AM2R Review


To make a good remake of Metroid II: Return of Samus, it is not enough to change the game color palette and replace music. The original version of a game for GameBoy became too outdated, so the remake should have all elements updated. Moreover, huge new pieces should have been added to old locations, and the whole new locations based on design documents of an original game and notices in a manual.

What Is For The AM2R?

You can find almost all improvements, updates and weaponry which was present in Super Metroid, AM2R:Fusion and Zero Mission. Moreover, there is a very user-friendly interface in the game, with a fast call of all basic elements, and several customized control diagrams. However, there is no opportunity to clamp a key, to shoot rockets in that settings, which is a huge disadvantage. Anyway AM2R download free download is totally worthy.

The idea of single-button transformation into the form of a full-sphere as in Prime series is implemented absolutely perfectly in a game. Also together with some other cunning elements, like possibility to begin a somersault in the middle of a normal jump, or to get on feet quickly after the attack when clicked a jump, Samus becomes even more dexterous character than it was in last two-dimensional parts of a series.

Gameplay Tactics

However, the game is losing in the number of winning tactics available when compared to Fusion and Zero Mission. With the vast majority of bosses the best method is simple tanking, if only rockets hit the mark that ceases to work only by the end of the game.

Fortunately, there are no errors peculiar to fan development anywhere, and all alterations or new elements seem very reasonably balanced and interesting, both when it comes to locations, and enemies and bosses.

You can also face the bosses you are not obliged beat in order to complete the game. It is surprising how fans managed to develop a good remake with the fulfilled plot and events. It can be claimed that the remake is better than the versions released by Nintendo.

Graphics and Music

In terms of visual aspects, the remake can satisfy even the most demanding player. However, music could have been better, it reminds amateur remixes more, than a really well-developed compositions. There is only one issue about graphics – it looks like the game quality suffered from this considerable development. So, on the one hand, there are complete madly beautiful effects with lighting and shadows absent in other versions of two-dimensional Metroid, but which at the same time are inscribed in the drawn two-dimensional style.

It has to be mentioned that many locations are really skillfully re-designed from the original game. However, there are some problems with uniformity of style: you can find the difference of 2D styles when it comes to art in separate locations which occasionally remind Super Metroid, Zero Mission, and Fusion. Overall, the re-design is rather worthy of attention, even for the most experienced gaming.