Air Duct Cleaning-Signs That the Ducts Are Clean


Air Duct Cleaning: How to Take Care for Your Air Ducts

You determine whether you need air duct cleaning by first checking whether the ducts are dirty in the first place. You can easily know if the air ducts are dirty easily by just opening the vent covers and checking if there is any debris, dust, or dirt. You can also see if the filters are clogged, with dirt or dust.

If the air filters are clogged and there is dirt or debris on the vent covers, it is clear you need to call a professional for the air duct cleaning before more related problems arise. But what about if it is just one month since your ducts cleaned and you want to know whether they are still clean? This is what you should do.

Check The Air Filter And Vent Covers

Your air filters and vents should be clean and have no duct clogged on it.

Examine The Heater

Examine the heat exchanger service. It should be clean. The blowers shouldn’t have any debris or oil. Also, the blower segments should be free from any debris and dust.

Check The Air Conditioner

Check if your hair duct conditioner has any signs of dust. Shiny the light through the coil and check whether it comes through the opposite side. The coil fins should be straight and evenly distributed, and the coil drainage should drain well if it is clean.

Check The Plenums

You should check this if the HVAC system has forced air. The filters should be properly filtered. Check for any signs of contaminants or stains on the supply air plenum. There shouldn’t be any visible dust or debris in the return air plenum. If you notice any dust, then you should consider air duct cleaning services as soon as possible.

Caring for your ducts

There are a number of things you ought to do to keep your ducts looking clean and in good condition:

  • Change the filters frequently.
  • Ensure that the proper filters are installed in all the vents.
  • Do regular vent cleaning services in your home.
  • Use the dehumidifiers and humidifiers as needed.
  • Ensure that the air ducts are well sealed.

Air duct cleaning is the one guaranteed way to make your home comfortable for you and your family. It is one service that most homeowners are ignorant of, but which fundamental in keeping away the allergies from your home or even your business premises. We recommend hiring professional vent cleaning services to come and check your ducts either monthly or weekly. Then, they can advise you whether your air ducts need cleaning or not. Nonetheless, determining whether your house need duct cleaning is a process you can carry out on your own by following on the steps highlighted above.