionally, mentally, and physically prepared.If you are planning to get an angel tattoo design, then you are one step closer to make a decision after reading this.  The tattoo that you are going to get will be inked on your skin for the rest of your life. Take your time and make your first tattoo meaningful. Good luck!